Studying at Javeriana University

Studying at Javeriana University

















Javeriana University is one of the 28 universities entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL), and one of the 114 worldwide. Its alumni play an important role in the country´s progress, and include a vast range of prominent individuals in the history of the country and the region, including former national presidents, politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, and journalists. Javeriana´s alumni are known for their professional goodwill, teamwork skills and value-centered leadership. There is a permanent demand for Javeriana professionals in the job market.

The University has 18 Schools comprising 188 academic programs, which provide an interdisciplinary, curricular centered learning environment for students, faculty and researchers. 27 undergraduate programs are accredited before the National Accreditation Council and 174 graduate programs have Qualified Registries granted by the Colombian Ministry of Education for their quality.

The University´s main campus is located near downtown Bogotá, the country´s capital, in 18 hectares that comprise 45 buildings, 18 restaurants and on campus cafes, a parking building with 1200 parking spaces, the University´s Sports Center, the Alfonso Borrero Cabal, S.J. Library and the Javeriana University Store.

Javeriana University is a researched based University, with 161 research groups enrolled before the National Agency of Science and Technology (Colciencias), 123 of which have been ranked for their quality and productivity (2010). The University is number one, among private universities in Colombia, for having the most refereed journals; and fifth, among private and public universities, for having the largest number of ranked research groups. The University is part of three excellence research centers in Colombia: CIEBREG (Biodiversity and Genetic Resources), CEIBA (Complex Systems) and GEBIX (Genomics and Bioinformatics).

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