The Structure and Content of Flow Experience Narratives in Sport: The Tale of an Elite Sportsman

Alvaro Sicilia
|Universidad de Almería , España

Juan Miguel Fernández-Balboa
|Universidad Autónoma de Madrid , España

Antonio Orta
|Universidad de Almería , España



Through an example of the analysis of the structure of the narrative of flow by one elite sportsman, the present article attempts to shed some light on this debate in the context of understanding flow experiences as a narrative. A sportsman was invited to (a) think about flow moments, (b) describe these experiences in as much detail as possible, and (c) contextualize the experiences by delving into his life story. The recorded interviews of the participant were transcribed and subjected to categorical-form and categorical-content analyses. The results show that: (a) the form and content of this participant´s flow experiences were mediated by the narrative structure of his story and (b) the very story was what provided meaning to the participant´s experiences of flow.