Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogotá, Colombia.

Current undergrad students. 

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Current grad students. 

  • (Ph.D) Robot cooperation applied to precision agriculture. E. Gutierrez (2016-2019)
  • (Ph.D) 3D mapping onboard an UAV for autonomous navigation in dense vegetation forests. W. Rodriguez (2018-2022)
  • (Master) NIR image processing methods and sensor fusion for plant phenotyping. Edgar Correa (2019-2021)
  • (Master) Processing LIDAR data interface for outdoor mapping using a drone. J. Abreo (2016-2018).
  • (Master) Arquitectura de control visual de estacionamiento de precisión para un robot móvil en labores de pick & place. M. Cuartín (2017-2019)


  • (Ph.D) Assist-as-needed Exoskeleton for Post-stroke Hand Rehabilitation. C. Castiblanco (2015-2020)
  • (Undergrad) UAV optimal trajectory planning for precision agriculture tasks. J. Corredor,  C. Muñoz. (2019-2020)
  • (Master-with honorsAdaptive exoskeleton motion applied to hand-rehabilitation using AI methods. V. Arteaga (2018-2020)
  • (Undergrad) Water stress estimation in rice crops by processing thermal imagery from an UAV. D. Panche (2018-2019)
  • (Undergrad) Machine learning methods for nitrogen estimation in rice crops by using multispectral imagery. Natalia y Juan (2018)
  • (Master) Depth map generation using structured light and artificial vision. C. Pardo (2013-2016)
  • (Master) Digital Surface Model using multispectral imagery applied to precision agriculture. Juan P. Rojas (2016-2018
  • (Master-with honorsDesign a Nonlinear Model Predictive control law for aggressive maneuvers in a Variable Pitch Quadrotor. C. Devia (2016-2018)
  • (Undergrad) Low-Altitude flight control for a quadrotor. D.  Vanegas (2018)
  • (Undergrad) Attitude regulation for a quadrotor using non-linear control. Juan and Wilson (2018)
  • (Undergrad) Electronics instrumentation for a VMG Motion Capture Glove for rehab therapies. S. Franco (2018)
  • (Undergrad-with honors) Dynamics modeling of a human hand based on EMG signals for rehab therapies. V. Arteaga (2017)
  • (Master-with honorsIoT applied to the remote control of a mobile farmer robot. D. Castro (2016-2018)
  • (Undergrad) Stabilization control for an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). D. Ramirez, J. Camacho (2017)
  • (Undergrad-with honorsROV underwater mapping for quality inspection in fish-farms. J. Betancourt (2016)
  • (Undergrad) Kinect sensor for position and recognition using a mobile robot. P. Garcia, N. Gonzales (2016)
  • (Undergrad) Autonomous indoor navigation based on monocular SLAM. Reyes, Martinez. (2016)
  • (Master) Design, Modelling and Simulation of Robot manipulator applied for repairing hydro-pipes. J. Orozco (2015)
  • (Master) Articulated-arm force control for repairing hydro-pipes. Bello (2015)
  • (Master) Delta robot control using hand-gestures captured by a Kinetic sensor. E. Gutierrez  (2015)
  • (Undergrad) Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) integration onboard an UAV. Martinez, Cely (2015)
  • (Undergrad) Biomass monitoring in rice crop-fields using a multi-spectral camera onboard an UAV. Libardo (2015)
  • (Undergrad) Quadrotor Robotics Toolbox in Python -book SW supplement. Martinez (2015)
  • (Undergrad) Cooperative electric vehicles navigation. Varela, Garzón (2015)
  • (Undergrad) Robot teleoperation using  Kinect sensor. J Zambrano, M. Aguilar (2015)
  • (Undergrad-with honors) Mission planning for AGV based on kinetic sensor. D. Szajowicz (2015)
  • (Undergrad) Design and fabrication of a worm-like robot using SMA-based artificial muscles. D. Castro, V. López (2015)
  • (Undergrad) Monocular SLAM for quad rotor indoor navigation. D. Ramirez, A. Sarmiento (2014)
  • (Undergrad) Mission planning for autonomous UAV navigation applied to area coverage. P. Rizo, D. Ruiz (2014)
  • (Undergrad-with honors) SDR applied to the detection of landmines using GPR.  J. Mendoza, L. Serrano (2014)
  • (Undergrad) Ground-Air robot cooperation between AGV and UAV. J. Mora, A. Martinez (2014).
  • (Undergrad) GNC and charge-controller for an electric vehicle within a smart-grid. D. Ramirez, J. Albarracin (2014)
  • (Master) Vision surface mapping using UAV. Johana Florez (2014)
  • (Undergrad) Design and fabrication of an autonomous under-water submarine-like robot. D. Lopez (2014)
  • (Undergrad) H/W module for Energy Harvesting. David Hormaza (2014).
  • (Undergrad) UAV position algorithm based on 802.11 WiFi standard. J. Bolivar, D. Bernal (2014).
  • (Undergrad) UAV for detection of explosive landmines using visual algorithms. J.P. Rodriguez, C. Castiblanco (2013).
  • (Master) HAR mobile platform for preventing heart complication in patients with diabetes. Camilo Rodriguez (2013).
  • (Master) H∞ control technique applied to Helicopter hovering stabilization. Andrés M. Cárdenas (2013).
  • (Undergrad) Visual control of aerial multi-robot fleets based on follow-the-leader navigation. Juan D. León (2013).
  • (Undergrad-with honors) Control of Electric Vehicles within a smart-grid network. J. Rengifo, J. Müller (2013).
  • (Undergrad) Simulation of locomotion techniques applied to multibody snake-like systems. Maria Galán (2009-2010)Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.