Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma, DELE

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, through its Coordination of Language Courses, was the first Colombian educational institution accredited as administrator of the center of the Instituto Cervantes DELE exams in 2001.

The Spanish as a Foreign Language diplomas are certificates that attest the linguistic and communicative competence in Spanish of the students: the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports grants these diplomas through the Instituto Cervantes.


Preparatory courses for DELE

Our extensive experience concerning the application of the DELE exams as well as the training of our teachers as evaluators, allow us to offer preparatory courses for them. The aim of these courses is to prepare candidates in specific skills before taking the exam. Their duration is 30 academic hours and they are scheduled in a flexible manner as agreed with the students. Opening a course depends on the number of students that intend to take it (a minimum of four -4- students per level). These courses are also scheduled depending on the dates set for the DELE exam. 



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