The program comprises 12 language and culture courses that help the student achieve linguistic competence Level C2, according to the Common European Framework (CEF).

The objective of this course is that the students develop, or improve, their ability to communicate in Spanish in a correct and efficient manner as well as to experience some aspects of the Colombian and Latin American culture.

The following is the equivalence of our courses according to the levels of the Common European Framework:



The methodology employed in the program is Task-based Teaching; it promotes meaningful learning through real-life communication experiences within the teaching and learning context. This facilitates the acquisition of the language in a progressive and experimental manner.

This methodology, which is flexible and reflection-based, contributes to the development of autonomy on the part of the participants allowing them to perfect their command of the language, "living" the language as well as providing them with the opportunity of self-reflection on their learning process.

Contents of the Program

The Language Department views language and culture directly and intrinsically linked; therefore, the basic contents of the courses are linguistic and socio-cultural. Both aspects are equally important in our teaching, learning and evaluation processes.

Academic Activities

Class activities, individual study and the contents of the educational materials contribute to the development of the four linguistic skills (speaking, understanding the spoken text, reading, and writing) as well as to achieve the course objectives. Since we receive students of different nationalities who speak different languages, Spanish is the only language used in the classroom.

Cultural Outings

Cultural outings and the participation in social activities are an essential part of all our courses. These give the students the opportunity to have first-hand experiences related to the Colombian culture as well as the chance to develop their linguistic and socio-cultural competences. These activities take place in and out of the city, as well as at the University.


The Language Department has a group of teachers with ample experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, both in the country and overseas, with specific training in the area of Spanish. All the courses are taught by two teachers (at least) with the purpose of facilitating the learning process while giving the students the opportunity to listen to different accents.


The students' performance is evaluated throughout the course by means of a series of pre-assigned communicative tasks and, at the end, with an oral and written exam that evaluates the contents studied. The total of the scores obtained during this process represents the student's final grade. 

SFL get-togethers: these are academic and cultural moments that are designed as complementary activities of the program during which students from the Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language area of the undergraduate program in Modern Languages organize activities focused on topics of cultural and linguistic interest which are shared afterwards with the visiting students under their supervision.



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