Campus Services 

As a Student of the PUJ and the Spanish as a Foreign Language Program you will count with access to all services at the University such as the sport center, libraries, parking facilities, basic healthcare, cafeteries and other common spaces. In order for you to do so you will need to issue your student card and you will have to stick to other possible procedures according to the type of service that you would like to make use of. (Gym, parking services, equipment leasing, etc.)

Familias Anfitrionas Javerianas (Home accommodation)

The University does not count with residences at the Campus, but we do have a program that will help you on finding a reliable place to stay in Bogotá with members of our institution. Please click the following picture in order for you to find more information.




Área de Servicios del Departamento de Lenguas - Transversal 4 #42 - 00 Ed. (67) José Rafael Arboleda, piso 4° - Tel: (571) 320 8320 Ext. 4600 - 4619