Registration Requirements

The candidate who is interested in taking a course of the Spanish as a Foreign Language Program at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana must meet one of the following documents:

  • a PID stamp, if he/she is going to study for less than 180 days.

  • a V (Visitor), M (Migrant) or R (Resident) Visa if the period of study is more than 180 days.

  • a Colombian identification document .

In order to obtain a PID stamp or a V (Visitor) Visa, the University will help the student with the required documentation for their application before the Colombian Embassy or Ministry of External Affairs, if necessary. These documents will be issued once the enrollment in the courses has been confirmed. For this, the candidates must first send the following information to "The Latin American Center" via e-mail:  

  • A scanned and legible copy of the passport's front page.

  • Date of the course or courses the candidate wishes to take.

  • Date of entry into the country (taken from the airline ticket or similar document)

The PID stamp may be obtained by the candidate by submitting the letter of acceptance to the courses and the legal status of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana at the immigration office at the Colombian airport on arrival. In case the student doesn't obtain this stamp in the airport, he/she must process it once he/she is in Colombia in order to start the classes.

In addition, the V (Visitor) Visa can be processed at a Colombian Embassy or consulate before traveling to this country. If the candidate is already in Colombia, he/she can go to the Ministry of External Affairs and request the permission needed in order to take our courses. 

The candidate must take a placement test in order to define the course level he/she should take. In addition, the day of the exam, the candidate must bring to the University:

  • Any of the following documents: passport with the permission stamp; visa; original colombian identification document.  

  • A valid international health insurance policy.

The candidate must fill in the following format to register for our courses.



Once the level course is defined, the candidate will be informed of the course price that he/she must pay the firs class day. This amount can be paid in cash or by credit card. 



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