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April - July of 2002


It hasnít been an easy job, but itís been indeed gratifying, because thereís nothing better than working among friends. Itís this kind of work the one that, through a whole year, the first year of Cuadrante Phi, has shown us the value of keeping a publication as open minded as possible, because philosophy is not made out of cold boards full of letters, but within the permanent dialogue with our peers. This is why this space has been offered as a place of risk to those of us who are always on the road, to those of us who never stop searching into the thought.

Now, itís inevitable to ask us the question: ŅWhat have we done after a year? ...A lot and nothing.

A lot: We have knocked down apathy and incredulity, achieving to consolidate an inner dynamic, opening a place into students publications, generating academic movement inside and outside our Faculty.

Nothing: All the work that is left to be done is enough to fill many more years. We could still embrace other disciplinary fields; we have yet versions in other languages to work on, and there are still many readers that we havenít reached.

Anyway, we want to share with you, our readers and collaborators, this moment, which is nothing more than the result of an effort thatís been realized between all of us. As an occasion given this first year, weíve prepared a special edition, to which students of Mastery and Doctorate in philosophy have helped us. As you will see, the Articles zone and the section called Ideario have essays a little more extended than we use to. We didnít want, for this time, to put a limit of pages to the collaborations, which for sure, given their quality and the hard investigation that backs them up, will be of great interest to all of you.

All we have to do now is thank everybody who has, one way or the other, reached Cuadrante, and remind everyone that it remains open and expectant.

1. Vitality and Body without Organs in Gilles Deleuze
Gustavo Chirolla Ospina
2. Atopía
Juan Fernando Mejía
3. Decir en medio de otros
Enver Joel Terragoza
4. Some bricks for the reconstruction of space within the general architecture of Being and Time
Andrés Melo Cousineau
5. Insanity in Spinoza, an approximation from Foucault
Rubén A. Sánchez Godoy



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