Module 1. Introduction 

Active and Assisted Living Ecosystem for the Elderly

  • The older adult as an integral being, their needs and health conditions in Cardiovascular & Neuromuscular System and Rehabilitation.

  • Innovation in medical education using emerging technologies

  • Eco-system for wellness of physical and mental health of elderly

  • A novel eHealth digital ecosystem.

  • IBM-Workshop: Digital environment of the elderly (Section I and II)

Module 2. Data Acquisition

Presenting challenges on the digital ecosystem in health service for elderly.

  • The challenges of the interaction between IoMT, eHealth, Telemedicine, medical devices, e-record, acquisition and processing data techniques to ensure the wellbeing of the patient.

  • Diabetes digital ecosystem

  • Neurological deseases - digital ecosystem

  • Cardio digital ecosystem

  • IBM-Workshop: Digital environment of the elderly (Section III and IV)

Module 3. Connectivity / Standards / Services

Presenting and analyzing the most relevant emerging technologies.

  • Internet of Medical Things and smart monitoring systems.

  • How to transfer and analyze data from different sources in the cloud.

  • The importance of telemedicine in the digital ecosystem.

  • Panel: Challenges in the regulation and implementation of connectivity standards for access to services for the elderly.

  • Technologies to overcome motor and cognitive impairments in older adults.

  • HCG¿Tech/VICON Workshop: Integration of emerging technologies and rehabilitation. (Section I)

  • PUJ IoT Workshop. EEG signal acquisition (epilepsy case of study)

  • PUJ ¿ HUSI: Evaluation and performance of medical devices and remote    maintenance

  • PUJ ¿ Clinic Simulation Center: EEG signal acquisition (Myocardial stroke case of study)

Module 4. Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Models and methodologies for designing and innovation

  • Methodologies and strategies for the design of low-cost and high-impact products.

  • Marketing strategies to promote and sell a new product.

  • Workshop: CDIO


Module 5. How to bring innovation to the market.

Implementing low cost products to the digital ecosystem

  • Workshop: Hackathon experience. Smart Health Technology solutions for the ecosystem of the elderly

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