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Dr. Fernando Suárez, director of the Institute of Human Genetics of the Javeriana University talks about the possible cure of SIDA

Visit of the President of Germany to the Islas del Rosario Natural Park / Launch of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt.

-Andrea Wulf (Author of The invention of nature: the new world of Alexander von Humboldt) 

- Peter Ptassek (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Colombia)

- Alberto Gómez (Full Professor of the Institute of Human Genetics / Author of the Humboldtian neogranadina)

- Frank-Walter Steinmeier (President of the Federal Republic of Germany) - Julia Miranda (Director of Natural Parks of Colombia)


The illusion of a country in a doctor

In the Institute of Human Genetics, of the Faculty of Medicine of the Javeriana, is training the doctor who will be the third medical geneticist of Costa Rica, and that it will help its inhabitants to access the first State program of in vitro fertilization of the Central American country. * Andrés Mauricio Ramírez Galindo

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