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Instituto de Genetica Humana 


Human Expedition

The Human Expedition is a proposal through which the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana expects to answer the needs of indigenous, black and isolated communities. It pretends to describe the multiethnicity, establish a multidisciplinary diagnosis of their shortcomings and find a solution to their needs.

The Human expedition was established with two objectives: studying and appropriating human diversity, and as a response from the university community that is convinced of the need to assume greater challenges in the present time, if it wants to construct a future where we all can live in harmony.

The Human Expedition traveled the Colombian geography and visited 35 communities, allowing us to obtain a real assessment of their needs.

The Human Expedition is also a vital experience that has provided the university and the expeditioners a new meaning. Other than data and samples, the expeditioners return from their trips with a new perspective of a Colombia that slowly uncovers to us.

As such, the Human Expedition is a new way of feeling our surroundings, being part of them, and touching as being touched.



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