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Instituto de Genetica Humana 



Despite the fact that in the last decades a more or less accurate diagnosis has been obtained about the quality of life of Colombians, I am not afraid to assert that the situation of our indigenous, black and isolated communities is unknown, or at most, known only partially and fragmented. Likewise, and despite some isolated rather than institutional efforts, the ordinary Colombian is not aware that ours is a country of multiple ethnic origins, where many languages ¿¿are spoken and there are many different ways of life. And when it is, it does not know the human and biological importance of such extraordinary diversity.









Here we will publish the results of all our research, so that they can be read, analyzed, criticized or used by others, with a single pretension, that can serve the communities and all those interested in their welfare, in the development of projects that truly respond to the pressing needs of this hidden part of our country. This has been the true incentive of the Human Expedition and mission, conscious and alive, of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana



Terrains of the expedition

Instituto de Genética Humana - Carrera 7 # 40-62 Edificio 32 Bogotá, D.C Colombia. Teléfono (57 - 1) 3208320 Ext: 2794