Scholarships for Foreign Students


The Colombian Institute of Financial Aid for Education, ICETEX, grants graduate level scholarships (Master´s and Doctorate Degrees) to foreign students interested in studying or doing research in Colombia. For more information regarding the specific requirements for this grant, please contact ICETEX:


The Organization of American States (OAS) Program of Scholarships

Graduate scholarships: This grant is offered for study towards a Master's or Doctorate degree. It may also be used for graduate research, if required by a specific academic program. Scholarships are awarded for an initial period of one academic year and may be renewed subsequently for up to one additional year if funds remain available and if the renewal is necessary to complete the program of study or research for which the scholarship was initially awarded. The OAS does not offer scholarships for studies in the medical sciences. There are two types of graduate scholarships: Self-Placed and OAS-Placed.

For further information regarding specific requirements, please contact the OAS Scholarship Programs:

OAS Scholarships for Academic Programs

OAS Professional Development Scholarships