Why study at Javeriana University

Tobias Baumann, Germany
Tobias Baumann, from Germany © Universidad Javeriana

Tobias Baumann
The experience I´ve had this year studying at Javeriana University in Bogotá was, and still is, beautiful.  For me, it was very interesting getting to know the Colombian educational system, which is very different from the one found in Germany. The studying atmosphere at Javeriana is perfect because the courses and lectures are taken by small groups of students, the equipment is new, and the University provides a complete and satisfactory service for students with the Sports Center and Library. Along with the great academic experience, Colombian people and Colombia, as a country, make the experience of studying at Javeriana University unforgettable. What people say about Colombians being very friendly is not only true, but it´s a fact, and in the past year I´ve had different encounters with people that I would have never expected. And all this has happened in a country surrounded by two coast lines, mountains, the Amazon, the coffee region, the Guajira and cities such as Bogotá, Medellin and Cali, where night life stands out.

Karina Trommierova, Eslovaquia
Karina Trommierova, from Eslovaquia © Universidad Javeriana

Karina Trommierova
I´m from Eslovaquia, but I study Economy in Germany, Economy of developing countries, this is why I was very interested in studying in Latin America. I chose Javeriana University, not the country, we have student exchange programs with four Latin American universities, and Javeriana University is the best and it´s also a private University.

Camila Lundström, Finland
Camila Lundström, from Finland© Universidad Javeriana

Camila Lundström
"I chose Javeriana University because I want to learn Spanish and learn a new culture. Colombia is very different. The truth be said, I didn´t know much about Colombia and I decided to come here and study Political Science and International Relations; in Finland I study International Policy and I wanted to learn more about Latin America in general, from different perspectives".

 Liao Jun, China
Liao Jun, from China© Universidad Javeriana

Liao Jun
"We had many options for student exchange programs, for example in Spain, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, and we decided to come to Colombia after listening to my family and professors' opinions, because people are very friendly and this University is very good. I came to practice my Spanish and chose different courses, for example history, politics and literature."

Eunyoung Park, South Korea
Eunyoung Park, from South Korea © Universidad Javeriana

Eunyoung Park
"My Korean professor told me about Javeriana University, he said "it's great and you have to study at Javeriana University", that´s why I´m here. I´ve really liked Colombia, the people, the landscape, everything. In Korea, my mayor is Spanish, so I came to perfect my language skills. I also take a course on Latin American literature to further practice the language."


10 Reasons to study at Javeriana University:

1. First University in Colombia to be awarded Institutional Accreditation by the Colombian Ministry of Education for its quality level and academic excellence.

2. The undergraduate programs study plans are flexible; the student may organize the study plan in response to his/her needs and interests. Javeriana Students may enroll simultaneously in two or more academic programs. 

3. The Alfonso Borrero Cabal, S.J. Library is one of the best libraries and documentation centers in the country, founded in 1621; it is opened 24 hours a day during the week, and comprises an area of 8,920 square meters.

4. Javeriana´s students have the opportunity to participate in internship programs and in social projects, in Bogota or nationwide, where they can apply the acquired knowledge in their field of study.

5. Javeriana University is a researched based University. It is ranked number one among private universities in Colombia for having the largest number of refereed journals, and number fifth for having the most research groups recognized by the National Agency of Science and Technology for their quality and productivity.

6. The Sport Center offers over 30 different sports, and includes the first synthetic soccer field with official measures on a University campus in Colombia. 

7. The Javeriana University is easily accessible by public transportation. 

8. The University has a student population of 22,000 on its main campus in Bogotá, therefore, you will find students from different regions of Colombia as well as other countries, experiencing cultural diversity.

9. Javeriana University offers through Centro Atico next generation resources, enhancing the learning experience. Centro Atico is the first communication and information technological resource center in Latin America for the development of education, sound, image and design.

10. Javeriana University has its own University Hospital, The Saint Ignatius University Hospital, founded in 1942.