1. Accountancy Age - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. Auditors protest requirments for IFRS specialists
    2. Fourth accountancy firm prosecuted by ICO
    3. US firm votes in favour of adopting Baker Tilly name
    4. Deloitte to merge with Scott Rankin & Gardiner
    5. Smith Cooper acquires Birmingham practice
    6. MGI appoints new director
    7. PwC jumps on merger bandwagon
    8. Scottish Lib Dem finances cause auditor concern
    9. Swindler accountant heads for jail
    10. Harvard teams up with CPA Australia
    11. PCAOB finds valuation weaknesses in KPMG audits
    12. Greencore switches auditors after fraud
    13. More transparency needed in energy company accounts
  2. AccountantsWorld - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. Viewpoint- Washington is quietly repudiating its debts
    2. Buffett sees action on Fannie, Freddie
    3. IRS plans new taxpayer warning letters
    4. Ellison grabs top spot on best-paid list
    5. House of Barbie seeks nearly $2B in Bratz fight
    6. Buffett spotlights U.S. debt crisis
    7. Could bike lanes cause pollution-
    8. Who should write the rules-
    9. Health care- The real fiscal nightmare
    10. All SEC financial data to be interactive
    11. FIN 48 for thee, but not for me
    12. US appeals court overturns EPAs pollution rule
    13. Making every hour count
    14. Viewpoint- No limit to Greenspan's once-in-a-century events
    15. PCAOB faults KPMG audits
    16. Viewpoint- No crisis is immune from exploitation under Bush
    17. Musharraf says he will resign Pakistan presidency
    18. Saudi Arabia's new gold mine
    19. Endorsements pure gold for Phelps
    20. Capturing solar energy from asphalt pavements
    21. Viewpoint- That's not blight. It's New Jersey
  3. Actualícese - Colombia - Noticias

    1. ¿Si hay cama pa- tanta gente- - Miguel Ángel Garcia
    2. [iProfesional.com] Precisan el impacto fiscal al adoptar normas contables internacionales
    3. Enlaces Importantes sobre Normas Internacionales de Auditoría (NIAS)- Universidad del Cauca
    4. [Instituto Nacional de Contadores Públicos de Colombia] XXV Simposio sobre Revisoria Fiscal
  4. American Accounting Association (AAA) - Estados Unidos de América - Publicaciones

    1. The Accounting Review