1. Accountancy Age - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. IASB awaits G20 convergence verdict on modified timetable
    2. Johnston Carmichael posts 10% revenue growth
    3. BDO Seidman negligence case sent back to court
    4. Grant Thornton scoops two BDO South Africa offices
    5. Emergency Budget- Civil list to be audited
    6. E&Y win StatPro audit from PwC
  2. Accountants World - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. Big Changes Proposed for Revenue Recognition
    2. A Snapshot of Workplace Fraud
    3. IASB and FASB Propose a New Joint Standard for Revenue Recognition
    4. Global Accounting Standards- Shooting the Rapids
    5. GASB Outlines Potential Improvements to Pension Standards
    6. IFRS- Paralyzed or Prepared?
    7. As Law Takes Effect, Obama Gives Insurers a Warning
    8. Animal Rights Activists Target BP
    9. White House Budget Director is Leaving
    10. An Unplugged Vacation- Not for CFOs
  3. Accounting Technicians Ireland - Irlanda - Noticias

    1. Accounting Technicians Ireland Appoints Margaret Ryan as New President
  4. Actualícese - Colombia - Noticias

    1. La Procuraduría no es competente para juzgar disciplinariamente a los Contadores Públicos
    2. Estampillas como parafiscal son deducibles - Gabriel Vásquez Tristancho
    3. [CGN] Estudio, Actualización y Armonización del Régimen de Contabilidad Pública con NIC-NIIF
    4. Sociedad en Liquidación- ¿qué pasa con el Contador y el Revisor Fiscal-
    5. 32 criterios relacionados con el Consejo Técnico de la Contaduría y la Ley 1314 de 2009
    6. [Última Hora] Hoy se reunió por primera vez vez el Nuevo Consejo Técnico de la Contaduría Pública (CTCP) (
  5. AE Accounting Education - Reino Unido - Noticias

  6. American Accounting Association (AAA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. Transformative Accounting Technologies
    2. Fraudulent Financial Reporting- 1998-2007, An Analysis
    3. Annual Meeting 2010
    4. Accounting Education News Winter 2010
    5. The ABO Reporter Spring 2010
    6. Auditor's Report Spring 2010 
    7. Gender Issues & Worklife Balance Newsletter Winter 2010
    8. Information Systems Newsletter - Spring 2010 
    9. SET WINTER 2010 Newsletter
    10. The Accounting Educator Volume XIX, Number 3 [Spring, 2010]
    11. The Accounting Educator Volume XIX, Number 2 [Winter, 2010]
    12. Communicator Spring 2010
  7. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias y artículos

    1. Compilation and Review Engagements Guide
    2. Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization
    3. Current Economic Instability- Accounting Issues and Risks for Financial Management and Reporting—2010
    4. Guide to Fraud in Governmental and Not-for-Profit Environments, Revised Edition
    5. Advanced Forensic Techniques for Accountants
    6. Understanding Internal Control and Internal Control Services
    7. PETRIARCHTM: The Complete Guide to Financial and Legal Planning for a Pet's Continued Care
    8. The Management of an Accounting Practice Handbook
    9. The Accountant's Business Manual
    10. The Adviser’s Guide to the Revised Trust Accounting Rules
    11. AICPA News Update Vol. 13 No. 26
    12. AICPA News Update Vol. 13 No. 25
    13. Remodeled revenue standard is released for comment
    14. Financial regulatory reform advances out of conference committee
    15. Extension of unemployment benefits is blocked in the Senate
    16. World can no longer depend on the U.S. to drive growth, Geithner says
    17. Supreme Court rejects the "honest services" law as too vague
    18. Tax-extender bill fails again in the Senate
    19. Volatility soars and equities slump
    20. Not-so-great moments in financial regulation
    21. Analysis- Peering into a future of paying off debt
    22. CFTC's Gensler is a ubiquitous presence at conference committee talks
    23. PCFRC to conclude meeting addressing FASB positions on financial issues today
    24. Banking Regulators Issue Final Guidance for Safe and Sound Compensation Practices
    25. Terrorist Financing Reports Rise as Overall SARs Edge Down
    26. Big Changes Proposed for Revenue Recognition
    27. Health Care Regulations Issued
    28. GASB Outlines Potential Improvements to Pension Standards
  8. Asociación Bancaria y de Entidades Financieras de Colombia (ASOBANCARIA) - Colombia - Publicaciones

    1. La infraestructura: factor crítico para la competitividad Semana Económica, Junio 12 de 2010
    2. Informe Semanal de Regulación No. 316
  9. Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas (AECA) - España - Noticias

    1. Repsol gana el premio a la Empresa Española con mejor Financiera en Internet
  10. Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración (ALADI) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. ALADI firma acuerdos de cooperación con la Universidad Federal de Integración Latinoamericana (UNILA) ->>
    2. Embajador de Japón se incorporó al Comité de Representantes de la ALADI ->>
    3. Continúa en ALADI muestra pictórica “Ballets Rusos” ->>
    4. ALADI: comercio exterior global: enero-marzo 2010 ->>
  11. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. No pain, no gain from Chancellor in controversial Budget, says ACCA - opens in a new window
  12. Association of International Accountants - Internacional - Noticias

    1. UK Tackling Tax Avoidance
    2. UK Emergency Budget- Rates And Allowances
    3. UK Emergency Budget- Main Announcements
    4. Singapore Financial Reporting Standard For Small Entities
    5. Government Launches Review Of Fair Pay In The Public Sector Led By Will Hutton
    6. AADB Investigating Events At Lehman Brothers
    7. FRC Chief Tells Investors- 'Use Your Rights Or Lose Them'
    8. FSA Chairman Welcomes Chancellor's Plans For Regulatory Reform
    9. MASB Exposes Draft Interpretations
    10. Irish Revenue Consultation On Mandatory Disclosure Of Certain Transactions
    11. Ireland Signs Consumer Credit Directive
    12. Hong Kong LegCo To Vote On The Electoral Reform Package
    13. Greek Crackdown On Tax Evasion
    14. Greek Govenrment Pushes For Pension Reforms To Come Into Force
    15. Greek Wrangling Over Privatisations
    16. First Crucial Test For Greece’s Economy
  13. Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB) - Australia - Noticias

    1. The AUASB has issued Guidance Statement GS 017 Prudential Reporting Requirements for Auditors of a Life Company
    2. The AUASB has introduced guidance to make it easier for auditors and banks to arrange bank confirmations
    3. An overview of the revised and redrafted Australian Auditing Standards is now available
  14. Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) - Australia - Noticias

    1. June Action Alert for Differential Reporting Board meeting is now available
    2. AASB calls meeting Friday 25 June 2010 regarding differential reporting
  15. Autoridades Nacionales - Colombia - Legislación

    1. Decreto No. 2283 Por el cual se reglamenta el numeral 4°' del artículo 38-1 de la Ley 397 de 1997, adicionado por el articulo 2° de la Ley 666 de 2001 y se dictan otras disposiciones.
    2. Decreto No. 2281 Por el cual se reglamenta la Defensoría del Consumidor Financiero.
    3. Decreto No. 2280 Por el cual se modifica el artículo 3° del Decreto 235 de 2010.
    4. Decreto No. 2279 Por el cual se modifica el Capítulo Vigésimo del Titulo Segundo de la Parte Segunda de la Resolución 400 de 1995 de la Sala General de la Superintendencia de Valores.
    5. Decreto No. 2241  Por el cual se reglamenta el Régimen de Protección al Consumidor Financiero del Sistema General de Pensiones y se dictan otras disposiciones.
    6. Decreto No. 2240 Por el cual se dictan medidas orientadas a reintegrar al Fondo de Solidaridad y Garantia - FOSYGA, los recursos no ejecutados que en el marco del articulo 46 de la Ley 715 de 2001 se destinaron a la financiación de las acciones de promoción y prevención del Plan Obligatorio de Salud del Régimen Subsidiado.
    7. Decreto No. 2225 Por el cual se reglamenta el numeral 4 del artículo 7 de la Ley 697 de 2001. 
  16. Banco de la República - Colombia - Noticias y documentos

    1. Soft budget constraints in a dynamic general equilibrium model
    2. Nota Cambiaria 15 al 18
    3. Nota monetaria 15 al 18
    4. 13- Reglamentación del Convenio de Pagos y Créditos Recíprocos de la Aladi Aplicable en Colombia
    5. 38- Moneda Metálica de $200
    6. 01- Consignaciones Sujetas a Verificación y Operaciones de Cambio de Efectivo
  17. Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. BID apoya al Sistema Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación en Colombia
    2. PYME exportadoras de alimentos logran más de 600 reuniones de negocio con potenciales compradores
    3. Presidente del BID invita a destacados empresarios a participar en el Fondo de Inclusión Social para Jóvenes Talentosos en Colombia
    4. Enfoque Integrado de Control Fronterizo y Desarrollo Territorial
    5. Guía para la exportación de productos agrícolas y alimentos a la Unión Europea
    6. Revista Integración & Comercio N° 30
  18. Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - Internacional - Noticias, publicaciones y discursos

    1. Markets and government before, during and after the 2007-20xx crisis
    2. The expanding role of central banks since the crisis- what are the limits-
    3. Resolving the financial crisis- are we heeding the lessons from the Nordics-
    4. Jean-Claude Trichet- Interview in La Repubblica
    5. Njuguna Ndung'u- Financial inclusion through the agent banking model and credit reference bureaus
    6. Muhammad bin Ibrahim- Sustainable financial inclusion
    7. Thomas M Hoenig- The high cost of exceptionally low rates
    8. Philipp M Hildebrand- Europe's fiscal challenges
    9. Jean-Claude Trichet- Hearing at the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament
    10. Duvvuri Subbarao- Harnessing technology to bank the unbanked
    11. Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo- Reform of the architecture of the financial system
    12. Mario Draghi- Trade, competitiveness and Europe
    13. Njuguna Ndung'u- The agent banking model
    14. K C Chakrabarty- Financial deepening by putting financial inclusion campaign into mission mode
    15. Barbro Wickman-Parak- The repo rate path - experiences three years on
    16. Benny Popoitai- Prospects for development and economic growth in the new decade
    17. Lorenzo Bini Smaghi- The role of regulators when markets fail
    18. Christian Noyer- Sovereign crisis, risk contagion and the response of the central bank
    19. Mervyn King- Monetary policy developments
    20. Jose De Gregorio- Macroeconomics, policymaking and the crisis
    21. Lim Hng Kiang- Seeking new growth horizons
    22. Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo- Re-starting securitisation
  19. BDO Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Football frenzy results in mixed week on the High Street
    2. BDO response to the Budget June 2010 - Insurance Companies to Breathe a Sigh of Relief
    3. BDO response to the Budget June 2010 - VAT Increase to 20% was predictable and ‘unavoidable’
    4. BDO welcomes boost to the competitive position of the UK
    5. Impact of Emergency Budget on the Real Estate Sector
    6. Lower than expected increase in CGT rate will come as a relief to entrepreneurs, says BDO LLP
    7. New Government commits to tax simplification
    8. New Strategic Approach to Anti-Avoidance
    9. Osborne announces sweeping tax rises with some relief for business and the lower paid
    10. Reduction in So-called Jobs Tax as 650,000 Employees Taken Out Of Employers National Insurance
    11. Will this expected crowd pleaser damage the UK's international financial competitiveness, asks BDO-
    12. BDO advise Marfrig on US$1.26 Billion Acquisition of Keystone Foods Heading
    13. The High Street pays an early World Cup penalty
  20. Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) - Canadá - Noticias

    1. Pension Plans
    2. AcSB and PSAB Seeking New Task Force Members
  21. Certified General Accountants Association of Canada - Canadá - Noticias

    1. CGA-Canada Applauds Advancement in Ontario Public Accounting
  22. Chamber of Hungarian Auditors - Hungría - Noticias

    1. Az újrafogalmazott Nemzetközi Könyvvizsgálati Standardok (ISA) magyar fordítása letölthető a honlapról
    2. Társasházak - ÖM állásfoglalása, hasznos dokumentumok
    3. Tájékoztatás igazolási kérelem benyújtásával kapcsolatban
  23. Chartered Accountants Ireland - Irlanda - Noticias

    1. Administrative Changes in the Budget
    2. The UK Budget - Red for stop
    3. Enterprise Risk Management, by Bevan Lloyd … Publishing Shortly
    4. The UK Budget - Amber for caution
    5. The Valuation of Businesses and Shares, by Des Peelo ... Published
    6. The UK Budget - Green for go
    7. The UK Budget
    8. The Pensions Board launch Annual Report 2009 - important notice for defined benefit schemes in deficit
    9. Employer’s PRSI Scheme opened
    10. Bank Levy and R&D Measures Agreed by the European Council
  24. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. A balancing act for NGOs: CIMA-funded research provides a new framework for cost control
  25. Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. Can this very ambitious Budget be delivered without decimating services asks CIPFA
    2. Individual budgets offer new choices but urgent debate needed says report
    3. HRA reform is ‘biggest change for a generation’ says housing chief
    4. CIPFA’s Facing the Cuts summit – the worst is yet to come
  26. Colegio de Contadores del Guayas - Ecuador - Noticias

  27. Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Lima (CCPL) - Perú - Noticias

    1. Debe superarse el déficit normativo en el sector estatal
    2. Los retos de la administración pública
  28. Colegio de Contadores Públicos de México, A.C. - México - Noticias

    1. Decreto por el que se otorga un estímulo fiscal relacionado con el impuesto sobre tenencia o uso de vehículos. Archivo adjunto
  29. Colegio de Contadores, Economistas y Administradores del Uruguay - Uruguay - Noticias

    1. Boletín Técnico Año III Nº 18 - 24 de junio de 2010 
  30. Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Transversalización de la perspectiva de género en el desarrollo regional- actividades de secretaría de la CEPAL 2007-2010
    2. "Estamos ante un proceso de mutación de la soberanía política"
    3. Casi 63% de los niños, niñas y adolescentes de la región sufre algún tipo de pobreza
    4. Vicepresidente de Bolivia dictará conferencia magistral en la CEPAL
    5. CEPAL realizará en Brasil la XI Conferencia Regional sobre la Mujer de América Latina y el Caribe
  31. Comisión Europea - Internacional - Noticias

    1. New regulation adopting standards/interpretations: IFRS 1
  32. Comunidad Andina - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Plantean impulsar estrategias de adaptación al cambio climático adecuadas al contexto andino
    2. Promueven consumo de productos locales en seis comunidades bolivianas
    3. Casos de malaria se reducen en más del 70% con proyecto PAMAFRO
  33. Congreso de la República - Colombia - Leyes y proyectos de ley

    1. Ley 1390 del 18 de junio de 2010 Por medio de la cual la Nación se asocia y rinde homenaje al municipio de Campoalegre en el departamento del Huila, con motivo de los doscientos (200) años de su fundación y se dictan otras disposiciones. 
    2. Ponencia para Segundo Debate al Proyecto de Ley 205 de 2009 Senado por medio de la cual se aprueba el “Convenio entre Canadá y la República de Colombia para evitar la doble imposición y para prevenir la evasión fiscal en relación con el impuesto sobre la renta y sobre el patrimonio”, y su “Protocolo”, hechos en Lima, a los 21 días del mes de noviembre de 2008 
  34. Conselho Federal de Contabilidade (CFC) - Brasil - Noticias

    1. CPC e CVM divulgam audiência pública de revisão do CPC 01
    2. Comitê define grau de risco das atividades econômicas
    3. Auditoria em revisão
    4. Setor precisa expandir o foco, diz sócio da KPMG
    5. CFC mantém as datas das provas do 10º EQT conforme edital
    6. Presidente do CFC visita CFOAB
    7. CFC e CFOAB fiscalizarão contas das campanhas eleitorais
  35. Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti contabili - Italia - Noticias

    1. Si paga subito, la giustizia arriverà
  36. Contaduría General de la Nación - Colombia - Doctrina y Noticias

  37. Contraloría General de la República - Colombia - Doctrina y noticias

    1. Empresas de servicios públicos están sujetas a control fiscal, sean estas públicas, privadas o mixtas
    2. Pleno apoyo a propuesta del presidente de OLACEFS: Contralorías, Tribunales y Cortes de Cuentas...
  38. CPA Australia - Australia – Noticias

    1. AUASB issues overview of new Australian auditing standards

    2. AUASB issues two guidance statements

    3. Public accounting firm services research

    4. 2010 tax checklists and letters

    5. Feedback on accounting threshold learning outcomes

    6. Reduce stress at the end of financial year

    7. Are you ready to advance to CPA status?

  39. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) - Internacional – Noticias

    1. Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index

    2. Deloitte recognized for support of UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles

    3. Deloitte comment on the Emergency Budget and its impact on the public sector

    4. Deloitte comments on the measures affecting pensions in today’s Emergency Budget

    5. The most severe Budget for decades, but with a focus on business growth

    6. Deloitte comments on Government plans to consult on pensions tax relief

    7. Impact of rise in CGT on FTSE trading

    8. Emergency Budget: Implications for entrepreneurs

    9. Deloitte comment on the Government’s commitment to infrastructure made in the Chancellor’s Emergency Budget speech

    10. A mixed Budget for property: Deloitte and Drivers Jonas Deloitte comment

    11. Deloitte comments on the impact of the VAT increase on retailers

    12. UK Emergency Budget Response: Tough but tender

    13. Consumers will bear the cost of the increase in insurance premium tax

    14. Deloitte comments on today's Emergency Budget and its impact on the UK oil and gas industry

    15. Deloitte comments on the personal finance measures in today’s Emergency Budget

    16. Deloitte comment on the abolition of RDAs and plans for local enterprise partnerships

    17. Deloitte comments on changes in today's Emergency Budget and impact on the renewable energy industry

    18. Emergency Budget: a welcome step towards restoring a competitive edge to the UK’s Private Equity industry

    19. Removal of video games tax relief

    20. Deloitte comments on the banking levy

    21. Deloitte comments on the the firm’s expectations for the Chancellor’s Emergency Budget and its impact on utility companies

    22. Odeon and UCI cinemas group joins 30 other London businesses in league table of Britain's biggest private companies

    23. 75 of Britain's biggest private companies increase sales, 63 increase profits

  40. Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística (DANE) - Colombia – Noticias

    1. Producto interno bruto Primer Trimestre de 2010
    2. Licencias de construcción Abril de 2010
    3. Muestra Mensual de Hoteles Abril 2010
    4. Índice de Costos de la Educación Superior Privada I Semestre de 2010
    5. Importaciones y balanza comercial Abril 2010
  41. Departamento Nacional de Planeación - Colombia – Noticias

    1. Colombia, protagonista del avance en los sistemas de protección social en América Latina
    2. Boletín de Política Pública Hoy No. 5
    3. DNP establece lineamientos sobre la adecuación de espacios físicos destinados a la atención al ciudadano
  42. Deutsches Rechnungslegungs Standards Committee (DRSC) - Alemania – Noticias

    1. IASB and FASB propose a new joint standard for revenue recognition
    2. EU published amend IFRS 1 - Additional Exemptions for First-time Adopters
    3. Results of 145th meeting of GASB
  43. Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales (DIAN) - Colombia - Doctrina, legislación y noticias

    1. Factor multiplicador aplicado al método del cálculo de costos para efecto de la retribución económica de los contratistas
    2. Por la cual se modifica la Resolución 4240 de 2000
    3. Derechos correctivos en forma de gravámenes arancelarios aplicados a las importaciones de los productos clasificables por la partida 17.01
    4. Gravámenes Ad-Valórem aplicables a productos agropecuarios de referencia, sus sustitutos, productos agroindustriales o subproductos.
  44. Ernst & Young - Internacional – Noticias

    1. Sovereign debt crisis hits Eurozone economic growth

    2. 2010: a critical year for oil and gas companies’ tax regime

    3. Media and entertainment companies race for a digital advantage: Ernst & Young

    4. Ernst & Young announces Trent Henry as Canadian chairman and CEO

    5. Brian Souter of Stagecoach Group PLC named Ernst & Young Overall Scotland Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010

    6. All the latest Budget news and comment

    7. Office for Budget Responsibility underestimates impact of today’s significant fiscal tightening

    8. ITEM Club instant reaction to the Chancellor's Budget

    9. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 award winners in Alabama-Georgia and Tennessee announced

    10. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 award winners in New Jersey are announced

    11. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 award winners in the Greater Los Angeles Area announced 

    12. Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services anticipates smaller, higher quality deals as confidence and credit return to the market in the second half of 2010

    13. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 award recipients in the Pacific Northwest announce

  45. European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) - Internacional – Noticias

    1. Endorsement Status Report Update
    2. EFRAG Technical Expert Group (TEG) Conference Call on 8 July 2010
    3. EFRAG announces July TEG meeting
  46. Federación Argentina de Consejos Profesionales de Ciencias Económicas (FACPCE) - Argentina – Noticias

    1. Concluyó con éxito el 18° Congreso Nacional
  47. Federación Nacional de Comerciantes (FENALCO) - Colombia - Noticias

    1. La moneda de $1.000, rechazada pero sigue vigente
    2. CIRCULAR 278 DE 2010 Estado de los proyectos de ley de interés para el comercio al finalizar la legislatura 2009-2010
    3. "Apretón de tuercas" extranjero en negocios de ferretería en Colombia
    4. 30.000 millones de pesos en 4 días
  48. Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens (FEE) - Internacional - Noticias y documentos

    1. FEE Comment Letter on EFRAG’s Draft Comment Letter on IASB Exposure Draft Financial Instruments: Amortised Cost and Impairment
  49. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) - Estados Unidos de América – Noticias

    1. IASB and FASB Propose a New Joint Standard for Revenue Recognition
    2. Important Updates Concerning Accounting Convergence and MOU Projects
    3. Summary of Decision: June 23, 2010 FASB/IASB Joint Videoconference Board Meeting
    4. Summary of Decision: June 23, 2010 FASB Board Meeting
    5. June 23, 2010 Board Meeting Handout 
  50. Financial Action Task Force (FATF)  - Internacional – Noticias

    1. Improving global AML/CFT Compliance: On-going Process 
  51. Financial Executives International (FEI) - Internacional – Noticias

    1. Summary Of Provisions In The Dodd-Frank Act
    2. Market Structure Is Causing the IPO Crisis -- And More
    3. House-Senate To Vote Next Week On Financial Regulation Reform (Dodd-Frank Act)
    4. FASB, IASB Issue Progress Report On Convergence Strategy, By KPMG
    5. FASB, IASB Propose New Joint Standard For Revenue Recognition
    6. Companies Report Signs Of Stabilization With 2009 Auditing Process
    7. New FERF Research: Enterprise Risk Management Programs In Rapid Development Phase 
  52. Financial Regulator - Irlanda – Noticias

    1. Proposals for credit union stabilisation support scheme published by Central Bank
    2. Issues identified in themed inspections into mortgage referrals, home insurance claims and motor insurance renewals
    3. Central Bank Publishes new Strategic approach to Banking Supervision
  53. Financial Reporting Council (FRC) - Australia – Noticias

    1. Audit Quality in Australia – Results of Consultation
  54. Financial Reporting Council (FRC) - Reino Unido – Noticias

    1. Draft of new Actuarial Standard on Transformations is published
  55. Financial Services Agency - Japón – Noticias

    1. Exposures of Japanese deposit-taking institutions to subprime-related products and securitized products based on the leading practices summarized in the FSF report
  56.  Financial Services Commission - Korea – Noticias

    1. 100624 - Mutual Savings Bank
  57. FocusIFRS - Francia – Noticias

    1. Modification de la dénomination des entités liées à l'IASB
  58. GAA Accounting - Internacional - Artículos

    1. GAA June 2010 Digital Edition
  59. Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. GASB Issues Statement No. 59, Financial Instruments Omnibus
  60. Grant Thornton Internacional - Internacional - Noticias y publicaciones

    1. IBR 2010 tax press release
    2. Budget comment- swings and roundabouts for the media sector
    3. VAT rise is the necessary evil to fill the spending deficit
    4. Coalition budget announcement shows commitment to capital investment
    5. Following today's Emergency Budget announcement, David Smith, Director of Government and Infrastructure Advisory at Grant Thornton UK LLP says-
    6. High and middle income earners will continue to weep as the capital gains tax packs an immediate punch
    7. 33% of banks have gone to the market to raise capital or will go to market to raise capital
    8. Grant Thornton LLP’s Corporate Advisory and Restructuring Services aids successful Chapter 11 exit for Saratoga Resources, Inc
    9. Insights on fair value measurements
  61. IAS PLUS - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Endorsement Status Report as of 25 June 2010
    2. IFAC urges G-20 to adopt global standards
    3. Amended Work Plan and Project Timetable as of 25 June 2010
    4. New IFAC SMP practice management guide
    5. Accounting Roundup Special Edition June 2010
    6. Progress Report on Commitment to Convergence of Accounting Standards and a Single Set of High Quality Global Accounting Standards
    7. Singapore proposes to adopt IFRS for SMEs
    8. Issue 15 of the Insurance Accounting Newsletter
    9. Steady, If Slow Progress
  62. Information Systems Audit and Control Association and Foundation (ISACAF) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. @ISACA Volume 13- 23 June 2010
    2. Registration Now Open- CISA, CISM, CGEIT Exams
    3. Answering your CRISC questions
    4. International President- Welcome to new and returning board members
  63. Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V. - Alemania - Noticias

    1. In a letter dated 15 June 2010 to the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) the IDW commented on "A Consultation Paper on the Revision of International Education Standard 8: Competence Requirements for Audit Professionals".
  64. Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. ICAEW responds to OFT market study into corporate insolvency
    2. Chancellor pulls a few rabbits out of the hat for SMEs
    3. Martin Manuzi appointed ICAEW Regional Director for Europe
    4. Keep what works from RDAs, says ICAEW
    5. ICAEW reacts to emergency budget
  65. Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. New IIA Guidance Addresses IT Risks
    2. IIA/MIS Cohost IT Audit & Controls 2010
    3. Attention Certified Internal Auditors (CIAs)!
  66. Instituto de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de España - España - Noticias

    1. Los reguladores bancarios suavizan las medidas de control de Basilea III
    2. José Luis López Combarros: "Los consejeros no tienen seguridad de la fiabilidad de la información"
    3. La auditoría interna dará servicios de dirección
    4. La Ley de Auditoría, bien vista por todos
  67. Instituto de Contadores Públicos Autorizados de la República Dominicana - República Dominicana - Noticias

  68. Instituto dos Auditores Independentes do Brasil - Brasil - Noticias

  69. Instituto Nacional de Contadores Públicos de Colombia (INCP) - Colombia - Noticias

    1. INFO@INCP No. 109-10
    2. INFO@INCP No. 108-10
    3. INFO@INCP No. 107-10
    4. INFO@INCP No. 106-10
    5. INFO@INCP No. 105-10
  70. International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. IASB and FASB update to G20 Leaders on modified convergence strategy
    2. IASB and FASB propose a new joint standard for revenue recognition
    3. 6 July - Live webcast on IAS 39 replacement project
  71. International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. 22 June 2010- IAIS announces another signatory to the MMoU 
  72. International Bar Association (IBA) - Internacional -Noticias

    1. IBA launches ‘Lawyers as Leaders’  video guide with the UN Global Compact
  73. International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. IFAC SMP Committee Releases Practice Management Guide
    2. IFAC to G20- Governments Should Practice What They Preach, Follow Rules Like the Ones They Set for Public Companies
  74. International Finance Corporation (IFC) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. IFC, Private Sector Sees Value Creation as Future of Corporate Responsibility
  75. International Labour Organization (ILO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. La licencia por enfermedad con goce de sueldo es rentable en tiempos de crisis
  76. International Maritime Organization (IMO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Revised STCW Convention and Code adopted at the Manila Conference
    2. Conference agrees new provisions on hours of rest for watchkeepers
    3. Conference to adopt revised STCW Convention and Code opens in Manila
  77. International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Internacional - Documentos, noticias y discursos

    1. Vietnam- Bayesian Estimation of Output Gap
    2. Procyclicality in Central Bank Reserve Management- Evidence from the Crisis
    3. Balance Sheet Vulnerabilities of Mauritius During a Decade of Shocks
    4. Subnational Health Spending and Soft Budget Constraints in OECD Countries
    5. IMF Research Bulletin—June 2010
    6. How Did Emerging Markets Cope in the Crisis-
    7. The Road Ahead for Central Banks- Meeting New Challenges to Financial Stability
  78. International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. IOSCO Technical Committee Task Force on Commodity Futures Markets Report to the G-20
  79. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Esfuerzo internacional para reconstruir la infraestructura de telecomunicaciones de Haití
  80. Joint Audit Committee - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. CFTC Regulation 1.25 and SEC Rule 22e-3 – Redemption of Interests in Money Market Mutual Funds
  81. Junta Central de Contadores - Colombia - Noticias

  82. Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants - Korea - Noticias

    1. Ji-Hong Kim, new president of the Korean Accounting Association
    2. Korea should play a leadership role in shaping the international accounting standards
    3. IFRS conversion helps enhance the country’s credibility
  83. KPMG Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Outsourcers to feel the squeeze as CIOs go hunting for value
    2. Biomass set to overtake wind as renewable energy champion
    3. KPMG International and Infrastructure Journal Announce the Top 100 Infrastructure Projects
    4. Revenue recognition proposals good news for most construction projects
    5. Lower returns and constrained innovation- the unwanted consequences of product transparency and simplicity, finds KPMG's investment management survey
    6. "Budget offers much needed boost for regional economies" - says KPMG
    7. KPMG calls for clarity on streamlined procurement processes
    8. Chancellor delivers carefully balanced budget for SMEs
    9. Chancellor delivers mostly good news for UK Plc
    10. Industry comforted by no cuts in overall infrastructure investment
    11. 20% VAT rise could tip distressed retailers teetering on the edge
    12. Number of public sector jobs will inevitably fall dramatically, says KPMG
    13. VAT and Corporation tax- hidden costs for banks
    14. Emergency Budget- Chancellors "kill or cure" budget
    15. "Budget is missed opportunity to set out a blueprint for radical public sector reform."
    16. Business tax- a good example of managing expectations, says KPMG
    17. "Government asset sales- The same old suspects”
    18. Bank levy- This dog isn't just for Christmas, it's for life
    19. Capital Spending - good news for jobs and economy
    20. Property pain to be felt in Government occupied estate
    21. Capital Allowances- Business breathes sigh of relief
    22. VAT increase hits High Street hard
    23. Capital Gains Tax- UK near top of the league
    24. 'Job tax' mitigated but not totally removed
    25. All quiet on the inheritance front
    26. Second Homes- KPMG warns of "flipping"
    27. Non-doms safe for now
    28. Pension relief restrictions to hit higher rate tax payers
    29. Update to Pilkington's Group administration
    30. Financial Services Executives See Biggest Regulatory Impact From Systemic Risk And Consumer Protection
    31. Tech Execs See Improving Sector Fueled By Growth Outside The U.S., While Overall U.S. Recovery Now Extending To 2012- KPMG Survey
    32. Corporate Governance Is Top Challenge For Companies Considering An IPO, KPMG Survey Series Finds
    33. Briefing sheet: issue 192 - Exposure Draft ED/2010/6 Revenue from Contracts with Customers
    34. Audit Committee Insights International — June 23 2010
  84. Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público - Colombia - Documentos

  85. National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. NASBA Relaunches ALL Website
  86. National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) - Tanzania - Noticias

    1. List of Audit Firms in Tanzania from July 2010
    2. List of Accountants Firms in Tanzania from July 2010
  87. New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants - Nueva Zelanda - Noticias

    1. Proposed advisers bill impacts far fewer members
    2. Countdown to the new standard
    3. A brand-new home for the Auckland Branch and conference centre
    4. AFAANZ celebrates its 50th anniversary with a conference in Christchurch
    5. World Congress set for Kuala Lumpur
  88. Ordre des Experts Comptables - Francia - Noticias

    1. Sic Newsletter N° 33 - 22 juin 2010
  89. Organismo Italiano di contabilità (OIC) - Italia - Noticias

    1. È stato pubblicato in Gazzetta Ufficiale L 157 del 24 giugno 2010 il Regolamento (UE) 550/2010 della Commissione del 23 giugno 2010 che adotta alcune modifiche all'IFRS 1 Prima adozione degli International Financial Standard.Le modific... >> Dettaglio
  90. Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Lamy stresses importance of concluding the Round to G20 business leaders
  91. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. G20 - Keep up reforms in order to boost jobs
    2. G20 - Policy must balance fiscal tightening with jobs support
    3. Agriculture - Study rules out speculation as cause of agricultural price bubble
    4. China - OECD's Gurría welcomes increase in exchange rate flexibility
  92. Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) - Filipinas - Noticias

    1. Filipino-American who received the highest award from the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS)
  93. Presidencia de la República - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Gobierno será más exigente en los requerimientos para el desarrollo de labores mineras en Colombia
    2. Inversión extranjera en el sector petrolero pasó de US$450 millones en 2002 a cerca de US$2 mil 600 el año anterior
    3. Suscrita adición presupuestal por $323 mil millones para avanzar en la Vía al Mar
    4. En Bolívar, el Icbf creció un 89,3% entre 2002 y 2010
    5. Economía colombiana creció 4,4% en el primer trimestre, reveló el Dane
    6. El Inco renovó a Ecopetrol concesión portuaria en el Terminal Marítimo Pozos Colorados
    7. Concepto de viabilidad para cinco nuevas zonas francas
    8. Finagro ha desembolsado $20.640 millones en créditos en Restrepo, Meta
    9. MinMinas anunció inversiones en petróleo y gas por US$42 mil millones en los próximos cinco años
    10. En 5% aumentó flujo de viajeros extranjeros a Colombia entre enero y abril
    11. Ecopetrol presenta mayores ofertas para nueve bloques en Ronda Colombia 2010
    12. Banca de las Oportunidades ha desembolsado créditos por $4.714 millones en Amagá
  94. PricewaterhouseCoopers - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Few companies are expanding treasury teams and budgets, despite their key role in combating recession
    2. Illustrative condensed consolidated interim financial information for existing IFRS / HKFRS preparers
    3. China- SAT national transfer pricing training focuses on automotive industry
    4. Banking Newsletter - Analysis of major Chinese banks' results for 2009
    5. Transfer pricing perspectives - Thriving through challenging times
    6. Asie-Pacifique - intensifications des opérations de fusions-acquisitions dans le secteur financier selon un nouveau rapport de PricewaterhouseCoopers
    7. The Standard Chart of Accounts- a useful tool both for Luxembourg and for its business undertakings
    8. Flash News- Luxembourg – Qatar double tax treaty is now in force
    9. IFRS News- Financial instruments accounting takes another step forward
    10. IFRS News Supplement- IASB member reflects on the big issues at the Board
    11. Le Plan Comptable Normalisé - un outil au service du Luxembourg et de ses entreprises
    12. Financial services' IT organizations can drive better innovation and business collaboration, says PricewaterhouseCoopers
    13. While large cap transactions remain challenged, looming tax increases will ignite middle market merger & acquisition activity
    14. PricewaterhouseCoopers' Principal Peter Raymond recognized as one of Consulting magazine’s top 25 consultants of 2010
    15. Technology forecast- 2010, Issue 3
    16. Transfer Pricing Perspectives- Thriving through challenging times
    17. Roadmap for an IPO- A guide to going public
    18. Financial Services Technology Journal- The innovation issue
    19. Watch 'This Week in the Boardroom' Weekly Webcast Series
    20. FlashLine 2010-25
    21. Behind the Numbers- Medical cost trends 2011
    22. Assessing Tax- 2010 tax rate benchmarking study for the aerospace and defense industry
    23. Assessing Tax- 2010 tax rate benchmarking study for the metals industry
    24. Rescheduled- PwC's Current Accounting and Reporting Developments webcast series - Q2 - June 30
    25. Creating new ways to connect with customers
    26. Efficiency by design
    27. Using culture to drive innovation success
    28. Thinking outside the normal risk box
    29. Everybody wins when employees are enthusiastic
  95. Secretaría Distrital de Hacienda (Bogotá) - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Se superó la meta en 34%
  96. Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. SEC Announces $13.9 Million Fair Fund Distribution to Harmed Investors in Raytheon Financial Fraud Settlement Today
    2. SEC Charges Benefits Consultant to Government Agencies With Ponzi Scheme
    3. SEC Charges Palm Beach County Investment Adviser With Running a Ponzi Scheme and Stealing Client Funds
    4. Joint CFTC-SEC Advisory Committee on Emerging Regulatory Issues Announces Agenda, List of Participants for June 22 Meeting
    5. SEC Charges N.Y.-Based Investment Adviser With Fraudulent Management of CDOs Tied to Mortgage-Backed Securities
  97. Smartpros - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. Financial Overhaul 101- How Oversight Would Change
    2. Survey Finds Investors and Analysts Add to the Critical 'Fair Value' Debate on Financial Instrument Reporting
    3. GASB Issues Revised Proposal on Service Concession Arrangements
    4. GASB Issues Preliminary Views on Potential Improvements to Pension Standards
    5. SEC Proposes New Disclosures for Target-Date Funds
  98. Society of Actuaries (SOA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. SOA Member Announcement – June 2010 Board of Directors Meeting
  99. Society of Actuaries in Ireland - Irlanda - Noticias

    1. A framework for improving pension security
  100. Society of Management Accountants of Canada - Canadá - Noticias

    1. AcSB supports IASB/FASB extension of convergence timeline to permit increased stakeholder participation > Read more
  101. South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) - Sudáfrica - Noticias

    1. Tagging on to smart financial reporting
  102. Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio - Colombia - Noticias

    1. SIC recuerda a compradores exigir sus derechos Las etiquetas deben contener una información mínima
    2. En materia de espectáculos, el consumidor es protegido por la sic
  103. Superintendencia de Sociedades - Colombia - Doctrina

    2. Reiteran que el goodwill formado no se debe registrar en los activos de la compañía
    3. Oficio 115-036176  LIBROS DE CONTABILIDAD
  104. Superintendencia del Subsidio Familiar - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Por medio de una encuesta abierta a toda la población colombiana, la Superintendencia del Subsidio Familiar espera recibir la información suficiente sobre lo que significa el Subsidio Monetario en los ingresos familiares de los afiliados a las Cajas de Compensación Familiar.
  105. Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia - Colombia - Doctrina, legislación y noticias

    1. III Mesa de Trabajo para la Integración de las Bolsas de Colombia, Perú y Chile
    2. Carta Circular 52 (Junio 21). Informa la variación de los portafolios de referencia el 1 de junio de 2010
    3. Circular Externa 013 (Junio 18). Modifica el Capítulo Primero del Título VI de la Circular Básica Jurídica, para establecer el nuevo régimen de autorización de los planes de capitalización. Anexo
    4. Carta Circular 51 (Junio 18). Divulga la rentabilidad a utilizar en el traslado de recursos del Régimen Solidario de Prima Media con Prestación Definida al Régimen de Ahorro Individual con  Solidaridad
    5. Proyecto de Circular Externa mediante la cual se modifica el Título VI, Capítulo Cuarto de la Circular Básica Jurídica, relacionado con las reglas relativas al registro de reaseguradores y corredores de reaseguros del exterior. Plazo para comentarios: 06 de julio de 2010 hasta las 5:30 p.m. Anexo.
    6. Proyecto de Circular Externa mediante la cual se dictan reglas sobre la retención neta. Plazo para comentarios: 06 de julio de 2010 hasta las 5:30 p.m. Anexo
  106. United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Grecia ha promulgado legislación sobre la base de la Ley Modelo de la CNUDMI sobre la Insolvencia Transfronteriza
    2. En una nota preparada a petición de la Dirección General de Políticas Interiores del Parlamento Europeo sobre la armonización del régimen de la insolvencia en la UE se propone la adopción de la Ley Modelo de la CNUDMI sobre la Insolvencia Transfronteriza
  107. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. UNCTAD and the Netherlands to cooperate in Customs sector
    2. UNCTAD Policy Briefs, No.15
    3. Report on the second UNCTAD Public Symposium- Responding to global crises- New development paths
    4. Economic Development in Africa Report 2010
  108. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Final preparations for Guinea’s presidential election
    2. Sharapova heads to Belarus to visit youth
    3. Helen Clark- Launch of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law
    4. Launch of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law
    5. Helen Clark:Statement to the UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board
    6. Myanmar- UNDP intensifies its response to floods in the north
    7. Millennium Development Goals Report 2010 was launched in New York
    8. Tackling energy poverty can accelerate MDGs, says UNDP
    9. Remarks by Helen Clark to the ITUC World Congress
    10. Bangladesh- fighting environmental degradation to reduce poverty
    11. Mozambique and 123 UN Member States discuss small arms control
  109. United Nations Global Compact - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Global Compact Leaders Summit Concludes with "New York Declaration by Business"
    2. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Addresses UN Global Compact Leaders Summit
    3. GRI and UN Global Compact Forge New Alliance
    4. Global CEOs Want Investors to Act to Create Sustainability Tipping Point
    5. UN Secretary-General Engages Business Leaders to Renew Public Trust, Advance Global Investment and Anti-poverty Goals
    6. Children are Everyone’s Business
    7. Academic Leaders at UN Forum Call on Business to Better Balance Social and Economic Objectives
    8. Governments Urge Stronger Business Engagement on Sustainability and Development
    9. UN Global Compact, Accenture Release Findings of Largest CEO Research Study on Corporate Sustainability
    10. UN Global Compact Issues Call for New Era in "Environmental Stewardship"
    11. Framework for Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy Brings Business and Stakeholders Together to Reduce Water-Related Risk
  110. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. 48th Session of the UNRISD Board Held in Geneva
    2. A seminar by Minquan Liu from Peking University on "Human Development in East and Southeast Asian (ESA) Economies since 1990- A Review"
    3. A review of Enrique Peruzzotti’s presentation “From civil society to mediated politics. Towards a comprehensive theory of democratic participation”
    4. UNRISD Research Coordinator publishes article on the Open Democracy’s “50.50” website on “Religion, Gender and Politics”
  111. United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. El turismo contribuye a los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio
    2. La OMT amplía el número de Miembros Afiliados
  112. World Bank - Internacional - Noticias y publicaciones - Noticias

    1. G20 Should Support a Pro-Growth Agenda for Developing Countries-- World Bank
    2. G8 Nations, Bank Look to Expand Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health and Nutrition Initiatives
    3. World Bank Weekly Update - June 21, 2010
    4. AccessFinance Newsletter No. 32 - June 2010
    5. World Bank PovertyNet Newsletter #132, February 2010
    6. World Bank Research E-Newsletter, June 2010
    7. Political capture of decentralization - vote-buying through grants-financed local jurisdictions
    8. The publicity "defect" of customary law
    9. Corruption and productivity - firm-level evidence from the BEEPS survey
    10. Trade and regional inequality
    11. Empirical econometric evaluation of alternative methods of dealing with missing values in investment climate surveys
    12. Changing contributions of different agricultural policy instruments to global reductions in trade and welfare
    13. Agricultural distortions in Sub-Saharan Africa - trade and welfare indicators, 1961 to 2004
    14. Characterizing the business cycles of emerging economies
    15. China - Accounting Reform and Development Project (English)
    16. Accounting for selectivity and duration-dependent heterogeneity when estimating the impact of emigration on incomes and poverty in sending areas (English)
    17. Accounting for growth in Latin America and the Caribbean - improving corporate financial reporting to support regional economic development (English)
  113. World Economic Forum - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Participate Virtually in the Forum's "Summer Davos" in Asia
  114. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Member States Discuss Key Copyright Issues
  115. XBRL Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Don’t Miss the 2nd seminar on "Financial Reporting Standards-based" (link to full article)
    2. XII “Acknowledgement" of EDINET 2010, India Banking GAAP, RSC-CCI, and Canadian Financial Reporting Taxonomies