1. International Maritime Organization (IMO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. IMO Secretary-General reiterates need to address unsafe migration by sea
  2. International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Internacional - Noticias y documentos

    1.  Can Islamic Banking Increase Financial Inclusion?
    2. Energy Subsidies in Latin America and the Caribbean: Stocktaking and Policy Challenges
    3. Expenditure Rules: Effective Tools for Sound Fiscal Policy?
    4. Employment Impacts of Upstream Oil and Gas Investment in the United States
    5. Asset Bubbles: Re-thinking Policy for the Age of Asset Management
    6. Drivers of Peru's Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate: Is the Nuevo Sol a Commodity Currency?
    7. Harnessing Resource Wealth for Inclusive Growth in Fragile States
    8. A Strategy for Developing a Market for Nonperforming Loans in Italy
    9. Global Liquidity, House Prices, and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from Advanced and Emerging Economies
    10. Identifying Constraints to Financial Inclusion and Their Impact on GDP and Inequality: A Structural Framework for Policy
    11. Central Counterparties: Addressing their Too Important to Fail Nature
    12. A World Trade Leading Index (WTLI)
    13. IMF Lending and Banking Crises
    14. The Effects of U.S. Unconventional Monetary Policy on Asia Frontier Developing Economies
    15. Fiscal Policy Implications for Labor Market Outcomes in Middle-Income Countries
    16. Learning, Monetary Policy and Asset Prices
    17. Does Supply or Demand Drive the Credit Cycle? Evidence from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe
    18. Output Gap Uncertainty and Real-Time Monetary Policy
    19. Governments’ Payment Discipline: The Macroeconomic Impact of Public Payment Delays and Arrears
    20. Revisiting the Concept of Dollarization: The Global Financial Crisis and Dollarization in Low-Income Countries
    21. Credit Booms and Macroeconomic Dynamics: Stylized Facts and Lessons for Low-Income Countries
    22. Corporate Financing Trends and Balance Sheet Risks in Latin America
    23. Fiscal Transparency and the Performance of Government Financial Assets
    24. A Volatility and Persistence-Based Core Inflation
    25. The Liquidation of Government Debt
    26. The Global Trade Slowdown: Cyclical or Structural?
    27. Youth Unemployment in Advanced Europe: Okun’s Law and Beyond
    28. Uncertainty and the Employment Dynamics of Small and Large Businesses
    29. Identifying Binding Constraints to Growth: Does Firm Size Matter?
    30. Increasing Productivity Growth in Middle Income Countries
    31. Shedding Light on Shadow Banking
  3. International Organization for Standarization (ISO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  A standard for improving communities reaches final stage
    2. Safe and sustainable mining with ISO standards
    3. Capturing freight carbon with new ISO guidelines
  4. International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  IOSCO continues work to strengthen global securities markets as drivers of economic growth 13 Feb 2015 - View Release
    2. IOSCO Requests Public Comment on Continuing Implementation of PRA Principles 12 Feb 2015 - View Release
    3. Joint Forum releases report on credit risk management across sectors 05 Feb 2015 - View Release
    4. IOSCO seeks better understanding of other CRA products and services 04 Feb 2015 - View Release
  5. International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  The Role of SAIs in the Post-2015 Development Agenda
  6. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  La UIT está desarrollando nuevas normas mundiales para propiciar el crecimiento sostenible de la radio
  7. International Trade Centre (ITC) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Services launches business stakeholder consultations on a new cooperation framework on services
  8. Junta Central de Contadores - Colombia - Noticias

    1.  Resolución 051 de 2015 Por la cual se imparten las instrucciones y requisitos para el trámite de solicitudes de conceptos sobre el ejercicio de la profesión contable por parte de extranjeros
  9. Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut van Registeraccountants - Países Bajos - Noticias

    1.  'Accountants moeten SBR actief promoten bij ondernemer'
    2. Bedrogen accountants
    3. EY brengt 'circulaire economieën' in kaart
    4. Accountant in AvA: gooi kind niet weg met badwater
    5. Bestuurswissel bij EY
    6. KPMG: financiële armslag en vertrouwen leiden tot meer fusies en overnames
    7. Cathy Engelbert ceo Deloitte VS
    8. Amerikaanse waakhond schikt met Chinese accountants
    9. Trompenaars naar KPMG
    10. Tuchtrecht: Geen meineed accountant Belastingdienst
    11. KPMG: 'Bedrijven hebben moeite met nieuwe rol financiële functie’
    12. KPMG neemt IT-dienstverlener Crimsonwing over
  10. KPMG Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  KPMG: Audit committees cite uncertainty, volatility and high risk environment as top challenges in 2015
  11. Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors (LCA) - Lituania - Noticias

    1.  Dėl finansinių ataskaitų teikimo Juridinių asmenų registrui
  12. Malaysian Accounting Standards Board - Malasia - Noticias

    1.  MASB issues narrow-scope amendments to Standards (23 January 2015)
  13. Malaysian Institute of Accountants - Malasia - Noticias

    1.  Drafting of the Code of Practice under the PDP Act 2010..
  14. National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1.  NASBA Announces 2015 Call for Proposals for Accounting Education Research Grants Program
  15. National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) - Tanzania - Noticias

    1.  The NBAA Governing Board has introduced Mid Examinations
  16. New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants - Nueva Zelanda - Noticias

    1.  Make or break year for IMF
  17. Ordre des Experts Comptables - Francia - Noticias

    1.  Sicnewsletter n°243 - 11 février 2015
    2. Sicnewsletter n°242 - 4 février 2015
    3. Nouveauté : Le calcul des coûts dans les PME : connaître et agir
  18. Organismo Italiano di contabilità (OIC) - Italia - Noticias

    1.  OIC, EFRAG e ASBJ pubblicano feedback statement sulla consultazione del Discussion Paper “Should Goodwill Still Not Be Amortised?
  19. Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC)  - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  Azevêdo considera que se ha dado un “grandes avances” a la aplicación de las decisiones de Bali para los PMA
  20. Organization for Economic Co operation and Development (OECD) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD - Updated: February 2015
    2. Ambitious reforms can create a growth path that is both strong and inclusive, OECD says
    3. Composite Leading Indicators (CLI), OECD, February 2015
    4. First steps towards implementation of OECD/G20 efforts against tax avoidance by multinationals
    5. Consumer Prices, OECD - Updated: 3 February 2015
  21. PricewaterhouseCoopers - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  Call for renewed government focus on achieving fiscal balance and sustainably cutting the costs of doing business
    2. China’s Integrated Circuit revenues experience a 24 times increase in 10 years
    3. Low oil price could boost output in Eurozone and US
    4. Indian retail industry is devising strategies which could potentially disrupt competitor business
    5. Shift of global economic power to emerging economies set to continue, dispite marked slowdown in China after 2020
    6. 2014 Strongest Year in Decade for Global Tech IPOs
    7. Europe’s loan portfolio market to top €100bn in 2015
  22. Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) - Reino de Arabia Saudita - Noticias

    1.  Credential verification of academic and professional certificates submitted by applicants to SOCPA membership and SOCPA fellowship certificate
    2. MCI Announces Launching the Program of Electronic Input of the Financial Statements "qawaem"
  23. Secretaría Distrital de Hacienda (Bogotá) - Colombia - Noticias

    1.  Hacienda Cuenta
  24. Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1.  SEC Proposes Rules for Hedging Disclosure
    2. SEC Imposes Sanctions Against China-Based Members of Big Four Accounting Networks for Refusing to Produce Documents
    3. SEC Approves 2015 PCAOB Budget and Accounting Support Fee
    4. SEC Alerts Investors, Industry on Cybersecurity
  25. Smartpros - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias }

    1.  SEC May Ease Public Disclosure Rules
    2. Career Paths Improving For Women In Finance And Accounting
  26. Society of Actuaries (SOA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1.  SOA Updates Analysis of Funding Requirements for U.S. Private Sector Single-Employer DB Plans
  27. Society of Actuaries in Ireland - Irlanda - Noticias

    1.  Pensions Council
  28. Society of Management Accountants of Canada - Canadá - Noticias

    1.  Time for more audit committee transparency?
  29. South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) - Sudáfrica - Noticias

    1. Tax increase on the horizon…
  30. South Asian Federation of Accountants - Internacional - Noticias

    2. Risks & Opportunities Management Disclosure Guide
  31. Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio - Colombia - Noticias

    1.  Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio entrega 20 marcas representativas del Eje Cafetero
    2. Por entregar menos gas del anunciado, Superindustria sanciona a ELECTROGAS
    3. Superindustria autoriza integración entre POSTOBÓN y COMPAÑÍA CERVECERÍAS UNIDAS (CCU), cuyo objeto es producir y comercializar la cerveza HEINEKEN en Colombia
    4. Por engañar a compradores de boletas para el Mundial Brasil 2014, Superindustria sanciona a MAXIBOLETOS S.A.S.
    5. Superindustria arranca ofensiva contra prestamistas usureros
    6. Superindustria concede el registro de la marca de color VERDE a NESTLÉ para identificar preparaciones a base de chocolate
    7. Superindustria impuso en 2014 sanciones por $4.620 millones a estaciones de servicio y organismos de certificación
    8. Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC) autoriza compra de GRUPO EL CORRAL por parte del GRUPO NUTRESA
    9. Superindustria concede a Ecopetrol patente de invención que mejora el proceso de deshidratación de crudos pesados
  32. Superintendencia de la Economía Solidaria (Supersolidaria) - Colombia - Noticias

    1.  “Supervisión para el crecimiento social y económico del sector solidario” Plan Estratégico 2014-2018
  33. Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Sanciones a prestadores por 5 mil 728 millones de pesos impuso Superservicios en 2014
    2. Más de 91.000 reclamaciones recibió Superservicios en 2014   
  34. Superintendencia de Sociedades - Colombia - Noticias y conceptos

    6. 220-001173 Ref: Radicación 2014-01-526914 27/11/2014 PÉRDIDA, EXTRAVÍO O DESTRUCCIÓN DE LIBROS Y PAPELES DEL COMERCIANTE -ARTÍCULO 135 DE DECRETO 2649 DE 1993.
  35. Superintendencia de Vigilancia y Seguridad Privada - Colombia - Noticias

    1.  Tarifas para el cobro de la seguridad privada en el sector residencial
    2. Se extiende plazo para la obtención del certificado de aptitud psicofísica
  36. Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Circular 001 Febrero 10 Modifica los Formatos 443 – NIIF (Proforma F.1000-119) y 460 – NIIF (Proforma F.1000-127). Anexos.
    2. Carta Circular 13 Febrero 05 Divulga aspectos relacionados con los informes contables y formatos con periodicidad mensual correspondientes al mes de enero de 2015 del Grupo 1 – NIIF
  37. Superintendencia Nacional de Salud - Colombia - Noticias

    1.  Saludcoop y Caprecom no tienen futuro, dice el nuevo Supersalud
  38. The CPA Journal - Estados Unidos de América - Artículos

    1.  Publisher’s Column: Leaving a Mark that Matters
    2. Making R&D Tax Incentives More Efficient: Thinking inside the “Patent Box”
    3. Significant Changes in Accounting and Review Services Standards
    4. Have You Ever Seen “Footnotes” to the Financial Statements? An Ode to a True Resource, the Notes to the Financial Statements
    5. Auditors Still Challenged by Professional Skepticism: Recommendations for Firms, Standards Setters, and Regulators
    6. A New Era for Private Company Accounting Standards: Changes in Long-standing Practices for Goodwill
    7. Preparing for the Looming Changes in Lease Accounting: A Technological Solution for the Informational Problem
    8. Current State of Same-Sex Marriage: An Analysis of the Federal and State Income Tax Consequences
    9. Deducting Educational Expenses on the New York State Personal Income Tax Return: A Case of Permissible Double-Dipping
    10. Longevity-Pegged Annuities: What CPAs Need to Know about the New Rules
    11. Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery Systems: Radical Transformation in the Wake of the Affordable Care Act
  39. United Nations (UN) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  ­ La codicia de los más ricos impide alcanzar la justicia social, afirma experto de la ONU
    2. ­ OMT destaca agilización de emisión de visas
    3. ­ Reunión de pueblos indígenas en la sede del FIDA
    4. ­ Ban: la rendición de cuentas fortalece a los gobiernos
    5. ­ Asamblea General discute formas de implementación de agenda post 2015
    6. ­ Ban afirma que la actual generación puede erradicar la pobreza extrema
    7. ­ Los precios de los alimentos bajaron en enero, informa la FAO
    8. ­ OMT y UNESCO auspician evento para explorar vínculos entre la cultura y el turismo
  40. United Nations Capital Development Fund - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  Hazard Cash Transfer Brief
    2. Why technology matters for advancing women’s financial inclusion
  41. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  UNCTAD releases review of trends in investment agreements and investor-State dispute settlement
    2. New report on national trade facilitation bodies in the world
    3. Communication equipment was the main growth driver of trade in information technology goods in 2013
    4. Breaking the silos in international negotiations for the new sustainable development agenda
    5. Advancing the Post-2015 Development Agenda requires a development policy rethink
    6. Statistical profiles for every country in the world now available
  42. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  Global innovators build Apps for peace
    2. UNDP sees Security Sector Reform as foundation for Peace and Development
    3. Motorola Solutions Foundation and UNDP release new research report: Increasing the potential of mobile technologies to advance human development
    4. UNDP sees public-private partnerships for investments in infrastructure as vital for achieving sustainable development
    5. 2015: Year of opportunity for youth
    6. Con crecimiento económico no basta, dice el PNUD con un llamado hacia el “progreso multidimensional”
    7. RecOn: Un reto de construcción de paz
    8. Mensaje con ocasión del Día Internacional de Tolerancia Cero con la Mutilación Genital Femenina
  43. United Nations Global Compact - Internacional - Noticias

    1. UN Global Compact Calls on Business to Advance Gender Equality By Fighting Corruption  
    2. Business Leaders Show Strong Confidence in Sustainable Growth Opportunities
    3. Five Things Sustainable Companies Do
  44. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  ­ Global manufacturing growth stayed low in 2014, with developing and emerging economies contributing most - UNIDO report
  45. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  New Directions in Social Policy Project: Methodology Workshop in Geneva
  46. United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  Governments recognize benefits of visa facilitation
  47. Universal Postal Union (UPU) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. UPU joins the Better Than Cash Alliance  
    2. 2015 letter-writing contest: describe the world you want to grow up in
    3. Global trade: keeping the customer top of mind
  48. Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (WPK) - Alemania - Noticias

    1.  Further development of professional oversight and quality assurance
    2. Proportionate (Scaled) Performance of an Audit
  49. World Bank - Internacional - Noticias y publicaciones

    1.  Aire limpio y pulmones sanos: Cómo combatir mejor la contaminación atmosférica
    2. La mujer trae cada vez más los alimentos a las mesas
    3. El poder de las asociaciones para impulsar iniciativas de gobernanza basadas en la colaboración
    4. Alcaldes latinoamericanos prueban “vacunas” para curar la violencia
    5. El mismo impulso que nos lleva a comprar un jabón puede ayudar a combatir la pobreza
    6. La "fragilidad" no es un problema solo para los países devastados por guerras
    7. Jubilarse a los 65, inalcanzable para millones de latinoamericanos
    8. Cuando la escuela no sirve para encontrar buenos trabajos
    9. El cambio climático complica los esfuerzos por poner fin a la pobreza
    10. Miles de jóvenes latinoamericanos dejan la oficina por el campo
    11. The changing patterns of financial integration in Latin America (English)
    12. Sex-selective abortions, fertility, and birth spacing (English)
    13. Love, money, and old age support : does parental matchmaking matter ? (English)
    14. The internet as a general-purpose technology : firm-level evidence from around the world (English)
    15. Debiasing on a roll: changing gambling behavior through experiential learning (English)
    16. Orphans and Ebola : estimating the secondary impact of a public health crisis (English)
    17. Behavioral economics and social exclusion : can interventions overcome prejudice ? (English)
    18. "Small miracles" -- behavioral insights to improve development policy : World Development Report 2015 (English) 
    19. European economic and monetary union sovereign debt markets (English)
    20. From tragedy to renaissance : improving agricultural data for better policies (English)
    21. Born with a silver spoon : inequality in educational achievement across the world (English)
    22. Long-run effects of democracy on income inequality : evidence from repeated cross-sections (English)
    23. Firm heterogeneity and costly trade: a new estimation strategy and policy experiments (English)
  50. XBRL Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1.  Colombian SFC Announces Test XBRL Filing Period