1. International Trade Centre (ITC) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Sri Lanka holds symposium for development of National Export Strategy
    2. Marking Geneva's first Innovation Day for Global Goals
    3. Marking Women’s Day with ITC videos on women’s empowerment
  2. International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Spotlight on Valuation Leaders – Ben Elder, Chair of the IVSC Tangible Assets Board
    2. IVSC’s work to improve standards for the valuation profession – enhancing understanding across the global economy
    3. IVSC 2017 AGM: 2-4 October, Mexico
  3. Israel Accounting Standards Board (IsASB) - Israel - Noticias

    1. פורסמה הצעה לתקן חשבונאות מספר 39
    2. הדוחות הכספיים של המוסד לתקינה לשנת 2016 פורסמו
    3. פורסמה הצעה לתקן חשבונאות מספר 38
  4. Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants - Japón - Noticias

    1. IFAC President visits Tokyo: Future of the Accounting and Auditing - Key to the Sustainable Growth
    2. "Establishment of IFIAR permanent office in Tokyo and Expectations to Auditors" was successful
    3. CPAAOB publishes "Case Report from Audit Firm Inspection Results"
    4. CPAAOB publishes "Basic Plan for Monitoring Audit Firms in Fiscal 2016"
    5. FSA publishes draft "Audit Firm Governance Code"
    6. Comments on the Request for Input"Exploring the Growing Use of Technology in the Audit, with a Focus on Data Analytics"
    7. Comments on the Discussion Paper "Supporting Credibility and Trust in Emerging Forms of External Reporting: Ten Key Challenges for Assurance Engagements"
  5. Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries - Japón - Noticias

    1. IAA「ISAPs 1, 2, 3及び用語集の改定案」に対するコメント(PDF:12KB)
    2. 「退職給付会計に関する数理実務基準」及び「退職給付会計に関する数理実務ガイダンス」の改定の公表
    3. 第69回研修会(第2部)資料について
    4. 企業会計基準委員会「債券の利回りがマイナスとなる場合の退職給付債務等の計算における 割引率に関する当面の取扱い(案)」に対するコメント(PDF:138KB)
    5. JSCPA調査報15号掲載(PDF:2MB)
  6. Joint Audit Committee - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. JAC Regulatory Alert - Reporting Requirements for Good Friday, April 14, 2017
  7. Junta Central de Contadores - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Resolución 0234 de 2017 Por la cual se establece el procedimiento de destrucción de las tarjetas profesionales de Contadores Públicos, de registro de entidades prestadoras de servicios de la ciencia contable y duplicados de tarjetas, expedidas en virtud de las Resoluciones No. 00000-13 del 29 de Enero de 2014 y No. 160 de 2004, que no han sido reclamadas por sus titulares.
    2. Acta 112
    3. Acta 111
    4. Acta 110
    5. Acta 109
    6. Acta 107
    7. Acta 106
    8. Acta 105
    9. Acta 104
    10. Acta 103
    11. Acta 2012
    12. Acta 2011
    13. Acta 2010
    14. Acta 2009
    15. Acta 2008
  8. Junta de Decanos de Colegios de Contadores Públicos del Perú - Perú - Noticias

    1. XXXII Conferencia Interamericana de Contabilidad - Lima 2017
    2. Sentencia de Casación
    3. Cronograma de Eventos Aprobados para el 2017
    4. Eventos programados y aprobados por la JDCCPP
  9. Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut van Registeraccountants - Países Bajos - Noticias

    1. Dilemma van de week ‘Onderneming in zwaar weer’
    2. Eerste sessie 'Dilemma's en Moresprudentie' voor aib'ers
    3. Handleiding opdrachtgeverschap accountantscontrole overheid
    4. Retentierecht verdwijnt met nieuwe faillissementswet
    5. Dilemma van de week: Penningmeester
    6. Platform Leren van toezicht: accountant, let op bij splitsing van klant
    7. NEMACC op zoek naar master- en praktijkscripties over data-analyse
    8. Dilemma van de week: Verantwoorde keuze?
    9. Rapport Taskforce Publieke Verantwoording
    10. NBA verbreedt debat over visie op beroep
    11. Nieuwe NBA-brochure: wijziging waardering vastgoed in het mkb
    12. Gids Praktijkbeheer: Module 6 Klantrelatiebeheer beschikbaar
    13. Samenvatting vergadering NBA-bestuur februari beschikbaar
    14. Werksessie: onafhankelijkheid essentieel voor vertrouwen
    15. Dilemma van de week: Datalek
    16. Model inrichtingsjaarrekening kleine rechtspersoon beschikbaar
    17. Subsidiedeclaraties: controleverklaring in nieuw format beschikbaar
    18. Welke accountant wilt u in het zonnetje zetten?
    19. 12.500 accountants hebben beroepseed afgelegd
  10. Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants - Korea - Noticias

    1. (현장에서)현실판 '김과장'이 절실한 시기
    2. 박찬대 의원, 상장사·대기업 증선위가 감사인 지명 추진
    3. 대우조선 분식회계 논란 2년..더디기만 한 외감법 개정
    4. 대선에 묻힌 회계투명성, `감사인 지정제` 얘기도 못꺼낸 국회
    5. 기업 회계부정 막겠다더니 외부감사법 대선에 묻힐판
    6. 임종룡 "10년마다 상장사 회계 전수 검증… 감리 대폭 강화"
    7. 회계업계 "감사지정제, 상장사 전반으로 확대해달라"
    8. 회계업계 "지정감사제 확대" VS 상장사 "다른 방법 제안"
    9. 상장사 감사委 유명무실…10명중 8명이 `회계 문맹`
    10. [국회로 넘어온 '회계제도 개혁 논의' … 정무위 공청회] "후배 회계사, 업계 떠나는 것 보고 자괴감"
    11. 남기권 대표 "선택지정제는 미흡…전면지정제 실시해야"
    12. [갈길 먼 회계선진화]③ 중징계 앞둔 안진?...기업 1100곳 감사인 교체 대란
    13. 국제회계기준 도입에도 외인 주식투자비중 감소…회계기준원 등 분석
    14. [갈길 먼 회계선진화]② 경영진 유혹하는 '시나리오 플래닝 회계처리'
    15. "제2의 최순실 막으려면 대기업에 '조건없는 지정제' 적용해야"
    16. "지정감사제는 우범지역 CCTV"…회계투명성 높이기 토론회
    17. [단독] 美는 7개월만에 회계개혁 끝냈는데…
    18. 아직도 대기업은 `슈퍼甲` 회계법인은 `丙`
    19. "6주만에 1000개 기업"…부실감사 양산하는 '2월 감사대란'
  11. KPMG Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Audit of the Register of Voters
    2. Top CUHK students head to Lisbon for KPMG competition final
    3. Promotions announcement
    4. Top students head to Lisbon for international final
    5. Lifetime ISAs can help with a house, but it can’t replace a pension
    6. KPMG Australia joins latest funding round for The Yield
    7. Stagnating tax rates
    8. KPMG Teams With WE & Taps U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez To Build Future Leaders That Drive Social Change
    9. Consumer confidence key to the performance of the services sector
    10. KPMG issues 2017 European minimum wage survey
    11. Administrators appointed to Pulse Flexible Packaging
    12. Consumer goods sector poised for further consolidation, as corporates looks to put bumper war chests to work
    13. UK remains attractive place to do business but loses ground over Brexit, according to KPMG survey
    14. Student Scholarship Applications Available For KPMG Master Of Accounting With Data And Analytics Program
    15. Diversity, investment in digital technology drive Australia’s mid-market success
    16. Weakened pound sounds note of caution for UK manufacturers
    17. Pensions Regulator offers much needed guidance on investment best practice
    18. BKW, Arbonia and EQT Partners distinguished
    19. Nominations open for 2017 Enterprise 50 Awards
    20. Britain braces for Brexit as a 'cliff edge' scenario looks real, says KPMG
    21. 2017 Gibraltar eSummit Depicts a Bright Future for the Industry
    22. Estimated impact of Brexit on Slovakia
    23. Family businesses choose profitability over preserving legacy
    24. LG Hausys acquired majority shareholding in Slovak company c2i
    25. Confidence in logistics & supply chain sector strong
    26. KPMG in Ukraine shortlisted in European Tax Awards 2017
    27. KPMG Australia expands in Greater Western Sydney
    28. Michael Rose joins KPMG
    29. KPMG in Vietnam recognized amongst Top 50 “Best Places to Work”
    30. UK pension liabilities have increased by £125bn since Trump’s inauguration
    31. Endless LLP acquires Jones Bootmaker
    32. More than half of HR leaders are optimistic about their future prospects
    33. Safescape, MOVUS and Ozius Spatial are KPMG Energise winners
    34. KPMG’s Views on Development of Commercial Health Care in the Russian Federation in 2017-2019
    35. Exciting Career Opportunities in Healthcare
    36. KPMG comments on the possible changes to the state pension
    37. Retailers might have been feeling the love in February but it’s not all rosy, says KPMG
    38. NUI Galway and KPMG collaborate on New Masters programme
    39. P. Scott Ozanus Appointed As Chairman Of KPMG’s Americas Region
    40. LGPS Pension deficit at £35bn - much lower than predicted
    41. UK tech sector still attractive despite uncertainty presented by Brexit
    42. Managers in Slovakia underestimate the cyber security risks
    43. Firms relying on government to deliver a smooth and orderly Brexit says KPMG
    44. KPMG stays in shape with Nicola Spirig
    45. Qatar’s banks need to embrace digital transformation to drive cost-savings and efficiency
    46. Insurance deal making shifts into higher gear
    47. KPMG launches ‘IT’s her future’ scheme by outlining five recommendations to help firms boost female talent in tech
    48. Insurers seek global acquisitions, China and the US are in the lead, KPMG survey finds
    49. Business Leaders Say Corporate Tax Reform Is Likely, Though Not Until 2018: KPMG Poll
    50. Insurance Sector Deal Making Shifting into High Gear: New Survey
    51. U-turn on NIC rise does not alter the need for a fundamental review of the way we tax work, says KPMG
    52. UK M&A war chests brim over as deal market hots up
    53. Six SAAS startup leaders selected for elevate61
    54. KPMG International a leader in information security consulting services according to independent research firm
    55. KPMG comments on new research out today from Universities UK
    56. Spring Budget 2017: Technical training a welcome boost for UK manufacturing
    57. Manufacturers need to design internet-connected devices with security in mind
    58. Spring Budget 2017: Full steam ahead with the non-dom changes
    59. BRC – KPMG online retail sales monitor February 2017
    60. UK in pole position for driving personal accountability within banks
    61. KPMG comment on PPI deadline
    62. Spring Budget 2017: Simply does it, says KPMG
    63. UK manufacturing shows signs of steely resolve despite rising costs
    64. KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co. launches Philippine Consumer Market Report
    65. Risk Management tops audit committee concerns
    66. The truth about online consumers
    67. KPMG comments on revised Q4 2016 GDP figures
    68. Fintech investors pause for breath
    69. Meaningful and realistic change to defined benefit pensions will be no easy task
    70. Business technology sector leads the pack for B2B customer experience
    71. News -- Challenging market conditions drive 6.46% drop in bank profits
    72. KPMG looks to boost tax support for clients by upping its alternative investments game
    73. Housing white paper or white flag?
    74. KPMG donne une impulsion à ses activités dans le secteur des placements alternatifs
    75. BRC – KPMG online retail sales monitor January 2017
    76. Disruptive technology is positive for telcos but sector is struggling to adapt
    77. Operating segments
    78. IFRS 16 – Transition to the new leases standard
    79. New standards – Setting the tone at the top
    80. Guides to IFRS financial statements
    81. IFRS Newsletter: Financial Instruments
    82. Insurance – Finalisation of new standard may slip
    83. Insurance – Implementing IFRS 9
    84. Consumer goods – Implementing IFRS 15
    85. IFRS Newsletter: Banking – issue 24, Q4 2017 | January 2017
    86. IFRS Newsletter: Financial Instruments – issue 37 | February 2017
    87. IFRS Newsletter: Financial Instruments – issue 36 | January 2017
    88. IFRS Newsletter: Insurance – issue 57 | March 2017
  12. Kredittilsynet - Noruega - Noticias

    1. Finanstilsynet's Risk Outlook II 2016 report
  13. Lietuvos buhalterių ir auditorių asociacija - Lituania - Noticias

    1. Etika. Kas tai?
    3. Verta žinoti
  14. Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors (LCA) - Lituania - Noticias

    1. Kita LAR parengta informacija (2017-04-12)
    2. Audito komiteto pranešimai (2017-04-12)
    3. Audito įmonių, auditorių ir auditoriaus padėjėjų sąrašai (2017-04-11)
    4. Komiteto darbo reglamentas (2017-04-11)
    5. 2017 m. egzaminų programos (2017-04-10)
  15. Malaysian Institute of Accountants - Malasia - Noticias

    1. MIA Holds 50th Anniversary Commemorative Lectures
    2. Speech by Ms Loh Lay Choon, Chairperson, NACRA 2017 Adjudication Committee at National Annual Corporate Report Awards 2017 Launch Ceremony
    3. Speech by En Ahmad Zahirudin Abdul Rahim, Chairman, NACRA 2017 Organising Committee at National Annual Corporate Report Awards 2017 Launch Ceremony
    4. NACRA Announces New Award Categories for 2017
    5. Impact of Proposed Audit Exemption
    6. Session 1: MIA & The Accountancy Profession in Malaysia by Siti Murni Amer, Session 2: Application to Accounting Theory by Leong Mun Foong
    7. IESBA Q&A Video Series: Responding to Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    9. MIA & The Accountancy Profession in Malaysia by Siti Murni Amer
    10. Al-Farabi Conference 2017 "Accountants at a Crossroads?" by Dr. Normah Ahmad
    11. MIA & The Accountancy Profession in Malaysia by Hasmida Ismail
    12. Welcome Remarks by Dr Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Institute of Accountants at MPERS Conference 2017, Theme: Strategic Transformation for SMEs
    13. MIA Town Hall Meeting on Audit Exemption
    14. Foreign Exchange Risk Management
    15. The Art of Effective Delegation for Career Development
    16. Certificate in Data Analysis Utilising Excel for Management Reporting
    17. Finance Leading The Business & Finance Shared Services Series
    18. Planning, Organising And Conducting Meetings That Really Work
    19. Integrated, Interactive & Intelligent Excel Models for Business Analytics and Reporting (i3BAR)
  16. Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants - Malasia - Noticias

    1. March 2017
    2. February 2017
    3. Press Clipping: :Pathway Into The Accounting Profession
    4. Press Clipping: :Step Up For Aspiring Accountants
  17. National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. AICPA, NASBA and Prometric Announce Successful Launch of Next Version of CPA Examination
    2. Aequo International Expands Services to Higher Education
    3. NASBA Creates Webpage Dedicated to the Next Version of the CPA Exam
    4. NASBA’s Candidate Performance Publications on the 2016 Uniform CPA Examination Now Available for Purchase
    5. NASBA, AICPA Approve Revisions to Standards
    6. NASBA’s Comment letter to the IAASB’s Exploring the Demand for Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements and Other Services, and the Implications for the IAASB’s International Standards paper
    7. Exploring the Growing Use of Technology in the Audit, with a Focus on Data Analytics
  18. National Bank of Ukraine - Ucrania - Noticias

    1. 30.03.2017 The National Bank of Ukraine Introduces a New Valuation Methodology for Estimating the Value of the Stock of Foreign Direct Investment
  19. National Society of Public Accountants (NSPA) – Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. Private Debt Collection of IRS Debts Set To Begin
    2. National Society of Accountants Calls for IRS Improvements
    3. Tax Professionals Warned of e-Services Scam; Urged to be Wary of Schemes as Filing Season Deadline Approaches
    4. Extra e-Services Help Available Starting Tomorrow
    5. NSA Member Phyllis Kubey Appointed to the IRS Advisory Council
    6. Certain e-Services Accounts Suspended
    7. NSA Past President Kathy Hettick Appointed to the IRS Advisory Council
  20. Natural Capital Coalition – Internacional - Noticias

    1. Roche Natural Capital Protocol Pilot: Summary Report
    2. The Capitals Approach: The Natural Capital Protocol and the Sustainable Development Goals
    3. Assistant Vice President of Tata Sustainability Group on how Tata is Applying the Natural Capital Protocol
    4. Finance Sector Supplement to the Natural Capital Protocol: An Invitation to Pilot Test
    5. Natural Capital Protocol Highlighted in 'Policies, Tools & Approaches that are Potentially Changing the Outlook' - Australia State of the Environment 2016
    6. Natural Capital Coalition Partners with Cambridge Conservation Initiative to Strengthen Biodiversity in the Natural Capital Protocol
    7. Interdisciplinarity: Bring Biologists into Biomimetics
    8. What’s The Point Of Wasps?
    9. Modelling Urban Sprawl Using Remotely Sensed Data: A Case Study of Chennai City, Tamilnadu
    10. Is Your Nonfinancial Performance Revealing the True Value of your Business to Investors?
    11. Why We Need An Integrated Approach to Valuation
    12. Natural Capital in Practice: How to Include its Value in Dutch Decision-Making Processes
    13. Adaptive Management of Soil Conservation is Essential to Improving Water Quality, Research Shows
    14. The Growing Case for Conservation Finance
    15. UN Report Acknowledges Healthy Ecosystems as Human Right for the First Time
    16. The Endangered Species Back from the Brink of Extinction
    17. Protecting The Nature Economy Relies On Taking A Long View
    18. To Bloom it May Concern: Kyoto’s Hotels Booked Up Six Months in Advance of Cherry Blossom Season
    19. Experts Call for More Collaboration & Investment in Biodiversity Monitoring
    20. National Ecosystem Assessments in Europe: A Review
    21. An Ecosystem Services Approach to the Ecological Effects of Salvage Logging: Valuation of Seed Dispersal
    22. Standardization Potential of the Natural Capital Protocol (Independent Research Survey)
    23. UK House of Commons Inquiry into Soil Health – The Cinderella of Natural Resources
    24. Scottish Natural Capital Asset Index Update Published
    25. Valuation of Fish Production Services in River Basins: A Case Study of the Columbia River
    26. Nature Is Talking, Are Businesses Listening?
    27. Ecological Intensification Key to Stemming Pollinator Decline, Review Shows
    28. Mapping Ecosystem Services: Collection of Theories, Methods & Practical Applications
    29. Drought Stress Testing Tool Released By Natural Capital Finance Alliance
  21. New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants - Nueva Zelanda - Noticias

    1. Learn online and save time
    2. Meet Malaysia member Kian Soon Chong CA
    3. Acuity magazine Apr/May 2017 issue now available
    4. "Controlled anarchy" - a company experiments with new management ideas
    5. KeepCup's Abigail Forsyth on purpose beyond profit
    6. Governance Review update
    7. Your website, your way. Step 1
    8. What's on in Wellington, Wairarapa, Whanganui and Manawatu
    9. Auckland Regional News - March 2017
    10. VIC Regional Update March 2017
    11. New Zealand Tax update March 2017
    12. Celebrating 70 years of Membership
    13. ACT Regional News March 2017
    14. RONI Regional News March 2017
    15. AML/CFT Amendment Bill introduced into Parliament
    16. Movers and shakers March 2017
    17. SA Regional News March 2017
    18. Flexible working in the accounting profession
    19. CA ANZ members dominate 2017 New Zealand CFO Awards
    20. Leading with purpose
    21. The difference makers
    22. Meet Will Tipping CA
    23. Malaysia member news
    24. Meet Geeta Balakrishnan CA
    25. Diversity and Inclusion Survey
    26. For a globalised profession, there’s strength in numbers
    27. Cultivate a culture of enquiry for problem solving
    28. Movers and Shakers
    29. New York and surrounding areas member update
    30. New ACCA tool aims to improve corporate culture and results
    31. NZ AML Summit relevant for accountants in light of proposed legislation
    32. Members receive Australia and NZ Honours
    33. Gisborne-East Coast scholarship winners announced
    34. 'Idleness is good’ – Business Forum 2017
    35. Members named as finalists in CFO Awards
    36. Current auditors in a digital world
    37. Technology trends impacting business
    38. Develop stress resilience
  22. Norwegian Accounting Standards Board (NASB) - Noruega - Noticias

    1. Avvik fra IFRS for SMEs
    2. Årsrapport fra Regnskapsstandardstyret for 2016
  23. Observatorio de Transparencia y Anticorrupción - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Avances y desafíos del Estatuto Anticorrupción
    2. Comisión Nacional de Moralización -23 de enero de 2017-
    3. Gobierno y entes de control refuerzan medidas contra problemas de corrupción en La Guajira
    4. Preparan nuevo paquete de medidas contra la corrupción
  24. Ordem dos Revisores Oficiais de Contas - Portugal - Noticias

    1. 2017.03.14 - Assembleia Geral Ordinária realizou-se no dia 30 de março de 2017 nos Serviços Regionais do Norte
  25. Ordre des Experts Comptables - Francia - Noticias

    1. Initiatives BDE 2017… And the winner is ?
    2. Mandature 2017-2019 : découvrez le bureau
    3. Charles-René Tandé, nouveau président du CSOEC
    4. Le CSOEC interpelle les candidats à la présidentielle
    5. Le Conseil supérieur et Global compact France signent un partenariat
    6. Conseil Sup’ Network : accompagnez vos clients dans l’ère du numérique avec des solutions 100 % numériques et innovantes
    7. Business story, 1 an après
    8. Sicnewsletter n°334 - 1 février 2017
    9. SIC N° 360
    10. SIC n° 359
    11. Prélèvement à la source et revenus fonciers - RFC n° 508, avril 2017, p. 28
    12. TVA sur la marge et terrains à bâtir - RFC n° 507, mars 2017, p. 30
  26. Ordre Des Experts Comptables De Tunisie - Túnez - Noticias

    1. Journée d'information sur le programme Tasdir+
    2. Participation au colloque organisé par le Conseil Regional du Sud et l'UTICA sfax portant sur la loi de finances 2017
    3. Rencontre du Président de l’OECT avec la Ministre des Finances
    4. Analyse des résultats de l’enquête « IFAC SMP Survey 2015 »
    5. voeux à l'occasion de l'AID EL ADHA
    6. Cérémonie de remise des attestations de formation aux cadres de la brigade économique.
  27. Organismo Italiano di contabilità (OIC) - Italia - Noticias

    1. 5 April 2017 OIC comments on FRC Discussion Paper Improving the Statement of Cash Flows
    2. 3 April 2017 OIC comments on EFRAG draft comment letter on IASB ED Annual Improvements to IFRSs 2015-2017 Cycle
    3. 15 March 2017 OIC comments on EFRAG draft endorsement advice on IASB IFRS 16 Leases
    4. OIC comments on EFRAG draft endorsement advice on IASB Annual Improvements to IFRS Standards 2014-2016 Cycle
    5. OIC comments on EFRAG draft endorsement advice on IFRIC Interpretation 22 Foreign Currency Transactions and Advance Consideration
    6. OIC comments on EFRAG draft endorsement advice on IASB Transfers of Investment Property: Amendments to IAS 40
    7. Representatives of the OIC and the Accounting Standards Board of Japan Hold Meeting in Tokyo
  28. Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Canciller de México presentó el tema principal de la Asamblea General de la OEA: “Fortaleciendo el diálogo y la concertación para la prosperidad”
    2. Mensaje del Secretario General de la OEA en el Día Internacional de información sobre el peligro de las minas antipersonales
    3. Consejo Permanente conmemora “Día Internacional de Recuerdo de las Víctimas de la Esclavitud y la Trata Transatlántica de Esclavos”
    4. OEA celebra 20 Aniversario de la Convención Interamericana contra la Corrupción
    5. Mensaje del Secretario General de la OEA Celebración del día mundial del agua
    6. [HOJA INFORMATIVA] Informe "Flujos de migrantes en situación migratoria irregular provenientes de África, Asia y el Caribe en las Américas"
    7. Informe OEA resalta necesidad de enfoque hemisférico ante incremento de flujos migratorios
    8. Mensaje del Secretario General de la OEA en el Día Internacional de la Mujer
    9. Ministros de Educación aprueban Agenda Interamericana de Educación en reunión de la OEA en Las Bahamas
  29. Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. El Árbitro de la OMC determina el “plazo prudencial” en la diferencia Estados Unidos — Lavadoras
    2. Puntos propuestos para su examen en la próxima reunión del Órgano de Solución de Diferencias
    3. Conferencia de prensa sobre las previsiones comerciales de la OMC
    4. Se prevé una recuperación del comercio en 2017 y 2018, en un contexto de incertidumbre sobre las políticas
    5. Merkel y los dirigentes de cinco organismos multilaterales buscan respuestas a los desafíos de la mundialización
    6. Comunicado de prensa conjunto de la Canciller Federal alemana Angela Merkel, el Secretario General de la OCDE Angel Gurría, la Directora Gerente del FMI Christine Lagarde, el Presidente del Grupo del Banco Mundial Jim Yong Kim, el Director General de la OIT Guy Ryder y el Director General de la OMC Roberto Azevêdo, con motivo de la reunión que mantuvieron en Berlín el 10 de abril de 2017.
    7. Un informe de la OMC, el FMI y el Banco Mundial destaca la importancia de las políticas nacionales para ayudar a las personas que pierden su trabajo
    8. Presidentes de los órganos de la OMC en 2017
  30. Organization for Economic Co operation and Development (OECD) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Japan: Boost employment and productivity to promote inclusive growth and meet demographic challenges
    2. Employment situation, fourth quarter 2016, OECD
    3. Development aid rises again in 2016 but flows to poorest countries dip
    4. OECD tax rates on labour income continued decreasing slowly in 2016
    5. Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD - Updated: April 2017
    6. Composite Leading Indicators (CLI), OECD, April 2017
    7. Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity Delivers Recommendations for OECD
    8. Further agricultural reforms in the Philippines would help reduce poverty and improve food security
    9. New Zealand should do more to help workers struggling after redundancy
    10. Consumer Prices, OECD - Updated: 4 April 2017
    11. Agricultural policy reforms would boost Costa Rican farm sector performance
    12. One in five mobile phones shipped abroad is fake
    13. Ukraine should step up efforts to strengthen transparency and integrity in its education system
    14. OECD Steel Committee says persistently high excess capacity threatens recovery
    15. Argentina debe promulgar con urgencia el proyecto de Ley de Responsabilidad Penal de las Personas Jurídicas y cumplir así con la Convención para Combatir el Cohecho
    16. High acquittal rate jeopardises Finland's efforts to combat foreign bribery
    17. UK has made strong progress fighting foreign bribery, but uncertainty over Serious Fraud Office role remains
    18. Statement of the OECD Working Group on Bribery on Italy's implementation of the Anti-Bribery Convention
    19. China: time to focus on financial risks and structural reform
    20. Environmental pressures rising in New Zealand
    21. Growth-oriented policy agenda needed to ensure stronger economic recovery with benefits for all workers and households
    22. Korea needs to put green growth vision into action
    23. España debe mantener el ritmo de las reformas para impulsar la recuperación económica y el crecimiento inclusivo
    24. Argentina refuerza su cooperación con la OCDE a través de un nuevo Plan de Acción
    25. Australia should help more women and other underemployed groups into work
    26. Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD - Updated: March 2017
    27. Modest pick-up in global growth but risks and vulnerabilities could derail recovery
    28. Estonia should reduce its oil shale reliance for greener growth
    29. International trade statistics: trends in fourth quarter 2016
    30. Wales should continue reforms to boost quality and equity of school system
    31. India: Strong growth has raised incomes and reduced poverty, but challenges remain
    32. GDP Growth - Fourth quarter of 2016, OECD
    33. OECD Workshop on Measuring Business Impacts on People’s Well-being
    34. Sustained reforms are essential to reinforcing inclusive growth in Italy
    35. More strategic focus would improve impact of Poland’s foreign aid
    36. Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD - Updated: February 2017
    37. Sweden’s economy is resilient and growing strongly, but must address rising challenges
    38. Composite Leading Indicators (CLI), OECD, February 2017
    39. Portugal: Successful reforms have underpinned economic recovery
    40. Consumer Prices, OECD - Updated: 2 February 2017
  31. Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Disponible la Encuesta Global de la IDI 2017
    2. GIZ lanza libro sobre fiscalización y calidad del gasto público en América Latin  >>>
    3. Concluyó con éxito Webinario “Agenda 2030 y Género: el rol de las EFS en el segu  >>>
    4. La Auditoría General de la Nación Argentina continuará ejerciendo la presidencia  >>>
    5. EL OCDE lanzó un nuevo estudio sobre las EFS y la Buena Gobernanza
  32. Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> Kiribati Public Accounts Committee and Members of Parliament workshop
    2. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> Transforming public auditors to lead change for a better Pacific
    3. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> Tuvalu leads the way in strengthening SAI independence and the role of Public Accounts Committee
    4. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> PASAI Governing Board Meets in Auckland, NZ
    5. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> Practical Advice for Auditors of Foreign Aid Projects in the Pacific
    6. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> News from the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee
    7. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> The INTOSAI Journal Special INCOSAI Edition
    8. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> Haiying Jiang, Director-General of International Cooperation of the National Audit Office of China: Learn and Progress with Friends
    9. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> Achieving Impact and Reinforcing Accountability – Sierra Leone's Perspective
    10. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> SAI Bhutan Responding to Emerging Challenges
    11. News & Media Releases — PASAI--> Practical Advice for Auditors of Foreign Aid Projects in the Pacific
    12. --> Exciting New Web Interface for IDI
    13. --> Back at number one and it’s personal
    14. --> Supporting performance measurement of public auditors in the Pacific
    15. --> Spotlight on Success: Regional Collaboration to Close the Accountability Gap-the PASAI Approach
  33. PricewaterhouseCoopers - Internacional - Noticias

    1. ­ Consumers ready to embrace AI and robots for their healthcare needs
    2. ­ London regains position as Europe’s most active exchange for IPOs, but IPO activity remains...
    3. ­ Most global financial services companies plan to increase FinTech partnerships, as 88% fear...
    4. ­ PwC expands relationship with Microsoft
    5. ­ Financial services organisations need to 'walk the diversity talk' to tap into the whole talent market
    6. ­ PwC Global CIO recognised in Premier 100 Technology Leadership Awards.
    7. ­ Internal Audit Functions Need to Disrupt Themselves
    8. ­ Private companies confident about own prospects but underprepared for cyberattacks
    9. ­ Focus on diversity and career progression key to winning the fight for female talent
    10. ­ Healthcare CEOs concerned about cyber threats but few are taking action
    11. ­ You can’t have a machine age without humans – PwC report
    12. ­ The new economy of the sea: a call for 'blue' thinking to share space and resources
    13. ­ Investors’ growth confidence rebounds, but warnings remain on losing touch with customers
    14. ­ A blueprint for navigating the TMT products-to-services transformation
    15. ­ Beyond the BRICs: the pockets of opportunity for business
    16. ­ Steady progress in boosting female economic empowerment, but gender pay gap still a major issue
    17. ­ Asset and Wealth Management confidence high but slow adoption of technology change could...
    18. ­ Technology increases skills gap in financial services and threatens growth
    19. ­ Banking and Capital Markets CEOs confident about growth, while costs have to be cut further and faster...
    20. ­ AI and IoT teaming up to reimagine the labour market
    21. ­ PwC uses spatial data analysis to create development masterplan for the City of Tbilisi
    22. ­ Insurance CEOs embrace disruption, reveals PwC survey
    23. ­ Shift of global economic power to emerging economies set to continue in long run, with India...
    24. ­ Improving operational efficiency, quality and managing risk is at the front of clients minds
    25. ­ PwC pivots to Asia
    26. ­ Business analytics to drive organisation performance and guide digital transformation
    27. ­ In the machine age, the people experience still matters
    28. ­ Investment in IT imperative to remain competitive
    29. ­ Demand for digital consulting services in support of product innovation is growing rapidly
    30. ­ Customer experience has become a defining moment in business
    31. ­ Firms must adopt digital strategies to maintain their brand and operational advantages
    32. The fourth industrial revolution: it's not all about machines
    33. Competition in the TMT industry isn’t what it used to be: Key insights from our CEO Survey
    34. Is your talent brand fit for the future?
    35. Is ‘crisis-ready’ the new normal in a volatile world?
    36. Turning confidence into performance: The private company findings from the 20th CEO Survey
    37. Inside the mind of the investor: how CEOs can improve engagement
    38. Globalisation and business – the challenge of reclaiming trust in society
    39. Five strategies for finding — and keeping — female talent
    40. Software greasing the wheels for Technology, Media and Telecom transformation
    41. Consumers lead the way on digital trust in Central and Eastern Europe – will companies follow?
    42. IFRS News - April 2017
    43. IFRS News - March 2017
    44. IFRS News February 2017
    45. 19th Annual Global CEO survey
    46. Global Top 100 companies (2016)
    47. PwC wins prestigious International Accounting Bulletin's 'Audit Innovation of the Year' 2016
    48. Delivering the value of the audit
  34. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. April 5, 2017 Small Business PCAOB Announces 2017 Forums on Auditing in the Small Business Environment
    2. March 29, 2017 Enforcement PCAOB Sanctions Former Deloitte Brazil Chairman and CEO for Violations Related to Failures to Cooperate with a Board Investigation
    3. March 20, 2017 Enforcement PCAOB Sanctions Former PricewaterhouseCoopers Brazil Partner for Audit Failures
    4. Feb. 9, 2017 Enforcement PCAOB Announces $1 Million Settlement with Indonesian Member of Ernst & Young Network for Audit Failure, Noncooperation, and Violations of Quality Control Standards
  35. Rutgers Accounting Web - Estados Unidos de América - Documentos

    1. Big Data in Accounting: An Overview
    2. How Big Data Will Change Accounting
    3. Big Data Analytics in Financial Statement Audits
    4. Big Data As Complementary Audit Evidence
    5. Drivers of the Use and Facilitators and Obstacles of the Evolution of Big Data by the Audit Profession
    6. Behavioral Implications of Big Data's Impact on Audit Judgment and Decision Making and Future Research Direction
    7. Toward Effective Big Data Analysis in Continuous Auditing
    8. Measuring for Appropriateness
    9. A Tale of an Evolving Standard: XBRL Reporting for U.S. Local Governments
    10. GeoXBRL: A Web-Based Standard for Geospatial and Business Taxonomies
    11. Compliance & Analytics: A View from the C-Suite
    12. EDPACS 2016 Vol 53, NO1
    13. Insights on Demand
    14. Giving Voice to Compliance
    15. Strategy for Diffusion of Audit Analytics at TCU
    16. Imagineering Audit 4.0
    17. Cybersecurity Myths and Fallacies
    18. Continuous Supervision on Social Benefits
    19. Risk Analysis Based on 10-K Item 1a
    20. Identifying Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud Using Forensic Analytics
    21. Ethics for Big Data and Analytics
    22. Examination of Audit Planning Risk Assessments Using Verbal Protocol Analysis: An Exploratory Study
    23. Contract and Company Risk Analysis Based on Machine Learning/ Data Mining/Economic Analysis
    24. The Performance of Sentiment Features of 10-k MD&As for Financial Restatement Prediction: A Comparison of Deep Learning Approach and Text Mining Approach
    25. Material Financial Misstatement Detection using Ration Analysis & Deep Learning Algorithms
    26. Automate Contract Analysis in Auditing
    27. A Big Data as Audit Evidence: Utilizing Weather Indicators
  36. SAMantilla - Colombia - Artículos

    1. Revisoría fiscal ciega
    2. Blockchain: ¿adiós a los auditores?
    3. Normativa colombiana NIIF-NIA: ineficaz y de dudosa obligatoriedad legal
    4. Administración dinámica del riesgo (Documento completo)
  37. Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) - Reino de Arabia Saudita - Noticias

    1. SAMA has decided to raise the reverse repo rate
    2. SAMA Allows the Arabian Shield Cooperative Insurance Company to Resume Issuing New Motor Insurance Policies
    3. SAMA Allows Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperative Insurance and Reinsurance Company (MEDGULF) to Resume Issuing New Motor Insurance Policies
    4. SAMA Obliges Insurance Companies Not to Refuse to Provide Compulsory Motor Insurance or Travel Insurance Because of the Applicant’s Age
    5. SAMA Suspends Namar Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Company from Engaging in all Insurance Activities
    6. SAMA Governor Opens a Workshop on the Preparation for Mutual Evaluation
    7. SAMA Wins the “Initiative of the Year Award” in Risk and Compliance Management Category
    8. SAMA Requires that Motor Insurance Claims and Customer Service Departments in Insurance Companies and Insurance Services Providers be Staffed by Saudi Citizens by 2/7/2017 (8/10/1438H)
  38. Secretaría Distrital de Hacienda (Bogotá) - Colombia - Noticias

    1. $ 2.4 billones suma el recaudo del impuesto predial en Bogotá
    2. Más de 40.000 contribuyentes pagarán el predial por cuotas
    3. Diálogos Ciudadanos del Sector Hacienda
    4. A 933 predios les bajó el impuesto Predial en barrio San Luis
    5. Balance de Resultados - Plan Distrital de Desarrollo Bogotá Mejor Para Todos
    6. ¿Cómo pagar el impuesto del carro en Bogotá y tener el 10% de descuento?
    7. Findeter califica como ejemplar el modelo de salud del alcalde Peñalosa
    8. ¡Si compra... compre legal! - Cero Cigarrillo y licor de contrabando
    9. Todo lo que debe saber sobre el impuesto predial 2017
    10. Control fiscal a bares en Bogotá
    11. Por primera vez en Bogotá, al 70 por ciento de los propietarios de predios en estrato 1 y al 60 porciento del estrato 2 les bajará el impuesto predial
    12. Resolución de Agentes retenedores de ICA
  39. Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. SEC: Payments for Bullish Articles on Stocks Must Be Disclosed to Investors
    2. SEC Adopts JOBS Act Amendments to Help Entrepreneurs and Investors
    3. Title: SEC Announces Agenda for April 5 Meeting of the Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee
    4. Title: SEC Names Sagar S. Teotia as Deputy Chief Accountant
    5. Title: SEC Announces 2017 Compliance Outreach Program Seminars for Investment Companies and Investment Advisers
    6. Title: SEC Adopts T+2 Settlement Cycle for Securities Transactions
    7. Title: SEC, National Bank of Belgium Agree to Enhanced Cooperation and Information Sharing Regarding Euroclear
    8. Title: SEC Posts Notice of Availability of IFRS Taxonomy
    9. Title: SEC Proposes Rule Amendments to Improve Municipal Securities Disclosures
    10. Title: SEC Proposes Inline XBRL Filing of Tagged Data
    11. Title: SEC Approves Rules to Ease Investor Access to Exhibits in Company Filings
    12. Title: SEC Votes to Seek Public Input on Possible Change to Industry Guide 3
    13. Title: SEC Announces Agenda for March 9 Investor Advisory Committee Meeting
    14. Title: SEC Staff Issues Guidance Update and Investor Bulletin on Robo-Advisers
    15. Title: SEC, NASAA Sign Info-Sharing Agreement for Crowdfunding and Other Offerings
    16. Title: SEC Announces Cases Related to Disclosures During Battles for Corporate Control
    17. Title: SEC Announces Agenda for February 15 Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies
  40. Singapore Actuarial Society - Singapur - Noticias

    1. IAIS adopts revisions to the Insurance Core Principles
  41. Slovenian Institute of Auditors - Eslovenia - Noticias

    1. Sprejete so bile spremembe ZGD-1J.
    2. Revizijski svet Slovenskega inštituta za revizijo je na 31. redni seji dne 17. 3. 2017 obravnaval Stališče Agencije in MF, ki sta ga posredovala revizijskim družbam glede Mednarodnih standardov revidiranja, objavljenih na spletnih straneh IFAC in pojasnila Agencije glede revizorjevega poročanja za računovodske izkaze poslovnega leta 2016, objavljena na spletnih straneh Agencije. Po razpravi je bil sprejet sklep, da se Agencijo z dopisom opozori na njene pristojnosti  ter da se dopis pošlje tudi v vednost Ministrstvu za finance.
  42. Smartpros - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. Successful Managers Closely Involved as Change Agents
    2. Retailers Should Focus on In-Store Technologies to Make Experience More Seamless, Says New Study
    3. Global Korn Ferry Comprehensive Executive Study Reveals Significant Gap Between Need to Drive Strategic Change and Leaders’ Ability to Deliver
    4. US Continues Decline in Ranking of Global Pension Index
    5. FASB Proposes Improvements to Materiality to Make Financial Statement Disclosures More Effective
    6. EDITORIAL: Self-Destructive Economics
    7. Paychex Small Business Snapshot: Business Owners See Peace of Mind as the Biggest Value to Outsourcing Key Business Functions
    8. Technology and Non-Profit Sectors Inspire Rise in Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Assignments
    9. Study Reveals Old-Fashioned Payments Processes Impact the Cost of Doing Business
    10. APICS SCC Study Defines People and Partner Impact on Supply Chain Complexity
  43. Society of Actuaries (SOA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. Actuaries Climate Index Updates for Spring - Summer 2016 - March 7, 2017
    2. 2016 SOA Annual Report
    3. Recipes for Next Generation Analytics
    4. Beyond Risk Scores
    5. Fighting Inertia
    6. Game On
    7. Making Claims
    8. The Visionary
    9. February 2017 (English)
    10. April, Issue 2
    11. April, Issue 1
    12. March, Issue 5
    13. March, Issue 4
    14. March, Issue 3
    15. March, Issue 2
    16. March, Issue 1
    17. February, Issue 4
    18. February, Issue 3
    19. February, Issue 2
    20. February, Issue 1
  44. Society of Actuaries in Ireland - Irlanda - Noticias

    1. The Actuarial Association of Europe issues The European Actuary (April 2017)
    2. Society responds to HIA consultation on Lifetime Community Rating
  45. South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) - Sudáfrica - Noticias

    1. Participating in Olympiads helps produce top scholars
    2. Western Cape Department of Education improves financial management and governance through School Governing Body project
    3. Exam proves CA profession is making strides to become more inclusive
    4. University of Fort Hare student inspires Eastern Cape matrics to succeed
    5. Accounting Technician qualification now offered at five Universities of Technology
    6. Grade 11 and 12s: Enter the SAICA 2017 Accounting Olympiad today
    7. Girls from Ekurhuleni South win Gauteng Business Development Games
    8. Turning failure into a successful business
    9. Ethics and internal financial controls adding value to the public sector
    10. 2 247 aspiring CAs pass final qualification hurdle
  46. State Audit Institution - Emiratos Árabes Unidos - Noticias

    1. ديوان المحاسبة يضبط 18 قضية إضرار بالمال العام خلال 2016
    2. المحاسبة» يطلق خطة برامج توعوية لطلاب الجامعات
  47. Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Se está utilizando el nombre de la SIC de manera inadecuada
    2. Boletín Ruta PI - Abril 6 de 2017
    3. La Universidad Nacional obtiene patente que controlaría la proliferación de células que causan la leucemia
    4. El valor de la PI
    5. Superindustria realiza operativos de inspección para proteger el turismo en San Andrés, Islas
    6. Superindustria sancionó a CLARO, TIGO y MOVISTAR, por amarrar beneficios en la venta de celulares al plan de telefonía móvil de sus usuarios
    7. Cuidado con los fraudes en línea ¡No se deje engañar!
    8. Consejo de Estado confirma sanción de la Superindustria al “Cartel del Arroz”
    9. La Superindustria en el corazón de las Denominaciones de Origen
    10. Superindustria verifica en concesionarios de carros y motocicletas, sistemas de Peticiones, Quejas y Reclamos
    11. Superindustria otorga patente a la Universidad Nacional de Colombia y a C.I Tecnacol S.A para alimento en polvo a base de uchuva que se dispersa en el agua con facilidad
    12. Por violaciones a los derechos del consumidor en Colombia, Superindustria ha impuesto multas que superan los 1.2 billones de pesos
    13. Brasil visita a Colombia para conocer por qué somos líderes en materia de patentes
    14. La Superindustria declara la protección de las Denominaciones de Origen del “Café de la Sierra Nevada” y el “Café del Tolima”
    15. Boletín Ruta PI - Marzo 1 2017
    16. La Superindustria protegió el elemento figurativo de la marca de prendas de vestir NAUTICA
    17. Superindustria ordena a UFF MÓVIL informar sobre desconexión del servicio y el derecho de los usuarios de cambiar de operador conservando su mismo número telefónico
    18. En marcha segunda fase de la Estrategia Nacional para Protección de Invenciones
    19. Aumento en las multas por cartelización e inhabilidad para contratar con el Estado, pide Superindustria
    20. Los niños primero: SIC Educa Jr.
    21. Campaña de seguridad coches para bebés marca Britax
    22. Ruta PI - Febrero 22 de 2017
    23. Guía para búsquedas de signos distintivos
    24. Superindustria ordena a la ANI dar por terminado Contrato de Ruta del Sol 2, liquidarlo y abrir una nueva licitación para restablecer la libre competencia económica
    25. Superindustria protege figura precolombina del “hombre jaguar”, símbolo de la cultura indígena nacional
    26. Superintendente de Industria y Comercio Ad Hoc sanciona a la Asociación de Subastas y a 16 de sus afiliados por violación a la libre competencia
    27. Superindustria recibe capacitación sobre herramientas para investigar casos de abuso y actividades delictivas en internet
  48. Superintendencia de la Economía Solidaria (Supersolidaria) - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Sector solidario debe facilitar y atender de manera prioritaria población de Mocoa para acceder a servicios de ahorro y crédito
    2. Nueva Publicación, Guía de Gestión del Riesgo de LA/FT para el sector solidario
    3. Nueva publicación para el sector solidario: “Supersolidaria Te Informa”
    4. Precisiones sobre el proceso de inscripción de agentes especiales
    5. Cifras del Sector Solidario
    6. Supersolidaria recibió inquietudes de la Cooperativa Servimcoop sobre implementación del SARLAFT
    7. Supersolidaria amplía cobertura de supervisión
    9. Supersolidaria precisó instrucciones para administrar riesgo de Lavado de Activos y la Financiación del Terrorismo
    10. SARLAFT y Fondos Sociales temas tratados en la Mesa Técnica Intersectorial Solidaria
  49. Superintendencia de Notariado y Registro - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Así va el concurso de méritos para ocupar el cargo de notario
    2. “Se están acabando las ‘roscas’ en las ORIPS” Jairo Alonso Mesa, Supernotariado (e), en entrevista con El Heraldo
    3. “Mocoa es la prioridad, desde el primer día trabajamos para proteger archivos de los predios” Supernotariado Jairo Mesa en La FM
    4. Minjusticia garantiza seguridad jurídica y legitima propiedad a Mocoenses
    5. Instructivo reafirma y explica que los proyectos VIP y VIPA están exentos del pago de derechos notariales y registrales
    6. 470 matrimonios civiles con menor de edad se registraron en Colombia entre febrero de 2016 y 2017
    7. Supernotariado lanzó plan piloto para garantizar seguridad jurídica de la propiedad inmobiliaria
    8. “El Supernotariado, Jairo Alonso Mesa, anunció mayores controles para los curadores”: Periódico El Tiempo
  50. Superintendencia de Puertos y Transporte - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Infracciones que impactaron la seguridad vial de los colombianos en 2016 
    2. No existen autoridades de Tránsito que controlen la seguridad vial en 57% de los municipios del país: Supertransporte
    3. Multadas con $1.606 millones cinco empresas de carga por cobros indebidos a transportadores
    4.  Inmovilizada ruta escolar sin Soat  que transportaba a 12 estudiantes
    5. Barranquilla lidera lucha contra el transporte informal en Colombia: Supertransporte
    6. Supertransporte convocó a secretarios de Tránsito para impulsar acciones en contra de la informalidad
  51. Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Empresas de Servicios Públicos deben actualizar planes de emergencia y contingencia para Semana Santa: Superservicios
    2. Alcaldías deben reportar y actualizar la estratificación antes del 1 de mayo: Superservicios
    3. “Estamos haciendo cumplir la Ley”: Superservicios
    4. Superservicios realizará jornada especial de registro exprés de organizaciones de recicladores
    5. Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos ordena la liquidación de ELECTRICARIBE S.A. E.S.P.
    6. Superservicios multa a TERMOCANDELARIA por $35.000 millones por su conducta durante el fenómeno de El Niño
    7. Superservicios envía comisión especial para asegurar transición pacífica entre Metroagua y la Alcaldía de Santa Marta
    8. Superservicios multa por $1.475 millones a Vatia S.A., por retener subsidios de energía
    9. Superservicios multa por más de $1.000 millones a la Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Villavicencio E.S.P. (E.A.A.V.)
  52. Superintendencia de Sociedades - Colombia - Noticias y conceptos

    1. Supersociedades admite en reorganización a Programar Televisión S.A
    2. Supersociedades admite en reorganización a Masivo Capital SAS
    3. Paso a paso: Así podrá renovar su licencia de XBRL Express
    4. Supersociedades ordenó suspender inmediatamente la captación ilegal de recursos del público a Invertir con Fianza S.A.S.
    5. Revisores fiscales deberán entregar informe sobre estados financieros bajo nuevos modelos internacionales
    6. Hora de reportar: Comienza recepción de Estados Financieros en la Supersociedades
    7. Supersociedades admite en reorganización a Transporte Zonal Integrado SAS Tranzit SAS
    8. SuperSociedades no ha autorizado a ninguna persona natural o jurídica para que utilice su marca, nombre o logo para promocionar actividades comerciales
    9. Grandes empresas tienen dos semanas para implementar programas antisoborno
    10. Supersociedades admite a Industrias Rosdi S.A.S al proceso de liquidación judicial
    11. Repartición anticipada de utilidades y aprobación de estados financieros en el Boletín Jurídico
    13. Supersociedades desestima demanda de Metroagua S.A E.S.P contra el distrito de Santa Marta
    14. Falsas empresas de mercadeo que prometen “grandes beneficios” pueden llevarlo a perder su dinero
    15. Supersociedades interviene por captación ilegal a generadores de cartera de Elite International Americas S.A.S
    16. SuperSociedades advierte sobre captadoras ilegales que prometen inversiones en diamantes
    17. Gracias a la gestión de la SuperSociedades, se recupera más de un centenar de empleos en la industria automotriz
    18. Fondo Premium comienza reparto de $80.000 millones
    19. SuperSociedades inicia validación de acuerdo extrajudicial de Drilling And Workover Services SAS
    20. Superintendente de Industria y Comercio Ad Hoc sanciona a la Asociación de Subastas y a 16 de sus afiliados por violación a la libre competencia
    21. Naciones Unidas reitera órdenes de congelación de activos a compañías norcoreanas
    22. SuperSociedades somete a control a las sociedades Odebrecht Latinvest Colombia S.A.S., Constructora Norberto Odebrecht de Colombia S.A.S, Navelena S.A.S y a la sucursal de la sociedad extranjera Construtora Norberto Odebrecht S.A
    23. 4.602 reclamantes se presentaron al proceso de Estraval
    24. Supersociedades ordena liquidación de Comercializadora Imayo S.A.S, operadora de las tiendas Xuss
    25. Oficio 115-010549   02/02/2017 CONTROL CONJUNTO
    26. Conceptos jurídicos
      1. 220-077274   31/03/2017 Radicación 2017-01-072910 22/02/2017- PAGO DE GASTOS DE ADMINISTRACION DENTRO DEL PROCESO LIQUIDATORIO.
      3. 220-077351   31/03/2017 RADICACIÓN 2017-01-082189 28/02/2017- LIQUIDACION VOLUNTARIA Y SUS EFECTOS.
      6. 220-068227   23/03/2017 CONFLICTOS DE INTERÉS.
      11. 220-059116   15/03/2017 GRUPOS EMPRESARIALES
      12. 220-059534   15/03/2017 ESTADOS FINANCIEROS DICTAMINADOS (ARTÍCULO 38 DE LA LEY 222 DE 1995).
      13. 220-059627   15/03/2017 0:00:00   ACLARACIÓN DE ACTAS.- ACTA ADICIONAL.
      16. 220-050675   08/03/2017 SITUACIÓN DE CONTROL- DIVERSAS SITUACIONES
      25. 220-016798   09/02/2017 OBLIGACION DE TENER REVISOR FISCAL.
  53. Superintendencia de Vigilancia y Seguridad Privada - Colombia - Noticias

  54. Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Afectados por avalancha en Mocoa tendrán atención prioritaria para acceder a productos y servicios financieros
    2. Supervisores de la Alianza del Pacífico acuerdan avanzar en hoja de ruta para la integración de los mercados de fondos
    3. Seminario Regional de Supervisión de Bancos Sistémicos
    4. Universidad Militar le abrió las puertas a la campaña “De eso tan bueno no dan tanto” y le dice NO a la captación ilegal
    5. Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia establece reglas para las labores de supervisión y autorregulación del AMV
    6. Superfinanciera hace llamado a los ciudadanos para que no se dejen engañar con una supuesta derogatoria del SOAT
    7. Con la eliminación de 43 formatos, Superfinanciera optimiza los reportes de información de las entidades vigiladas
    8. 009 Abril 05 Imparte instrucciones a las entidades vigiladas en relación con la emergencia económica, social y ecológica producto del desbordamiento de los ríos Mocoa, Mulato y Sancoyaco en el municipio de Mocoa.
    9. 008 Marzo 31 Modifica a la Circular Básica Jurídica, expedida mediante la Circular Externa 029 de 2014, respecto del Sistema de Atención a los Consumidores Financieros en situación de discapacidad. Anexo.
    10. 007 Marzo 31 Imparte instrucciones en materia de publicidad, rendición de cuentas e informes periódicos respecto de los negocios de fiducia inmobiliaria. Anexo.
    11. 006 Marzo 31 Crea el código de trámite para el registro de información de los funcionarios responsables de las medidas de prevención y control del lavado de activos y financiación del terrorismo. Anexo.
    12. 005 Marzo 06 Imparte instrucciones sobre la vigencia de los anexos de la Circular Externa 55 de 2016, relacionados con el reporte de información relativa a la administración del riesgo de lavado de activos y de la financiación del terrorismo.
    13. 004 Marzo 02 Imparte instrucciones relacionadas con la planeación anual de actividades para fines de supervisión y suministro de información de los organismos de autorregulación del mercado de valores. Anexo.
    14. 003 Febrero 28 Modifica las instrucciones relacionadas con la protección a la libre concurrencia de oferentes para la contratación de pólizas de seguro en instituciones financieras por cuenta de sus deudores. Anexo.
    15. 002 Febrero 21 Imparte instrucciones relacionadas con las contribuciones del artículo 337 numeral 5 del Estatuto Orgánico del Sistema Financiero para el primer semestre de 2017.
    16. 001 Febrero 16 Deroga Proformas y Formatos. Anexos
    17. 29 Marzo 31 Publica las variables financieras y macroeconómicas que conforman los escenarios a partir de los cuales se deben realizar las pruebas de resistencia requeridas por el supervisor que deben ser remitidas en 2017. Anexo.
    18. 20 Febrero 13 Actualiza el listado de entidades reconocidas del exterior para elaboración de índices.
  55. Superintendencia Nacional de Salud - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Avanza estabilización en la operación del Hospital Universitario del Caribe
    2. Encuesta de percepción de la calidad de la información publicada en el sitio web
    3. Dia Mundial de la Salud - Hablemos de depresión
    4. Supersalud imparte instrucciones a EPS e IPS para la atención en salud y rehabilitación de víctimas de minas antipersonas.
    5. Autismo una realidad distinta
    6. Supersalud pone a disposición de la ciudadanía 4 nuevos puntos de atención en Bogotá.
    7. Supersalud tendrá presencia permanente en Caldas y se fortalecerá el equipo de la entidad en el eje cafetero
    8. Supersalud activa plan de contingencia para distribución de afiliados de la EPS indígena Manexka.
    9. Supersalud ordena liquidación de la EPS indígena Manexka
    10. Supersalud ratifica la salida de cinco EPS en el Departamento de la Guajira
    11. Supersalud ordenó la intervención para administrar el Hospital San Andrés de Tumaco
    12. Dormir bien trae muchos beneficios para la salud
    13. ¿Si cambio mi ciudad de residencia, mi EPS debe garantizarme acceso a los servicios de salud?
    14. Fundación Cardioinfantil prescribe con éxito en Mipres
    15. ¿Puedo cambiar de régimen de salud?
    16. ¿Puedo formular una PQRD ante la Supersalud si hay un aumento que considero injustificado en la tarifa de mi plan de medicina prepagada, complementario, póliza o ambulancia prepagada?
    17. La Supersalud presenta avances a los compromisos adquiridos con el departamento de Boyacá
  56. Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. The Train has Left the Station on Renewable Energy
    2. A Conversation on Implementing SASB Standards with Sara Neff of Kilroy Realty
    3. Elisse Walter’s Keynote at CPA Canada Event
    4. SASB and GRI Pen Joint Op-Ed on Sustainability Reporting Sychronicity
    5. Wasted Food is Wasted Money
    6. What’s the Price of Safety? One Rail Company Assigns a Dollar Value
    7. When You are the Product: Consumer Privacy in the Age of Tech Monopolies
    8. Oil, Oil Everywhere But Not a Drop to Frac
    9. Human Capital in the Age of Fintech
    10. Governance Transition FAQs
    11. Despite Headline Risks, Disclosure on Drug Pricing Remains Limited for Pharmaceuticals Companies
    12. SASB Drafts Letter to SEC on Conflict Minerals Rule
    13. SASB and GRI Pen Joint Op-Ed
    14. Read SASB’s Letter to FSB Task-Force During Public Comment Period
    15. SASB Publishes Governance Documents
  57. Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority - Suecia - Noticias

    1. The amortisation requirement has had a slow-down effect
    2. Decision regarding the countercyclical buffer rate
    3. FI’s 2016 Annual report
  58. Swiss GAAP RPC - Suiza  - Noticias

    1. Rechnungslegung von Versicherungsunternehmen
    2. Umsatzerfassung
    3. Rechnungslegung für gemeinnützige Nonprofit-Organisationen
    4. – Ergänzende Fachempfehlung für kotierte Unternehmen
    5. Rechnungslegung von Vorsorgeeinrichtungen
  59. Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants - Suiza - Noticias

    1. EXPERTsuisse nimmt zur Revision des eidgenössischen Datenschutzgesetzes Stellung: Ja zur Kompatibilität mit EU Vorgaben, jedoch Nein zu einem standortfeindlichen Swiss Finish
    2. Erleichterungen bei der Rechnungslegung von Wohlfahrtsfonds: Hinweise für die Praxis
    3. Rückblick auf die Frühjahrssession 2017: Altersvorsorge 2020, Vorgehen bezüglich Steuervorlage 2017 und vieles mehr
    4. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language): EXPERTsuisse bringt sich ein bei der Entwicklung einer einheitlichen OR-Taxonomie
    5. WAK-N stimmt der Teilflexibilisierung des Arbeitsgesetzes zu: Ein weiteres Etappenziel wurde erreicht
    6. Erleichterte Konzernfinanzierung in der Schweiz: Änderung der Verrechnungssteuerverordnung auf den 1. April 2017
    7. Steuerberater ist nicht gleich Steuerberater: «Mitglied von EXPERTsuisse» als verlässliches Qualitätslabel in heterogenem Markt
    8. EXPERTsuisse bringt sich in internationale Diskussion zur Digitalisierung in der Wirtschaftsprüfung ein: Stellungnahme an das IAASB zum Thema „Data Analytics“
    9. Mögliche Änderung der MWST-Sätze ab 1. Januar 2018 aufgrund Altersvorsorge 2020: Information der ESTV
    10. Aktualisierte Testate im Bereich der Prüfung von Krankenkassen ab sofort verfügbar
    11. Die Ausgabe 2017 des Treuhand-Almanach ist ab sofort in unserem Webshop bestellbar
    12. D-A-CH Steuer-Kongress Mitte März in Wien: Grenzübergreifende Zusammenarbeit der Verbände
  60. The CPA Journal - Estados Unidos de América - Artículos

    1. In this Issue: April 2017  (April 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    2. In this Issue: March 2017  (March 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    3. In this Issue: February 2017  (February 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    4. The Department of Labor's New Fiduciary Standard  (March 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    5. Financial Reporting Blogs  (February 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    6. The Future of Auditing  (February 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    7. Implementing ASU 2016-14 on the Presentation of Not-for-Profit Financial Statements  (April 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    8. Introduction to Data Analysis for Auditors and Accountants  (February 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    9. State and Local Government Pensions at the Crossroads  (April 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    10. GASB Proposes Recognizing More Leased Assets and Liabilities  (April 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    11. Applying the Equity Method under ASU 2016-07  (February 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
    12. Forté Capital's Selected Statistics  (April 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf
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    21. Tax & Accounting Update  (April 2017) - See more at: https://www.nysscpa.org/news/publications/the-cpa-journal/search?Keyword=2017#sthash.wO5BMDXk.dpuf 
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