1. Kammer der Wirtschaftstreuhänder (KWT) - Austria - Noticias

    1. Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer stellen sich neu auf und erhalten mehr Befugnisse
    2. Hübner: Neues Berufsrecht der Wirtschaftstreuhänder bringt Entlastung und mehr Rechtssicherheit für Unternehmen
    3. Mehr als 600 Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer tagen in Kufstein
    4. Einreichfrist für ASRA hat begonnen
    5. 70 Jahre Kammer der Wirtschaftstreuhänder: Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer als unverzichtbare Partner für Wirtschaft und Politik
  2. Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut van Registeraccountants - Países Bajos - Noticias

    1. Resumen Junta de julio disponible
    2. Primera fase contable del proceso de visión 'Un trabajo con futuro' completado
    3. La NBA publica revisado libro verde
    4. La NBA pide su entrada para el nuevo estándar 540, contadores trabajan en estimaciones
    5. NBA: DIM-informe destaca necesidad de hacer cambios
    6. Medidor de contabilidad cultura resultados: contadores encontraron errores discuten aún difícil
    7. Resumen Junta de junio disponible
    8. NBA anuncia queja disciplinaria que presentara en 83 contadores sin juramento
    9. Contabilidad sector mejorado acciones de mejora
    10. Casi todos los contadores han hecho beroepseed
  3. Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants - Korea - Noticias

    1. 국회의원 등 16명 참석, 회계투명성에 높은 관심 - - 한국공인회계사회 정기총회 성황리에 마쳐
  4. KPMG Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Global VC investment comes roaring back due to a resurgence in mega deals: KPMG Venture Pulse Q2 2017
    2. VC investment in Australian startups hits US$230 million in Q2’17
    3. UK VC investment surges in Q2, though deal volumes fall
    4. China sees VC investments in Q2 triple to USD10.7bn, finds KPMG analysis
    5. Evolution and Expansion in eGaming
    6. Global VC investment comes roaring back due to a resurgence in mega deals
    7. Q2’17 U.S. Venture Capital Investment Rises to Second Highest Total in 10 Years: KPMG Report
    8. Cyber requires firms to insure the uninsurable
    9. KPMG comments on ONS labour market figures
    10. NEWS -- Dip in profits for the banking sector no cause for concern, says KPMG report
    11. Microsoft and KPMG global alliance - KPMG Clara
    12. KPMG comments on the Taylor Review
    13. Non-Food sales improve in perfect conditions
    14. KPMG 2017 CEO Survey - Disrupt and Grow
    15. KPMG China launches“2017 Leading AutoTech 50”
    16. BT and KPMG warn businesses against cyber security traps
    17. KPMG and CILIP working together to publish landmark Information Management report
    18. Great British breakfast, with a side of Brexit
    19. IDC MarketScape Recognizes KPMG as ‘A Leader’ in Digital Transformation Consulting and Systems Integration Services
    20. Blockchain enabled fund distribution becomes a reality as investors successfully purchase shares
    21. IDC MarketScape recognizes KPMG as a leader in Digital Transformation Consulting and Systems Integrations services
    22. Corporate interest restriction ‘devil is in the detail’ – derivative contracts
    23. Supreme Court finds for HMRC in Rangers EBT case
    24. OECD report to G20 leaders
    25. The economic environment, cybersecurity and financial risks among top concerns for HK-listed companies, KPMG and...
    26. KPMG presents the eighth annual survey of the Russian insurance market
    27. New car market misfires in June
    28. Services sector sees a jump in job growth
    29. First real blockchain transaction completed in fund distribution
    30. A decade of quality growth with KPMG RGM&Co.
    31. Global CEOs remain optimistic over the next 3 years and look to be the disruptor
    32. KPMG R.G. Manabat Foundation conducts a briefing for the newly revived Beta Epsilon Sigma Fraternity of UE
    33. KPMG report: Bahrain banking sector remains resilient in challenging times
    34. KPMG report: Bahrain banking sector remains resilient in challenging times
    35. KPMG in Bermuda Release 2017 Report on Bermuda’s Banking Industry
    36. Capital Investment Plan highlights need for prioritisation of funding solutions
    37. UK manufacturing momentum cools in June
    38. KPMG appoints new Global Head of Sustainability Services
    39. Activity on the Swiss M&A market at consistently high level
    40. Slovak telehealth start-up 24Doctor signs partnership deal with Medgate
    41. What are your options? NCL Investments Ltd & Anor v HMRC
    42. FCA consults on pensions transfer advice
    43. VAT: Coinstar Ltd – Upper Tribunal Decision
    44. Other news in brief
    45. KPMG warns of customs union exit risks
    46. FinTech Awards establish Luxembourg as financial technology hub
    47. News -- Transition ahead for Māori leadership
    48. Profitability steady for Hong Kong banks, tech innovation and regional economic initiatives are key growth drivers...
    49. KPMG reaction to the FCA asset management market study
    50. Media companies must prioritise quality as half of UK consumers troubled by fake news, warns KPMG
    51. Fund Taxation Alert 2017-10
    52. KPMG Australia announces Alison Kitchen as new Chair
    53. KPMG’s response to outcome AFM review
    54. KPMG in the Channel Islands launches Digital Degree Apprenticeship with Trackers and the University of Exeter
    55. Physicians Found to be Unprepared for Quality Reporting: Survey
    56. Autonomous Vehicle Technology Could Shrink Auto Insurance Sector by 71% by 2050 & Change Type & Amount of Insurance Sold
    57. China CEOs are embracing technological disruption as a means to transform and grow, finds KPMG survey
    58. A ‘big complicated offer’ on EU nationals, says KPMG
    59. Dennis Deveaux joins Bahamas Advisory team
    60. Watch the '2017 China CEO Outlook' press conference from the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China
    61. KPMG’s diverse line-up of new partners
    62. Hong Kong IPO proceeds to hit HKD 170 billion in 2017, KPMG forecasts
    63. Sergey Popov enters Best Lawyers in Ukraine 2018 rating
    64. Phil Mickelson and KPMG Future Leaders Program Team to Inspire Young Women: Scholarship Recipients Increase 25 Percent
    65. KPMG Enterprise appoints Jon Vivian
    66. Firms in Brexit denial, says KPMG
    68. ASEAN CEOs confident of companies' prospects over next 12 months – KPMG survey
    69. KPMG Cyber Security assessment
    70. Sue Kershaw wins Leader in Infrastructure award
    71. Government’s commitment to driverless cars could make roads safer and premiums lower
    72. ASEAN CEOs confident of companies' prospects over next 12 months
    73. Income tax exposures
    74. New standards – Taking investors by the hand
    75. Measuring fair value – Share your experience of IFRS 13
    76. Financial instruments – Next steps on the DRM project
    77. New insurance contracts standard – Introducing IFRS 17
    78. IFRS 15 – Earnings surprises in store for investors?
    79. IFRS 16 Leases definition
    80. Prepayment features with negative compensation
    81. The Bank Statement – Q1 2017
    82. IFRS application guide – Combined and/or carve-out financial statements
    83. TaxNewsFlash-Americas
    84. TaxNewsFlash-FATCA / IGA / CRS
    85. TaxNewsFlash-BEPS
    86. TaxNewsFlash-Transfer Pricing
    87. ICGN’s regional Frankfurt Conference
    88. ICGN London conference
    89. ICGN’s Kuala Lumpur Annual Conference
  5. Kredittilsynet - Noruega - Noticias

    1. Decision on violation charge Vizrt Group AS
    2. Review of financial reporting Gaming Innovation Group Inc.
    3. Review of financial reporting – Oceanteam ASA
    4. Risk Outlook I 2017
    5. Reporting from entities subject to financial reporting oversight
  6. Lietuvos buhalterių ir auditorių asociacija - Lituania - Noticias

    2. Verta žinoti
    3. LBAA kolegijos posėdis
    4. Verta žinoti
    5. ES projektas
    6. Buhalterių diena su LBAA
    7. LBAA bendradarbiavimas su valstybinėmis institucijomis
    8. LBAA Vilniaus kolegijos buhalterių dienos šventėje
    9. LBAA turas per Lietuvą
    10. Accountacy Europe vizitas Lietuvoje
    11. Verta žinoti
  7. Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors (LCA) - Lituania - Noticias

    1. - Etikos tik iš vadovėlio neišmoksi. LAR Etikos komiteto pirmininkė Dalia Vinauskienė;
    2. - Korupcijos prevencija. Pilietinė ir / arba profesinė atsakomybė? LAR direktorė Aurelija Lauruševičiūtė;
    3. - Geros žinios iš neuromokslo pasaulio. UAB „ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY“ vadovė Dr. Alisa Miniotaitė.
    4. Audito komitetai Vidurio ir Rytų Europoje
    5. Kviečiame susipažinti su 2016 m. LAR Narystės įsipareigojimų vykdymo veiksmų planu (tik prisiregistravus prie LAR svetainės).
    6. Finansų ministerija kviečia susipažinti su Finansinių ataskaitų problematikos analizės apžvalga
  8.   Malaysian Accounting Standards Board - Malasia - Noticias

    1. What’s next for standard-setters?
  9. Malaysian Institute of Accountants - Malasia - Noticias

    1. A Practical Guide on Fair Valuation of Financial Instruments : Present and Future
    2. Circular No. 50/2017: MIA Members Statement on the Draft Competency Framework for Chief Financial Officers (“CFOs”) In Public Interest Entities (“PIEs”)
    3. Renewal of Practising Certificate 2017/2018 – Proof Of Compliance with the Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Requirements
    4. New CPE Requirement For The Purpose of Renewal As An Approved Company Auditor Effective From 1 January 2017
    5. Keynote Address by Ybhg Dato’ Yusli Bin Mohamed Yusoff, President, Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance at Young Accountants Symposium 2017
    6. Opening Address by Ybhg Dato’ Mohammad Faiz Azmi, President, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Read by Datuk Zaiton Mohd Hassan, Vice President, Malaysian Institute of Accountants at Young Accountants Symposium 2017
    7. MIA Weekly Updates No. 207 - 26 April 2017
  10. Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants - Malasia - Noticias

    1. July 2017
    2. June 2017
    3. May 2017
    4. April 2017
  11. Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority - Namibia - Noticias

    1. MEET THE BOARD2 1 june 2017
    2. Media Release – Financial Stability Report
  12. National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

    1. NASBA Names 2017 Accounting Education Research Grant Recipients
    2. NASBA’s comment letter to the Government Auditing Standards Exposure Draft
    3. NASBA’s response to AICPA PEEC’s Proposed Revised Definitions of Client and Attest Client As Well As Related Definitions, Interpretations, and Other Guidance
    4. NASBA response to non-compliance with laws and regulations (NOCLAR)
    5. NASBA comment letter on the IESBA’s Proposed Revisions Pertaining to Safeguards in the Code—Phase 2 and Related Conforming Amendments
  13. National Bank of Romania - Rumania - Noticias

    1. Public consultation: Order amending NBR Order no.10/2012 for the approval of the Semi-annually accounting reporting system
  14. National Bank of Ukraine - Ucrania - Noticias

    1. 14.07.2017 Scientific discussion: does the age structure of the management affect the efficiency of banks?
    2. 14.07.2017 Financial Stability Report, June 2017
  15. National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) - Tanzania - Noticias

    2. Invitation for comments on IFRS for Micro Entities
    3. Exposure Draft - IFRS for Micro Entities
    4. Guidelines for Mentors of Graduate Accountants