1. Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V. (DAV) - Alemania - Noticias

    1. Aktuare werden gebraucht, damit aus reinen Beitragszusagen attraktive, verlässliche Betriebsrenten werden
    2. Neuer Rechnungslegungsstandard IFRS 17 verbessert Vergleichbarkeit der Versicherungsunternehmen
  2. Deutsches Rechnungslegungs Standards Committee (DRSC) - Alemania - Noticias

    1. D-GAS 33 Currency Translation in Consolidated Financial Statements published
    2. ASCG comments on IASB DP/2017/1 Disclosure Initiative – Principles of Disclosure
    3. 61st IFRS Technical Committee meeting – results
    4. ASCG Implementation guidance on IFRS 2 adopted
    5. 33rd German GAAP Committee meeting and 26th public meeting of ASCG – agenda
    6. 61st IFRS Technical Committee meeting – meeting papers
    7. ASCG comment letter on the IASB’s ED/2017/4
    8. ASCG comment letter to the IFRS IC on tentative agenda decisions during the June meeting
    9. 60th IFRS Technical Committee meeting – results
    10. 61st IFRS Technical Committee meeting – agenda
    11. 60th IFRS Technical Committee meeting – meeting papers
    12. ASCG submits comment letter on the ED/2017/2
    13. ESMA launches field test of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF)
    14. EFRAG requests evidence on equity investments and and possible effects of IFRS 9
    15. European Commission publishes Feedback Statement on ESA-Consultation
    16. EFRAG consultation regarding PiR of IFRS 13
    17. 60th IFRS Technical Committee meeting – agenda
    18. ASCG exposes draft implementation guidance on IFRS 2 (ED-IG 4)
    19. IASB publish Draft of an Amendment to IAS 16
    20. ASCG issues E-GAAS 8 ‘Proposed amendments to GAS 20 Group Management Report’
    21. First Meeting of the ASCG’s preparer forum on the implementation of IFRS 16
    22. IASB finalises IFRS Interpretation 23
    23. Dr Brandt reappointed as IFRS Foundation Trustee
  3. Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales (DIAN) - Colombia - Noticias

    1. Capacitación Factura Electrónica para Profesionales Autorizados del Cambio
    2. Las personas naturales con activos en el exterior deberán declararlos en el formulario 160
    3. Supertransporte y DIMAR exigen el cumplimiento de la implementación de sistemas de inspección no intrusiva
    4. En ITRC nuestro compromiso es la transparencia
    5. DIAN Inaugura Núcleo de Apoyo Fiscal y Contable - NAF en Pasto
    6. Control Cambiario a los Viajeros Internacionales
    7. Régimen de Tráfico Postal
    8. Denuncia conductas de corrupción de la DIAN, Coljuegos, y la UGPP
    9. Precios de Transferencia
    10. Colombianos Residentes en el Exterior
    11. Abecé Factura Electrónica
    12. Recaudo creció 4.7%
    13. Congreso Lavado de Activos y Terrorismo
    14. Abecé del Impuesto Nacional Al Consumo de Bolsas Plásticas
    15. DIAN aprehende mercancía por valor de $ 10 mil millones en Buenaventura
    16. DIAN hace llamado a 2700 contribuyentes.
    17. Monotributo - Conozca más sobre sus beneficios
    18. Resultados frente al Contrabando por Ciudades
  4. EY - Internacional - Noticias

    1. EY and Microsoft to bring enhanced analytics to the automotive industry
    2. Global IPO market performance is on course for best year since 2007
    3. Retailers need data driven approach to generate repeat business as only 5% think their customers are loyal
    4. Global medtech revenue bounces back, though focus on sustainable growth must continue
    5. EY commits to spend US$100 million with women-owned businesses around the world by 2020
    6. Long-term growth of family businesses threatened by accelerating demographic shifts, disruption and lack of skilled talent
    7. EY announces new global talent programs to prepare its people and its business for the future of work
    8. European middle-market organizations forecast their growth to outpace the eurozone over next 12 months
    9. Tax functions can stay ahead with new EY Tax Agenda application
    10. EY, Guardtime and industry participants launch the world’s first marine insurance blockchain platform
    11. EY reports strong global revenue growth in 2017
    12. EY advancing future of transportation with launch of blockchain-based integrated mobility platform
    13. Fewer conventional generation investment opportunities leads to uptick in renewable energy deals in Q2 2017
    14. Mark Weinberger comments on the US President’s Strategic and Policy Forum
    15. New program will allow EY people to earn credentials in future-focused skills
    16. EY strengthens tax services with launch of Tax Technology and Transformation
    17. Competition for attracting oil and gas investments drives changes in tax structures globally
    18. New deal terrain is no barrier for traditional players as global M&A activity remains strong
    19. EY strengthens global support for Family Business clients
    20. EY collaborates with Microsoft on a new analytics solution to help organizations enhance workforce productivity and well-being
    21. FinTech services poised for mainstream adoption on a global scale
    22. Global business leaders and investors unite to develop framework that measures long-term value creation for all stakeholders
    23. Global IPOs in H1 2017 rebound from market uncertainty with most activity since 2007
    24. Purpose, not profit, is business leaders’ key to success amid turbulent global economy
    25. Global biotech industry continues to attract financing despite reimbursement, regulatory and political challenges
    26. Mining companies’ focus on debt reduction in danger of going too far
    27. EY scaling the use of drones in the audit process
    28. Global executives are bullish on growth and plan to seize opportunities from geopolitical uncertainty over next 12 months
    29. Geopolitical uncertainty shifts tax risk to developed economies
    30. Top 500 family businesses firms amount to the third-largest economy in the world
    31. M&A appetite hits seven-year high in power and utilities sector
  5. Estonian Board of Auditors - Estonia - Noticias

    1. Audiitorkogu / 21.09.2017 10:44 Audiitorteenuste turg on muutumas. Mille poolest ja miks? 2016/2017 turu üllatusest ja järgmise auditihooaja mõjuteguritest on Audiitorkogu president Märt-Martin Arengu kirjutanud artikli, mis on kättesaadav Audiitorkogu kodulehel. Loe lisaks https://www.audiitorkogu.ee/est/news.audiitorteenuste-2016-17-turg-ullatas
  6. European Accounting Association (EAA) - Internacional - Artículos

    1. Issue 58 - June 2017
    2. The End of Accounting and The Restructuring of Accounting Education
    3. The importance of regulation
    4. How does digitization change Accounting Education?
    5. Playing with Legos … stimulating critical thinking and active learning
    6. The Doctorate in Accountancy in Europe: 4.1
    7. The Doctorate in Accountancy in Europe: 4.0
    8. The Doctorate in Accountancy in Europe: 3.4
    9. The Doctorate (PhD) in Accountancy in Europe: 3.3
    10. Looking forward to the upcoming FAR Conference on 7 and 8 June
    11. Choosing a PhD-program in accounting: coursework is not a cost but an investment!
    12. Use Python to calculate the facial width to height ratio (fWHR)
    13. EAA Talent Workshop - Attending a job market conference after your PhD in Accounting
    14. Working in different countries as an accounting scholar - Perspectives on research, teaching and beyond
  7. European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing- Internacional - Noticias

    1. ECIIA and FERMA launch cyber governance framework
    2. ECIIA welcomes cyber package NEW
    3. Ten years on – greater focus on ethics still needed
    4. EC adopts non-financial reporting guidelines
    5. Internal auditors can strengthen fight against financial crime
    6. ECIIA newsletter June 2017
    7. Tax reporting reforms move a step closer
    8. Internal auditors need strongest protection
  8. European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) – Internacional - Noticias

    1. 13th edition of the Country Risk Conference
    2. New Board members elected in the last EFFAS AGM
    4. Dr. Jesus López Zaballos has been re-elected as Chairman of EFFAS for a new period of 3 years.
  9. European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for SMEs (EFAA) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. EFAA Response to the IASB Discussion Paper DP/2017/1 Disclosure Initiative - Principles of... more »
    2. What can the Asian Profession learn from the 2016 IFAC Global SMP Survey? more »
    3. EFAA Response to the IAESB Exposure Draft (ED), International Education Standard 7, Continuing... more »
    4. EFAA Response to the IAASB Exposure Draft (ED), International Standard on Auditing 540 (Revised),... more »
    5. Digital Technologies’ Implications for SMPs more »
    6. Developing the Digital Professional: Post-conference in-depth analysis from EFAA experts more »
  10. European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. EFRAG's draft comment letter on the IASB's ED/2017/5 Accounting Policies and Accounting Estimates (Proposed amendments to IAS 8)
    2. What is your opinion of fair value?
    3. Summary report on the joint outreach event in Warsaw on Principles of Disclosures
    4. Summary report on the joint outreach event in Vilnius on Principles of Disclosures
    5. EFRAG Update survey
    6. 25/09/2017 - EFRAG Update September 2017
    7. 31/08/2017 - Introducing EFRAG
    8. 28/07/2017 - EFRAG Update July 2017
    9. 06/07/2017 - EFRAG Endorsement Status Report 6 July 2017
    10. 30/06/2017 - EFRAG Update June 2017
  11. European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Self-Assessment: the primary source in the creation of the Strategic Plan 2017-2023 and the enhancements in the Structure and Governance of the EUROSAI organisation
  12. European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. ESMA consults on Guidelines for non-significant benchmarks
    2. ESMA finalises MiFID II’s derivatives trading obligation
    3. ESMA appoints new standing committee chairs
    4. ESMA updates Q&As on the Benchmarks Regulation
    5. ESMA publishes guidelines on suitability assessment for management body of market operators and data reporting service providers
    6. ESMA and NCAs agree work plan on MiFID II pre-trade transparency waivers and position limits
    7. ESMA publishes opinion on CMVM’s MAR accepted market practice on liquidity contracts
    8. EBA and ESMA publish guidelines on suitability assessment for management body members and key function holders
    9. New Working Group on a Risk-Free Reference Rate for the Euro Area
    10. ESMA welcomes proposals following the ESAs Review
    11. ESMA publishes the responses to its Consultation on CSDR guidelines on internalised settlement reporting
    12. ESMA lays out procedure for ETDs access to CCPs under MiFID II
    13. ESMA updates Q&A on MiFID II implementation
    14. ESMA sees valuation risk at highest levels due to financial weakness and geopolitical uncertainty
    15. ESMA agrees to prolongation of short selling ban by Spanish CNMV
    16. MiFID II: ESMA publishes transitional transparency calculations for bonds and updates calculations for two other asset classes
    17. Hear from Dombrovskis, Barnier, Gualtieri and Alder at the ESMA Conference
    18. ESMA updates Q&A on MAR
    19. ESMA publishes the responses to its Consultation on CCPs management of conflict of interest
    20. ESMA issues guidelines on portability of data between trade repositories
    21. ESMA publishes the responses to its Consultation on CRA Endorsement Guidelines
    22. ESMA publishes the responses to its Consultation on trading obligation for derivatives under MiFIR
    23. ESMA agrees first position limits under MiFID II
    24. ESMA publishes responses to its Consultation under the MMF Regulation
    25. ESMA updates its MiFID II guidelines on transaction reporting, order record keeping and clock synchronisation
    26. ESMA publishes opinion on asset segregation and applying depositary delegation rules to CSDs
    27. ESMA to cooperate with Indian regulators on CCPs
    28. ESAs’ Joint Board of Appeal decides on FinancialCraft Analytics appeal against ESMA’s registration decision
    29. ESMA recommends improvements in financial information enforcement
    30. ESAs consult on amendments to technical standards on the mapping of ECAIs
    31. ESMA consults on certain aspects of the MiFID II suitability requirements
    32. ESMA issues sector-specific principles on relocations from the UK to the EU27
    33. ESMA issues positive opinion on renewal of short selling ban by Spanish CNMV
    34. ESMA reviews the application of IFRS 13 – Fair value measurement requirements
    35. ESMA publishes new Q&A on Alternative performance measures guidelines
    36. ESMA provides guidelines for supervisory cooperation regarding CSDs
    37. ESMA publishes updated AIFMD and UCITS Q&A
    38. ESMA issues final standards for publication of derivatives data
    39. ESMA consults on guidelines regarding internalised settlement reporting
    40. ESMA letter to European Commission on third-country regimes
    41. ESMA updates MiFID II/ MIFIR Investor Protection Q&A
    42. ESMA updates Q&A on MiFID II implementation
    43. ESMA consults on the evaluation of the short-selling regulation
    44. ESMA proposes simplifications for prospectuses
    45. ESMA updates MAR Q&A
    46. ESMA updates market size calculations for MiFID II ancillary test
    47. ESMA publishes Benchmarks Regulation Q&A on transitional provisions
    48. European Supervisory Authorities publish Q&A on the Key Information Document (KID)
    49. ESMA provides interim transparency calculations for MiFID II
    50. ESMA sees continued decline in number of prospectus approvals
    51. ESMA provides market size calculations for MiFID II ancillary test
    52. ESMA issues statement on preparatory work in relation to CFDs, binary options and other speculative products
    53. ESMA updates co-legislators on MiFID II implementation
    54. MiFID II: ESMA issues final guidelines on trading halts
    55. ESAs publish AML/CFT Guidelines
    56. ESMA consults on draft standards for trading obligation for derivatives under MiFIR
    57. ESMA publishes 2016 Annual Report
    58. ESMA issues risk dashboard for first quarter of 2017
    59. ESMA issues positive opinion on short selling ban by Spanish CNMV
    60. ESMA responds to Commission consultation on Fintech
    61. Looking to the future - Steven Maijoor addresses FIA IDX Conference
    62. ESMA updates MiFID II/ MIFIR Investor Protection Q&A
    63. ESMA launches selection procedure for policy officers
    64. ESMA publishes framework for mandatory benchmarks contributions
  13. External Reporting Board (XRB) – Nueva Zelanda - Noticias

    1. Introducing World Investor Week 2017
    2. Progress in charities' reporting
  14. Faculty & Institute of Actuaries - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. QAS accreditation awarded to Exactval Ltd
    2. QAS accreditation awarded to Thomson Dickson Consulting Ltd
    3. Research begins on economic modelling
    4. Marjorie Ngwenya becomes first IFoA President based outside the UK
    5. Are you nearly ready to qualify? Have you completed your work-based skills?
    6. Two-thirds of businesses unprepared for incoming data protection regulation
    7. Millions of Brits have just 50/50 chance of receiving pensions in full
    8. US and Caribbean hurricanes could result in $145bn of insured losses
    9. Firms urged to plan early for IFRS17 to avoid costs 'spiraling out of control'
    10. Insurance professionals call for workplace culture change
    11. Work-based pensions hit record high
    12. Financial jobs most at risk from robots
    13. Trustees banned over suspected multimillion-pound pension scam
    14. Huge majority of personal investors have had no financial education
    15. DB pension deficit falls but challenges remain
    16. Ramp up your CPD with IFoA research resources
    17. Students: do you need to record any Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  15. FAR - Suecia - Noticias

    1. De gjorde Sveriges bästa årsredovisningar 2016
    2. FAR-podden: Vart är näringslivet på väg?
    3. Hög tid att prioritera en växande näring, politiker
    4. "Bra infrastruktur behövs"
    5. Prioritera en växande näring 
    6. Årets Framtidsbyrå 2017: Saldo Redovisning
    7. Rapportering från FAR:s branschdagar 2017
    8. FAR har gjort sin första hållbarhetsredovisning
    9. "Nya Reko ska passa den moderna byrån"
    10. Nu moderniserar FAR invalskraven
    11. Redo för kvalitetskontroll?
    12. Vad innebär skilsmässan från Srf konsulterna?
    13. FAR och Srf konsulterna avslutar samarbetet
    14. Sex byråer har chans att bli Årets framtidsbyrå 2017
    15. ”När Norden pratar – då lyssnar hela världen”