1. Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova (ACAP RM) - Moldavia - Noticias

    1. Reforming Moldovan State-Owned Enterprises: Workshop on Challenges and Experiences, 14 November 2017, Chisinau
    2. Corporate Governance Training Program for Board Members of State Owned Enterprises in Moldova, 2-17 October 2017, Chisinau
    3. New Publication: "The Republic of Moldova: Support to State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) - Preliminary Diagnostics and Reform Assessment Report"
  2. Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB) - Australia - Noticias

    1. Highlights from the November board meeting are now available via this (12 minute) podcast as well as the this two-page Highlights document.
    2. AUASB Chair Prof Roger Simnett today welcomed the appointment of members of the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board for 2018, as announced today by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) read more.
    3. The October 2017 newsletter is now available. Topics covered include the upcoming AUASB Agenda Consultation Forums; Enhanced Auditor's Report – Perth feedback session and new Bulletin and FAQs; and the issuance of ASAE 3500 Performance Engagements.
    4. AUASB Bulletin released: The new enhanced Auditor's Report – responding to questions at AGMs. This Bulletin provides guidance to auditors on responding to questions they may receive at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the content of the new enhanced Auditor’s Report. Read more.
    5. New Auditor Reporting FAQs to assist stakeholders with the implementation of the new requirements have been added to the website.... Read more
    6. Stakeholders in the public sector are set to benefit from strengthened performance engagements, following the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board’s (AUASB) issuance of a new standard on assurance engagements, ASAE 3500 Performance Engagements. Read more.
    7. Highlights from the September board meeting are now available via this (11 minute) podcast as well as the usual highlights document.
    8. AUASB Strategy: In collaboration with the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB), the AUASB has developed its strategy for the period 2017/18 – 2020/21. View the strategy and its associated documents.
    9. FRC seeks applications for AUASB Members from individuals with experience in academic research and those with auditing and assurance in the public sector.... Read more
    10. The August 2017 newsletter is now available. Topics covered include the AUASB ISA 540 submission, the CA ANZ NOCLAR presentation and the latest AUASB meeting.
    11. Way forward for professional scepticism: The global standard-setting boards for auditing, accounting ethics and accounting education have released a new publication, Toward Enhanced Professional Skepticism, on observations and ways to enhance professional scepticism.
    12. The AUASB has today submitted feedback on the IAASB's Proposed International Standard on Auditing ISA 540 (Revised) Auditing Accounting Estimates and Related Disclosures. This follows extensive consultation with constituents at our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane roundtables, inviting comments via the website, and with formal discussions undertaken by AUASB members at recent board meetings.... Read more
    13. Released today, AUASB Bulletin: Auditor review reports – the impact of the new auditor reporting requirements communicates how the new auditor reporting requirements may impact the format of auditor review reports for engagements conducted in accordance with ASRE 2410 Review of a Financial Report Performed by the Independent Auditor of the Entity.
    14. Highlights from the July board meeting are now available via this (seven minute) podcast as well as the usual highlights document.
  3. Auditing Practices Board (APB) - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. Sanctions against former Financial Management Controller of Tech Data Limited
    2. Investor confidence enhanced by good practice audit committee reporting
    3. The Auditor’s Association with Preliminary Announcements made in accordance with UK Listing Rules
    4. Investors welcome auditor transparency on materiality and seek improved explanation
    5. Revisions to International Standards on Auditing in the UK
    6. FRC publishes report on its enquiries and investigation of KPMG’s 2007 and 2008 audits of HBOS
    7. Revision of Practice Note 11: The audit of charities in the UK
    8. Practice Note 21 withdrawn
    9. Monitoring Group consultation launched to strengthen international audit standard setting
    10. Revision of Practice Note 15: The audit of occupational pension schemes in the UK and withdrawal of
    11. Speech by Brian Hunt, IFIAR - Audit Quality, An International Perspective
    12. Speech by Melanie McLaren - Developments in Audit and the Forward Agenda
    13. Speech by Stephen Haddrill - Audit Since The Financial Crisis
    14. Feedback Statement and Impact Assessment: Discussion Paper - Invitation to Comment: Auditors and Pre
    15. CEAOB Inspections sub-group meeting
    16. Annual Open Meeting 2017 transcript
    17. Speech by Stephen Haddrill - FRC Annual Open Meeting
    18. Speech by Sir Win Bischoff - FRC Annual Open Meeting
    19. Closure of investigation into KPMG’s audit of HBOS plc
    20. European Commission report on monitoring progress of the EU audit reform
    21. Sanctions against senior auditor and PwC in relation to RSM Tenon Group plc
    22. FRC notes evidence of improving audit quality and a commitment to continuous improvement
    23. Financial Reporting Council publishes Annual Report for 2016/17
    24. Revisions to International Standards on Auditing (UK)
    25. Names of audit reviews 2016/17 published
  4. Auditoría Interna de la Nación - Uruguay - Noticias

    1. Resoluciones Central de Balances Electrónica
  5. Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) - Australia - Noticias

    1. Directors, trustees and others responsible for the preparation of financial statements make continuous judgements about materiality. The AASB Practice Statement 2 Making Materiality Judgements provides practical guidance and examples which may help in discussions with auditors and regulators. The AASB’s practice statement includes examples that are specific to not-for-profit private and public sector entities.
    2. New Australian Accounting Standards: Three narrow-scope amending Standards and a new principal version of AASB 1048 have been released.... Read more
    3. ED 284 Recent Standards – Reduced Disclosure Requirements proposes to provide disclosure concessions for Tier 2 entities for AASB 16 Leases, AASB 1058 Income of Not-for-Profit Entities and AASB 1059 Service Concession Arrangements: Grantors. Please submit comments to the AASB on ED 284 no later than Saturday 31 March 2018 via the website or standard@aasb.gov.au.
    4. Revenue from licences issued by the public sector makes up a significant portion of public sector revenue, but it appears the accounting treatment for these licences under AASB 15 is unclear. To assist those NFP public sector entities that issue licences, the AASB has today released ED 283.... Read more
    5. Important progress made at AASB 12 December 2017 meeting: The forthcoming revised IASB Conceptual Framework would have the effect of removing the existing reporting entity concept in Australia – one implication being the removal of ‘special purpose financial statements’ as a reporting option. The Board will consult with stakeholders on a staggered approach to adopting the revised framework. ... Read more
    6. The AASB has updated its work program as at 27 November 2017. The revised work program includes a more detailed timeline of the Board activities and considerations planned for the forthcoming meetings.
    7. AASB Discussion Paper: Australian-specific Insurance Issues - Regulatory Disclosures and Public Sector Entities Have your say:  If insurance risk is economically the same, shouldn’t the accounting be the same? To enhance consistency and comparability in accounting for public sector insurance or ‘insurance-like’ arrangements – whether they arise from contract or by statute – the AASB proposes criteria for identifying and accounting for such insurance-like arrangements.... Read more
    8. 2017 AASB Research Forum – presentations available 2017 AASB Research Forum – presentations available: Held on Friday 24 November at the University of Melbourne, Department of Accounting, the forum brought together academics, practitioners and regulators to explore the topic of effective communication of financial and narrative reporting. View the presentations.
    9. The AASB Australian Financial Reporting Framework – Charities outreach sessions concluded on 29 November in Melbourne. These sessions provided a great opportunity for charity stakeholders to have their say and potentially drive a positive change for financial reporting within the sector. View the presentation and feedback summary document.
    10. Request for Comment: IPSASB Exposure Draft Social Benefits Have your say: government-delivered social benefit schemes In a move to enhance the accountability and transparency of government-delivered social benefit schemes, IPSASB has proposed the introduction of recognition and measurement requirements via IPSASB ED 63 Social Benefits. We are keen to hear your views and encourage you to submit your comments... Read more
    11. AASB Discussion Paper: Improving Financial Reporting for Australian Charities AASB Discussion Paper: Improving Financial Reporting for Australian Charities – this Paper aims to facilitate conversation in the charity sector with regard to providing input into the upcoming ACNC legislative review.... Read more
    12. AASB Outreach: Australian Reporting Framework – Charities Registration now open: AASB Outreach: Australian Reporting Framework – Charities: November's outreach sessions are designed to inform charities and stakeholders to assist them in preparing for the upcoming Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission legislative review commencing 3 Dec 2017. Read more.
    13. Charity reporting regime: not a level playing field Media release: Australian charities are burdened with a financial reporting regime that’s overly complex and inconsistent and which fails to promote the sector’s accountability or efficiency, according to research undertaken by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB). Read more.
    14. Invitation to comment: draft Standard-Setting Frameworks Invitation to comment: draft Standard-Setting Frameworks: In order to best develop AASB Standards and determine when specific guidance or modifications are needed, the AASB has prepared draft Standard-Setting Frameworks for constituents to use when submitting requests for changes in the AASB Standards... Read more
    15. Hot Topic issued: Improving and Rationalising Disclosures Earlier this month, the IFRS Foundation issued the case study report, Better Communication in Financial Reporting – Making disclosures more meaningful which looks at six companies from varied industries and countries – including Australia’s Wesfarmers – and describes their process to improve disclosures.... Read more
    16. The AASB has updated its standard-setting work program as at 13 October 2017.  The revised work program now includes projects that are undertaken by both the IASB and the IPSASB as well as the revised timing of various AASB projects.
    17. AASB Forum featuring IASB Chair Hans Hoogervorst, 10 October, Melbourne: Hans' presentation The Future of Financial Reporting as well as an overview of the key points discussed by the panel are now available. Click here.
    18. Call for feedback: The Australian Transition Resource Group (AASB TRG) for AASB 17 Insurance Contracts is calling for stakeholders to share their implementation questions to help promote a successful transition to the new Standard. Further information
    19. Important progress at 10 October 2017 meeting: the scope of the ED on accounting for revenue from licences issued by public sector entities will be limited to not-for-profit (NFP) public sector entities. The Board provided feedback on a draft Consultation Paper to improve the financial reporting framework for charities and decided to develop examples for NFP entities in relation to the IASB’s Practice Statement 2 Making Materiality Judgements. Read the full Action Alert.
    20. New international insurance rules – Australia to have a voice Australian insurers will be well-represented at an international group that will support the implementation of a new insurance standard that aims to improve international comparability.... Read more
    21. ED 282 Definition of Material ED 282 Definition of Material – This ED proposes minor amendments to AASB 101 Presentation of Financial Statements and AASB 108 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors to clarify the definition of ‘material’ and improve understanding of the current requirements...... Read more
    22. ED 281 Accounting Policies and Accounting Estimates Proposals to make narrow-scope amendments to AASB 108 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors are now available for public consultation. The proposed amendments would clarify the definition of accounting policies and add a definition of accounting estimates, as well as clarify the distinction between the two. The amendments are a consequence of the IFRS Interpretations Committee being made aware of divergent practice in distinguishing accounting policies from accounting estimates, which could affect an entity’s profit or loss. Comments to the AASB are requested by 17 November 2017.
    23. Tax Transparency Code – FAQs and call for feedback Tax Transparency Code – FAQs and call for feedback: following the June Wolters Kluwer webinar on AASB draft guidance on the Tax Transparency Code, we have developed an FAQ document addressing questions raised about calculating ETRs. Click here to give us your feedback on the guidance via a five-minute survey.
    24. AASB 1056: Staff FAQs updated Staff FAQs AASB 1056 Superannuation Entities has been updated to include guidance on Self Managed Superannuation Funds and insurance obligations.
    25. Feedback Statement available Feedback Statement on the 2017-2019 Agenda Consultation process now available, summarising the AASB’s consideration of stakeholder feedback on potential projects. The recently updated AASB work program incorporates the outcomes.
    26. AASB Strategy, 2017-2021 AASB Strategy 2017-2021: In collaboration with the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB), the AASB has developed its strategy for the period 2017/18 – 2020/21. View the strategy and its associated documents.
    27. AASB August meeting podcast AASB August meeting podcast: Featuring AASB Chair Kris Peach, Technical Director Kala Kandiah and Technical Principal Clark Anstis, this ten-minute podcast summarises the outcomes of the Board’s discussions on a number of the AASB’s key projects.... Read more
    28. Issued: AASB Interpretation 23 Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments Issued: Interpretation 23 Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments has been issued and will be effective from 1 January 2019. Further information.
    29. Research Centre Strategy The primary objective of the AASB Research Centre is to provide thought leadership on financial reporting issues. Click here to view the proposed strategies and activities for the Centre to the period 2019.
    30. Better infrastructure transparency for taxpayers Media release: the costs, benefits and risks of infrastructure and other public service projects will be more transparently and consistently reported to taxpayers under the new standard AASB 1059 Service Concession Arrangements: Grantors released today. Read more
    31. AASB 17 Insurance Contracts issued  Insurance accounting in Australia is now on the path to global harmonisation with the issue of AASB 17 Insurance Contracts, incorporating the recently published IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts. AASB 17 is effective for annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2021, to align with IFRS 17. Earlier application is permitted.
    32. AASB 1056 Superannuation Entities – resources available AASB 1056 Superannuation Entities – the webinar recording, presentation and post-session Q&A document are now available via the website.
    33. More companies should report on tax liabilities Media Release: More Australian companies could be recognising amounts in dispute with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) in financial reports, under new guidance from the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRIC). The IFRIC guidance will be issued by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) shortly. Read more
  6. Autorité des normes comptables (ANC) - Francia - Noticias

    1. L’ANC commente le projet de décisions de l’IFRS-IC du mois de septembre 2017 sur la norme IFRS15 - Produits des activités ordinaires tirés de contrats conclus avec des clients -  Comptabilisation des produits dans un contrat du secteur immobilier
    2. Règlement n°2017-07 08 décembre 2017 Règlement n°2017-07 du 1er décembre 2017 relatif à l’harmonisation des règles comptables et de présentation des documents de synthèse des organismes de gestion collective des droits d’auteur et droits voisins – OGCl Note de présentation
    3. Règlement n°2017-06 08 décembre 2017 Règlement n°2017-06 du 1er décembre 2017 modifiant le règlement ANC n°2016-02 relatif aux comptes annuels des organismes de titrisation Note de présentation
    4. Le Collège de l’ANC répond à l’IASB sur l’exposé-sondage de l’IASB ED/2017/4 sur les amendements proposés d’IAS 16 relatifs aux produits avant l’usage prévu d’un actif
    5. Etats généraux de la Recherche comptable 2017 : l’impact de la transition numérique sur la normalisation comptable au coeur des débats
    6. Le Collège de l’ANC répond au questionnaire sur les économies inflationnistes publié par le GLASS (Group of Latin American Accounting Standard Setters) en mars 2017
    7. Communiqué conjoint du département de la règlementation comptable du Ministère des finances chinois et de l’Autorité des Normes Comptables Hangzhou Chine 26 Nov 2017
    8. Le Collège de l’ANC a validé en juin,  le plan stratégique pour les années 2017 à 2019, « AMBITION 2019 ». Pour consulter ce document 
  7. Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants - Bahamas - Presentaciones y noticias

    1. AW Presentation November 13 - Melisa Galasso and Yasmine El-Ramly; Accounting in Extraordinary Tim
    2. AW Presentation November 13 - Yasmine El-Ramly; Employee Retention Guide
    3. AW Presentation November 13 - Joseph Rugger; Ready, Set, Let's Fail
    4. AW Presentation November 13 - Byron Patrick; A CPA's Guide to Cybersecurity
    5. AW Presentation November 15 - Richard Adderley; Managing Four Generations
    6. AW Presentation November 13 - Byron Patrick; Productivity Tips To Stand Out As A Leader
    7. AW Presentation November 14 - Christina R. Rolle; Securities Commission of The Bahamas
    8. AW Presentation November 14 - Paul Davis; Common Reporting Standards
    9. AW Presentation November 15 - Dennis Deveaux; Data & Analytics
    10. AW Presentation November 14 - Sean Brennen; Organizing Panel Discussion:Raising Capital and Entrepre
    11. AW Presentation November 15; Mike Maura; Public Private Partnerships
    12. AW Presentation November 13 - Melisa Galasso; Learning Solutions: Public Speaking
    13. AW Presentation November 13 - Melisa Galasso; Learning Solutions: Emotional Intelligence
    14. AW Presentation November 14 - Rosena Duncanson; Organizing Panel Discussion - Business Continuity,
    15. IFRS 2017 IFRS BICA presentation material
    16. BICA AW 2017 Booklet
    17. BICA Seminar - October 17, 2017 - Best Practices-Corporate Governance Presentation: L. Edgar Moxey
    18. BICA Seminar - October 17, 2017 - Global Trends Towards Good Governance- Presentation: Matthew Aubry
    19. BICA Seminar - October 17, 2017 - Risk Powering Performance- Presentation: Cheryl Bazard
    20. BICA Conference October 17, 2017- Corporate Governance Accountability Conference
  8. Banco de la República - Colombia - Noticias y documentos

    1. José Antonio Ocampo, designado ‘consejero sénior’ del Global Deal
    2. Banco de la República mantiene la tasa de interés de intervención en 4,75%
    3. Compras / ventas de divisas y TES y portafolio de TES del Banco de la República
    4. Arte colombiano para el mundo en El Aeropuerto El Dorado
    5. Cambio de frecuencia de reuniones de política monetaria
    6. Banco de la República reitera la meta de inflación de 3% y reduce la tasa de interés de intervención en 25 pb para situarla en 4,75%
    10. Partería: saber ancestral y práctica viva
    12. El Banco de la República editó nuevos proyectos digitales y publicaciones sobre Buenaventura
    13. CEEII
    17. Alcaldía de Barranquilla, Banco de la República y Sociedad de Mejoras Públicas, unidos por el rescate del Amira de la Rosa
    22. Borradores de economía - Preparation for a systemic financial crisis in Colombia. Resolution framework, evidence and lessons learned
    23. Borradores de economía - Un nuevo cálculo de la tasa de cambio real de equilibrio para Colombia: Enfoque de Balance Macroeconómico
    24. Borradores de economía - Economic Sectors and the Risk-taking Channel of Monetary Policy
    25. Borradores de economía - SYSMO I: A Systemic Stress Model for the Colombian Financial System
    26. Borradores de economía - More than One Hundred Years of Improvements in Living Standards: the Case of Colombia
    27. Borradores de economía - Vulnerabilidades financieras de los hogares en Colombia
    28. Borradores de economía - Dynamic Connectedness and Causality between Oil prices and Exchange Rates
    29. Borradores de economía - Effects of the central bank’s communications in Colombia. A content analysis
    30. Borradores de economía - Informalidad laboral y elementos para un salario mínimo diferencial por regiones en Colombia
    31. Borradores de economía - Banks in Colombia: how homogeneous are they?
    32. Borradores de economía - Impacto de Subsidios en el Agro: Una mirada desde el sector cafetero
    33. Borradores de economía - Impacto del crédito sobre el agro en Colombia: Evidencia del nuevo Censo Nacional Agropecuario
    34. Borradores de economía - Impacto del crédito sobre los productores de café en Colombia
    35. Borradores de economía - Merger Effects with Product Complementarity: Evidence from Colombia’s Telecommunications
    36. Borradores de economía - Estimating Vacancies from Firms’ Hiring behavior: The Case of a Developing Economy
    37. Borradores de economía - ¿Está Afectando el Impuesto Predial el Precio de la Vivienda en Bogotá? Un Análisis Basado en la Econometría Espacial
    38. Borradores de economía - Los Costos de Comerciar en Colombia – Resultados de la Encuesta de Comercio Exterior del Banco de la República
    39. Borradores de economía - The macroprudential policy framework in Colombia
    40. Borradores de economía - Labour flows across firm´s size, economic sectors and wages: evidence from employer-employee linked panel
    41. Borradores de economía - Una exploración reciente a la demanda por dinero en Colombia bajo un enfoque no lineal
    42. Borradores de economía - Volatility Spillovers and Systemic Risk Across Economies: Evidence from a Global Semi-Structural Model
    43. Borradores de economía - The Size of Fiscal Multipliers and the Stance of Monetary Policy in Developing Economies
  9. Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) - Internacional - Noticias y publicaciones

    1. BID Invest firma el mayor proyecto de energía renovable en Colombia
    2. Las exportaciones de la región a China aumentaron 30 por ciento en 2017
    3. BID selecciona universidades de Argentina, Colombia y Venezuela como finalistas de la tercera edición internacional del concurso BID UrbanLab
    4. Colombia implementará plan maestro de alcantarillado en Mocoa con apoyo del BID
    5. BID apoya a Colombia en el control y prevención de la corrupción
    6. BID y Berklee College of Music ofrecen educación musical a jóvenes colombianos
    7. Líderes del Caribe lanzan plan para hacer de la región una “zona climáticamente inteligente” con apoyo del Grupo BID
    8. Colombia promoverá la sostenibilidad medioambiental y socioeconómica con apoyo del BID
    9. El BID y el Foro Económico Mundial anuncian una nueva colaboración
    10. Colombia mejorará sistema de energía sostenible con apoyo del BID
    11. Informe del BID detalla buenas prácticas para consultas públicas de proyectos
    12. 77 por ciento de latinoamericanos está a favor de la integración económica
    13. Latin America and the Caribbean leaves behind the longest trade downturn in recent history but sees its share of global trade shrink
    14. Índice lista las 100 empresas más sostenibles que operan en América Latina y el Caribe
    15. BID presenta DIS\PLACE: Nociones de hogar en el fotoperiodismo latinoamericano
    16. Nueva alianza para impulsar la innovación en el desarrollo infantil temprano
    17. Emprendedores internacionales brillan con propuestas innovadoras en Idear Soluciones para Mejorar Vidas
    18. Grupo BID y la Sociedad Civil discuten los retos del desarrollo sostenible en América Latina y el Caribe
    19. Grupo BID y Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional firman acuerdo para promover Programa 4G en Colombia
    20. BID presenta índice que compara cómo son los trabajos en 17 países de América Latina
    21. El Grupo del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) renombra su brazo para el sector privado como BID Invest
    22. BID y Fundación Atlético Madrid firman convenio para promover proyectos a través del deporte en América Latina y el Caribe
    23. Annual Meeting of the IDB and the IIC highlights the importance of sports and culture for development
    24. IDB taps the power of sports to mobilize public, private and non-profit sectors to have a positive impact on youth
    25. El Grupo BID refuerza cooperación en uso de recursos concesionales
    26. Industrias creativas y culturales idearán soluciones para mejorar vidas
    27. Ministros de Finanzas discuten prioridades para reactivar el crecimiento
    28. BID lanza metodología de gestión integral de riesgos para cadenas de valor
    29. Colombia, OEA y BID lanzan primer estudio nacional sobre amenazas digitales
    30. Nuevo informe explora el futuro de la economía creativa y cultural
    31. Colombia avanza en infraestructura financiera; faltan condiciones para promover más ahorro formal
    32. BID más que duplica su cartera de proyectos financiados por el Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial
    33. Dialogo sobre Big Data y Deportes como Catalizadores del Desarrollo
    34. Revelation of Expectations in Latin America(REVELA) - Issue 77
    35. Revelation of Expectations in Latin America(REVELA) - Issue 78
    36. Sports for Development
    37. Two to Tango: Public-Private Collaboration for Productive Development Policies
    38. Revelation of Expectations in Latin America(REVELA) - Issue 76
    39. Domestic Antidotes to Sudden Stops
    40. Making International Financial Integration Work for Low-Saving Countries
    41. World Shocks, World Prices, and Business Cycles - An Empirical Investigation
  10. Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - Internacional - Noticias y publicaciones

    1. Progress report on supervisory colleges published by the Basel Committee  
    2. Basel Committee issues proposed technical amendment to the Net Stable Funding Ratio
    3. Consultative document on stress testing principles and a range of practices report issued by the Basel Committee
    4. International standard-setting bodies launch surveys on incentives to centrally clear OTC derivatives trades
    5. Basel Committee completes its review of the regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures without changes to current rules and publishes discussion paper
    6. Governors and Heads of Supervision finalise Basel III reforms
    7. December 2017 BIS Quarterly Review: Paradoxical tightening echoes bond market "conundrum"
    8. Monitoring Group proposes reforms to global audit standard setting
    9. Further details on the assessment of global systemically important banks
    10. The BIS's Financial Stability Institute Advisory Board
    11. Final guidelines on identification and management of step-in risk issued by the Basel Committee
    12. Review of all members' implementation of the LCR completed by the Basel Committee
    13. Implementation of net stable funding ratio and treatment of derivative liabilities
    14. Central banks propose strategy to improve the security of wholesale payments
    15. Harmonisation of the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) - guidance issued by CPMI-IOSCO
    16. FAQs on Basel III definition of capital published by the Basel Committee
    17. September 2017 BIS Quarterly Review: Strong outlook with low inflation spurs risk-taking
    18. Basel III monitoring results published by the Basel Committee
    19. Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the IFRS Foundation
    20. Why so low for so long? A long-term view of real interest rates
    21. Triffin: dilemma or myth?
    22. Can macroprudential measures make cross-border lending more resilient?
    23. Bank business models: popularity and performance
    24. Corporate leverage in EMEs: did the global financial crisis change the determinants?
    25. The macroeconomic effects of asset purchases revisited
    26. Syndicated loans and CDS positioning
    27. CoCo issuance and bank fragility
    28. Macroeconomic implications of financial imperfections: a survey
    29. Asset prices and macroeconomic outcomes: a survey
    30. Credit supply responses to reserve requirement: loan-level evidence from macroprudential policy
    31. Loan-to-value policy and housing finance: effects on constrained borrowers
    32. Capital and currency-based macroprudential policies: an evaluation using credit registry data
    33. Capital misallocation and financial development: A sector-level analysis
    34. Policy Rules for Capital Controls
    35. Credit misallocation during the European financial crisis
    36. Financial and real shocks and the effectiveness of monetary and macroprudential policies in Latin American countries
    37. Modeling Time-Varying Uncertainty of Multiple-Horizon Forecast Errors
    38. Bank capital allocation under multiple constraints
    39. Interest rates and house prices in the United States and around the world
    40. Is the price right? Swing pricing and investor redemptions
    41. Liquidity risk in markets with trading frictions: What can swing pricing achieve?
    42. The real effects of relationship lending
    43. How important is the Global Financial Cycle? Evidence from capital flows
    44. Informal one-sided target zone model and the Swiss franc
    45. Effects of capital controls on foreign exchange liquidity
    46. BIS Quarterly Review, December 2017
    47. BIS Quarterly Review, September 2017
    48. Building Resilience to Global Risks: Challenges for African Central Banks
    49. Progress report on the implementation of principles for effective supervisory colleges
    50. Basel III: Treatment of extraordinary monetary policy operations in the Net Stable Funding Ratio - consultative version
    51. Stress testing principles - consultative document
    52. Supervisory and bank stress testing: range of practices
    53. Basel III: Finalising post-crisis reforms
    54. Basel III Monitoring Report - Results of the cumulative quantitative impact study
    55. The regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures - discussion paper
    56. Identification and management of step-in risk
    57. Thirteenth progress report on adoption of the Basel regulatory framework
    58. Risk weight for Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
    59. Basel III definition of capital - Frequently asked questions
    60. Basel III Monitoring Report
    61. Statistics on payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPMI countries - Figures for 2016
    62. Discussion note - Reducing the risk of wholesale payments fraud related to endpoint security - consultative document
    63. Harmonisation of the Unique Product Identifier - Technical Guidance
  11. BDO Internacional - Internacional - Noticias

    1. BDO Publishes 2020 oil and gas predictions
    2. BDO’s position as leading adviser to the mid-market is reinforced as global revenues surpass the US$8 billion mark and headcount increases by 9%
    3. BDO experts foresee fragile global stability paving the way for an M&A wave in 2018
    4. BDO South Africa announces merger under BDO brand name with Grant Thornton Cape Town and Port Elizabeth offices
    5. BDO Indonesia announces merger and opens new office
    6. CFOs are now also cybersecurity custodians
    7. Podcasts: BDO's Global Head of RAPP Noel Clehane interviews Wayne Berson, CEO at BDO USA & Chairman Global Boa
    8. Reports: The near future of oil and gas
    9. Publications: BDO Horizons 2017 - Issue 4
  12. Board of Accountancy - Filipinas -Documentos

    1. >Resolution No. 185 Series of 2017 - Amendments and Clarifications on Certain Rules Governing the Accreditation of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) in Commerce and Industry Practice
    2. Resolution No. 163 Series of 2017 - Deferment of the Implementation of Paragraphs 13 and 14 (4) of Resolution no. 2016-68, in Relation to Resolution no. 2016-03, as Amended, in the Requirement for External Auditors to Notify the Board of Accountancy of any Omission or Non-compliance with the Provisions therein, and Providing for Stakeholders Consultation and Dialogue for such Purpose
  13. Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR) - Rumania - Noticias

    1. Conducerea CECCAR, în dialog cu membrii filialei Mehedinți (youtube)
    2. CECCAR solicită completarea unui ordin ANAF privind formularele de înregistrare fiscală cu prevederi referitoare la organizarea contabilităţii şi cu datele celor responsabili (News.ro)
    3. COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ: Punct de vedere CECCAR referitor la proiectul de ordin al preşedintelui A.N.A.F. privind modificarea O.P.A.N.A.F. nr. 3698/2015 (News.ro)
    4. De la Oradea, șefii centrali ai CECCAR pledează pentru ca firmele să apeleze la experți contabili și nu doar la contabili de rând (bihorștiri.ro)
    5. Preşedintele CECCAR: „Îmi place să fac comparaţie între contabilii profesionişti şi medici“ (Ziarul Evenimentul)
    6. Întâlnire la prefectură cu preşedintele CECCAR România (ştiri.botoşani.ro)
    7. Expertul contabil trebuie să înveţe marketing, să comunice şi să îşi educe clientul (Iașul în afaceri)
    8. Președintele CECCAR România: „Am făcut parteneriat cu ANAF pentru monitorizarea contabililor“ (GAZETA de SUD)
    9. COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ: CECCAR a lărgit parteneriatul cu ACCA (News.ro)
    10. Educaţie pe scurt (Alege TV)
    11. Elita profesiei contabile mondiale își da întâlnire la București (Agerpres)
    12. Congresul CECCAR Contabilul viitorului: cu abilități digitale și confident al antreprenorului (Bacăul economic)
    13. Contabilitatea în era digitală: Profesia de expert contabil împlinește 95 de ani (b1)
  14. Bulgarian Actuarial Society - Bulgaria - Noticias

    1. 2017-10-18 profesión Actuario. Entrevista con Victor Danielsen.
  15. Canadian Institute of Actuaries - Canadá - Noticias

    1. Communiqué: Actuaries Climate Index™ Value Reaches New High With Winter 2016-17