1. Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel - Israel - Noticias

    1. פרויקט הארגון מחדש של התקינה בביקורת – נוסחים מוצעים מסומנים – חלק א'
    2. פרויקט הארגון מחדש של התקינה בביקורת - נוסחים מוצעים - חלק א'
    3. חלק ב' ואחרון של פרויקט הארגון מחדש
  2. Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya - Kenia - Noticias

    1. Technical Newsletter Jan-March 2018
  3. Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia - Australia - Noticias

    1. Culture shock for Moscow man
    2. Ditch hedge funds and go passive - Buffett
    3. Seven steps to comply with new data laws
    4. Connections for life
    5. Bad spreadsheets are killing your business
    6. Get ready for Tax Time 2018
    7. ATO's 2018 hit list targets smaller tax avoiders
    8. Giving advice in a post-truth world
    9. Machiavelli Inc: Are corporations psychopaths?
    10. Help large companies do R&D
    11. Being human in a digital world
    12. How to survive digital disruption
    13. Get cyber secure
    14. Myths about automation
    15. Five steps to untangle big data
    16. Inside the mind of a hacker
    17. Five steps to launch a new finance package
    18. Skills for The Professionals of 2020: Big Data Accounting Course
    19. Taking the pain out of co-op business models
    20. Three golden rules for investor relations
    21. NZ hands down fiscally conservative Budget
    22. No surprises in NZ Budget 2018
    23. Tax tailwind to help NZ fund new spending in Budget 2018
    24. Budget 2018 – main highlights
    25. Five steps to become a project accounting pro
    26. Inland Revenue calls on CAs for help
    27. Big picture mentoring
    28. Bringing country clients closer to their banks
    29. Feedback to success
    30. Supercharging CA practices
    31. A guide to bowel cancer prevention
    32. Catching the digital wave
    33. Flexibility may cost women on gender pay
    34. Financial advice standards: the next hurdle
    35. Beyond the GFC: Where to next?
    36. Seven ways to retain what you read
    37. Pension tension over retirement changes
    38. From ledgers to leadership
    39. Dreaming big leads CA to act globally
    40. From public practice to pearls
    41. Mentoring HK style
    42. Winning on the corporate frontline
    43. Putting a global shine on the Perth Mint
  4. Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. ICAEW launches AI / Big Data scheme for corporate finance transactions
    2. 'Business savvy' students from Gloucester fight off tough competition to triumph at national final
    3. Reduced European Investment Bank returns impact ICAEW's Brexit cost estimates
    4. PBSC letter to the Prime Minister
    5. WGA provides sobering picture of UK public finances
    6. Increase employee ownership to improve UK productivity
    7. ICAEW says Government should remain cautious with spending
    8. ICAEW commissioned to continue to deliver further education programme for CFOs
    9. Make the most of the Rent a Room advantage this Wimbledon
    10. Ali Qasim chosen as ICAEW's Chartered Star and OYW Ambassador
    11. ICAEW calls for improved financial management in government
    12. ICAEW warns businesses not to get tackled by employees this World Cup
    13. Climate risk could cost economy billions - businesses should report it
    14. Mo Merali appointed Chairman of ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty
    15. It's not too late: Get your finances in shape
    16. Insolvency cases expected to increase in 2018 warns ICAEW
    17. ICAEW and Enterprise Nation launch new Business Advisor platform
    18. Economy could face turbulent times warns ICAEW
    19. More success for ICAEW students
    20. ICAEW recognises talented students
    21. ICAEW top tips for small businesses under investigation by HMRC
    22. Make tax free earnings from the Royal wedding
    23. ICAEW response to AI Committee report
    24. Calls for investment and intervention 'overdone'
    25. ICAEW runs through how to increase fundraising for the London Marathon
    26. ICAEW and iSportconnect collaborate for Finance Masterclass
    27. Earn from your Spring Clean tax free
    28. Public sector finances slight pickup in economy
    29. ICAEW reaction to Spring Statement
    30. Chancellor's Spring Statement must address stuttering economic growth
    31. ICAEW response to Charity Commission report
    32. Public sector finances large deficit remains
  5. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) - India - Noticias

    1. Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS): Disclosure Checklist - (05-07-2018)
    2. Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS): Impact Analysis and Industry Experience - (05-07-2018)
    3. Educational Material on Ind AS 27, Separate Financial Statements and Ind AS 28, Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures - (03-07-2018)
    4. Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS): An Overview (Revised 2018) - (03-07-2018)
    5. President's Message - July 2018 - (30-06-2018)
    6. Letter Submitted to Chief Vigilance Commissioner, Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi on 16th June, 2018 Regarding Suggestions on Tendering - (22-06-2018)
    7. Indian Valuation Standards as issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India effective for the valuation reports issued on or after 1st July, 2018. - (10-06-2018)
    8. Committee for Members in Industry & Business (CMI&B) of ICAI seek applications from start-ups desiring space and facilities at incubation centres proposed at ICAI Bhawan, BKC, Mumbai - (08-06-2018)
    9. Regarding omission of Rule 9 of Chapter X (Audit and Auditors) of the Companies Act 2013 pertaining to Section 147 (5) (Punishment for Contravention) of the Companies Act 2013 - (11-05-2018)
  6. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica - Jamaica - Noticias

    1. British MP to Headline Global Speakers for 36th ICAC Annual …
    2. Auditor General Calls for Greater Use of int'l Accountancy Standards in the Public Sector
    3. Sandals Group's corporate financial controller enjoys success after derailment of medical career dreams
    4. TAJ UPDATE: Income Tax Filing Deadline Extended
  7. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) - Pakistán - Noticias

    1. CPD Declaration & Commitment 2015-2018
    2. Newsletter July 2018
    3. Newsletter June 2018
    4. Form and criteria for Endowment Fund May 17, 2018
    5. Newsletter May 2018
    6. The Pakistan Accountant: January – March 2018
  8. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland - Reino Unido - Noticias

    1. ICAS President's 3 themes revealed
    2. Treats and trade: Colette Brown CA
    3. These are transformational times
    4. Career Moves this week
    5. Sustainability can boost profits
    6. Ivan Clark CA: CA in Brazil
    7. Billy Meston CA: Working in practic..
    8. Top 6 best road trips
    9. Five things CAs need to know this w..
    10. Gavin Loudfoot CA: interview
    11. Meet the 2018 One Young CA
    12. How will FinTech change FS?
    13. Jonny Jacobs on CAs role in society
    14. Career Moves: 27 June 2018
    15. Setting boundaries at work
    16. How to smash your email inbox
    17. Accountants cyber security risks
    18. Could my pension save the planet?
    19. Be inspired and find your purpose
    20. What CAs need to know this week
    21. Michael Scott named One Young CA
    22. Your reputation - wealth management
    23. Is the pensions crisis real?
    24. Career Moves this week
    25. Interview: Ed Brewerton CA
    26. Breakdown: Australia Budget 2018
    27. Five things CAs need to know this w..
    28. Pensions give competitive edge
    29. 10 steps to succeed at events
    30. Interview: Andrew Baker CA
    31. Framework for UK-EU partnership
    32. How will FinTech change FS?
    33. Where to get help on whistleblowing
    34. The tech potential
    35. 7 steps to a harder working team
    36. Accountancy bursary deadline looms
    37. Issues in Oz accountant licensing
    38. IFRS 16: Off-book leases decease
    39. Ian Thomson - the CA journalist
    40. Accountancy pay gaps revealed
    41. Is AI the next business revolution?
    42. Developing professional scepticism
    43. The evolution of audit
  9. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka - SriLanka - Noiticias

    1. CA Sri Lanka, CMA & AAT unveils ‘Creating a Profession Par Excellence’ joint initiative - Global accounting body president in high praise of Sri Lankan accounting bodies
    2. CA Sri Lanka, CMA Sri Lanka and AAT Sri Lanka accords grand welcome to global accounting body president Ms. Rachel Grimes
    3. “Enhancing IT skills is paramount if accountants are to remain successful,” Dean of Australia’s La Trobe University tells students following CA Sri Lanka’s degree programme
    4. Global Accounting President’s visit hosted by three IFAC Member bodies in Sri Lanka, CA Sri Lanka, CMA Sri Lanka and AAT Sri Lanka
    5. CA Sri Lanka qualification comparable to a Master’s Degree, says independent UK agency NARIC
    6. Over 50% pass rate at CA Sri Lanka’s Executive Level March 2018 exam
    7. CA Sri Lanka's immediate past president Mr. Lasantha Wickremasinghe spells out steps taken to strengthen public financial management in Sri Lank
    8. The power of professional skills - an executive development workshop with a difference at CA Sri Lanka for young chartered accountants
    9. CA Sri Lanka extends its assistance to strengthen CPA Afghanistan
    10. Ansell Lanka, Business Promoters & Partners, Co-operative Insurance and Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers onboard as CA Sri Lanka Training Partners
  10. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago (ICATT) - Trinidad y Tobago - Noticias

    1. CPD Compliance Mandatory in 2018
  11. Institute of Chartered Accounts of the Caribbean - International - Noticias

    1. ICAC 2017 Annual Report
  12. Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan - Pakistán - Noticias

    1. May-June 2018 issue of MA Journal on Stock Market Dynamics
    2. Survey on SMP of the Future in a Changing World
    3. ICMA Pakistan e-Newsletter - May 2018
    4. Infographics : Post-Budget 2018-19 Survey Results
    5. Survey on Savings and Investment Habits
    6. Memoir of National Budget Conference & Post Budget Seminars
    7. ICMA Pakistan e-Newsletter – April 2018
    8. Students' Version of March-April 2018 Issue of MA Journal
    9. March-April 2018 issue of MA Journal
    10. ICMA Pakistan's Post-Budget 2018-19 Survey
    11. A Brief on Economic Survey of Pakistan
    12. ICMA Pakistan's Fiscal Budget Proposals 2018-19 submitted to Government
    13. ICMA Pakistan e-Newsletter – March 2018
  13. Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India - India - Noticias

    1. Representation letter submitted by the Institute on to Director (Tax Policy and Legislation), Department of Revenue, MOF on 28th June 2018.New
    2. MCA issues Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) 2nd Amendment Rules, 2018. New
    3. Presentations on Standards on Cost Auditing: SCAs 101 - 104. New
    4. Representation Letter submitted by the Institute to Director (Customs), Department of Revenue,MOF on 30th May,2018 New
    5. Suggestions submitted by Institute to Ministry of Finance & Central Board of Direct Taxes on upcoming New Direct Tax Law. New
    6. Ministry of Railways has included Cost Accountants to certify work sheet of tax liability before GST and after GST to be submitted by contractors.
  14. Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. Engineering Career Success
    2. Blog: 5 Sure Signs You Are Well-suited for a Career in Internal Auditing
    3. Blog: Internal Auditors Can Audit Anything — but Not Everything
    4. Blog-Toolboxes for Building a Better Internal Auditor
    5. IIA Enhances Governance Structure
    6. Connect With Regulators at the 2018 Financial Services Exchange
    7. Blog: Internal Audit's Role in Picking up the Pieces
    8. Blog: The Perils for Internal Audit of Donning a "Black Hat"
    9. Blog: ​Defining Moments in an Internal Audit Career
    10. New! CBOK Stakeholder Report: Auditing Strategic Risks: Practical Insights from Internal Audit Leaders
    11. COSO and IIA Announce ERM Certificate
    12. Chambers' Blog: ​Internal Audit Must Connect the Dots, Then Shine the Light
    13. 2017 Annual Report Now Available: Blueprint for the Future
    14. Blog: ​​C-Suite Owes More Than Simple Awareness of Internal Audit Reports
    15. Internal Audit Foundation Releases New Anti-Bribery Report
    16. IIA Recognizes 150,000th CIA Recipient As Growth in Internal Audit’s Certification Standard Soars
    17. IIA’s Global Perspectives & Insights Highlights Top Risks Facing CAEs
    18. Public Sector Audit Center Debuts
    19. New Guidance on Auditing Capital Adequacy
    20. Blog: Internal Audit's Role in Fighting Bribery and Corruption
    21. Internal Audit Foundation Releases New Artificial Intelligence Research Report
    22. Blog: What Will Internal Audit's Future Leaders Look Like?
    23. Internal Audit Foundation Releases New IPPF Guide
    24. Who Represents the Future of Internal Audit Leadership?
    25. IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Grants
    26. Blog: What Happens When Internal Audit Is Ignored? Ask Atlanta
    27. Blog: Rotational CAEs: Agents of Change or Free Agents?
    28. Data Analytics Strategy Vital to Internal Audit Effectiveness
    29. IIA Releases New Model Risk Management Guidance
    30. Blog: Four Urgent Keys to Transforming Internal Audit
    31. 2018 Pulse of Internal Audit: A Profession in Transformation
    32. Internal Audit’s Growing Engagement in Cyber Management
    33. Blog: When It Comes to Supply Chain, Count Your Chickens
    34. New Tone at the Top Tackles Crisis Resiliency
  15. Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) - Internacional - Noticias

    1. IMA Releases Enhanced Management Accounting Competency Framework for Public Comment
    2. New Study Finds Ways Controllers Can Elevate Their Strategic Role in Organizations
    3. On International Management Accounting Day, Accounting Must Look to the Future
    4. New ACCA and IMA Report: Global economic confidence rebounds, at highest level since 2009; North America was the most confident region as all major regions and countries perform strongly
    5. IMA Study Proposes Changes in Federal Costing to Improve Government Decisions
    6. CMA Certified Professionals Earn 62 Percent More, According to IMA’s Global Salary Survey