AARF - Australia - Noticias

CAMAC Discussion Paper Corporate Duties below Board Level

CAMAC Discussion Paper Personal Liability for Corporate Fault

AASB - Australia - Documentos

Accounting Standard AASB 7 Financial Instruments- Disclosures

Accountancy Age - Reino Unido - Noticias

Deloitte faces December tribunal

Insurers in clover under IFRS

Easier in limbo as search for auditor continues

OFR is of little use to shareholders

KPMG's UK branch unscathed

Miners dig in for IFRS clarification

Annual report disclosures fall short of the mark

E&Y's Leather appointed to Olympic post

Intuit refreshes accountants' scheme

Tenon signs online accounting deal

KPMG fined $450m over tax shelters 

SEC says KPMG behaviour 'unacceptable'

PCAOB offers support for beleaguered Big Four firm

3i backs out of consolidation standard

AccountantsWorld - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

Katrina cost estimates vary widely

With looting and rising floodwaters, crisis deepens

Gas crisis seen as short-term

Germany blames U.S. for oil spike

White House to tap oil reserves

How KPMG was given a lesson in humility

Indian trust fund scandal points to decades of poor accounting

Oil, natural gas rise after Katrina damages U.S. gulf platforms

KPMG, a proud old lion, brought to heel

AICPA honors FBI exec as outstanding CPA in government

Nukes in my backyard- Maybe

Oil leaps above $70 as Katrina rips Gulf

Katrina may cost insurers $30 bln

KPMG’s deal may portend a loss for former partners

Top firms pick smaller accounting firms

Bayou partner had ties with firms auditor

Greenspan warns on protectionist pressures

Martha Stewart set to break out

XBRL-US publishes white paper

AE Accountancy Education - Reino Unido - Noticias











AICPA - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

Hurricane Katrina Relief - How You Can Help

Disaster Recovery Resources

New AICPA Technical Practice Aid – Impact of Natural Disasters on Audit Work

U.S. Department of Labor, AICPA, and State CPA Societies Partner on Small Business Seminar Series

Looking Forward- A Talk With Leslie Murphy

Turn Unneeded Policies Into Cash




Stanley Zarowin

Not Your Father’s CPA Firm!

News Digest- Accounting

News Digest- International

Accounting Education Center is open for business

The CPA Letter  September 2005

AICPA News Update  Issue No. 132 HTML format

American Accounting Association - Estados Unidos de América - Publicaciones

American Accounting Association / Accounting Horizons / September 2005 Issue

Accounting and the Public Interest

AUASB - Australia - Noticias

AUASB Media Release- "New Proposed Auditing Standards to Enhance Credibility of Audited Financial Reports and Improve Investor Confidence"

Explanatory Guide to Exposure Drafts of Proposed Auditing Standards issued by the AUASB

Proposed Auditing Standard- Understanding the Entity and its Environment and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatements

Proposed Auditing Standard- The Auditor's Procedures in Response to Assessed Risks

Proposed Auditing Standard- Audit Evidence

Proposed Auditing Standard- External Confirmations

Proposed Auditing Standard- Existence and Valuation of Inventory

Guidance Note- Auditor’s Report on AASB 1046 Remuneration Disclosures contained in the Annual Directors’ Report

BIS - Internacional - Noticias y publicaciones

Amando M Tetangco, Jr: Continuity in a time of change Read PDF

Paul A Acquah: The ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme Read PDF

Sunil Mendis: Financial system stability and Basel II - the way forward  Read PDF

Kishori Udeshi: Financial system stability and Basel II - way forward Read PDF

Alan Greenspan: Jackson Hole Conference - reflections on central banking Read PDF

Jean-Claude Trichet: Jackson Hole Conference - monetary policy and "credible alertness" Read PDF

Donald L Kohn: Jackson Hole Conference - panel discussion "Financial markets, financial fragility, and central banking" Read PDF

Franz-Christoph Zeitler: What remains of the Stability and Growth Pact? Read PDF

Zeti Akhtar Aziz: Cross-border challenges in implementing Basel II in emerging economies Read PDF

CICA - Canadá - Noticias

Practice Advice, September 2005

CNC - Francia - Documentos

Communiqué du Conseil national de la comptabilité du 2 septembre 2005 sur les réponses directes aux questions de la DLF du 26 novembre 2004 non soumises au Comité d’urgence

CNDC - Italia - Noticias

Albo unico: rotto monopolio dei CAF: Tamborrino (dottori commercialisti) e Santorelli (ragionieri): “un plauso al Governo che ha mantenuto le promesse”.

Contaduría General de la Nación - Colombia - Legislación

Resolución 328 por la cual se adopta el Modelo del Sistema de Control Interno para las entidades del Estado establecido mediante el Decreto 1599 del 20 de mayo de 2005.

Contraloría General de la República - Colombia - Legislación

Evaluación del memorando de entendimiento entre COLTEL y TELMEX  2005/8/30 En este documento se presenta un análisis sobre los elementos de orden económico, técnico y financiero sobre el Memorando de Entendimiento, MOU, suscrito entre COLOMBIA TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. E.S.P., COLTEL, y TELÉFONOS DE MÉXICO S.A. DE C.V., TELMEX, con el fin de evaluar sus efectos sobre el patrimonio público, su impacto sobre la competencia en el mercado de las telecomunicaciones y las condiciones en que se acordó para determinar el respeto a la transparencia durante el proceso.  ver más

2005/8 (247) Estado de los Recursos Naturales y del Ambiente 2004-2005  Informes constitucionales - Despacho del Contralor ver detalles

2005/8 (248) Modernización y lucha contra la corrupción 2004-2005 Informe de Gestión Informes constitucionales - Despacho del Contralor ver detalles

DANE - Colombia - Noticias

Obras Civiles

Transporte Urbano Automotor de Pasajeros

Indice de Precios al Consumidor

Encuesta Anual Manufacturera

Encuesta Continua de Hogares - Informalidad

Exportaciones y Balanza Comercial

Licencias de Construcción

Indice de Costos de la Construcción de Vivienda

E&Y - Internacional - Artículos

ERM: Don't Do Business Without It Don’t try to manage your business without having an enterprise risk management system (ERM), or integrated approach to managing your company’s risk profile, in place. That is the message for insurance companies in the latest issue of the US Financial Services quarterly publication CrossCurrents. ERM is an indispensable tool for insurers to deal effectively with operational, business and strategic risks. Read the article

FASB - Estados Unidos de América - Documentos

FSP FAS 123(R)-1—Classification and Measurement of Freestanding Financial Instruments Originally Issued in Exchange for Employee Services under FASB Statement No. 123(R) (August 31, 2005)

FEE - Internacional - Noticias

Lancement d'un Site Internet en Français sur les Nouvelles Normes Comptables Internationales IAS/IFRS

FEI - Internacional - Noticias

New Report On Hiring Challenges, Trends

IAS Plus - Internacional - Noticias

EU ambassador to USA says convergence is 'urgent'  In Remarks to the Irish Financial Services Association

The United Kingdom Accounting Standards Board has submitted comments to the joint project team from the IASB and the FASB that is working to update the two boards' conceptual frameworks. Click to Download the ASB Comments

Australian Accounting Alert 2005/11

Accounting Standards for SMEs

IASB - Internacional - Noticias

IFRIC issues guidance on liabilities for waste management costs

IIA - Internacional - Noticias

For the latest IT information, be sure to read the September 1 issue of ITAudit to learn how IT and accounting functions can work together to help implement Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs and how organizations can reduce insider security threats. Also in this issue, you will find information about the number one concern of IT managers in the United States and the latest IT and audit news

The IIA Research Foundation announced the release of the highly anticipated Audit Committee Effectiveness – What Works Best, 3rd Edition in which authors, Catherine Bromilow and Barbara Berlin of PricewaterhouseCoopers, share the "fully knowledgeable, but appropriately distanced" approach to implementing best audit practices that maximize an audit committee’s organizational impact. Read the overview for more on this must-have resource for every audit committee member

Continuous Auditing: An Operational Model for Internal Auditors addresses a wide range of topics, including definitions and concepts of continuous auditing, its application areas, data warehousing and data mining techniques, validation, and training issues. Click here for more information

As an internal auditor, you are better positioned than anyone else in your organization to educate your audit committee. It is your responsibility to keep your committee informed about appropriate audit committee activities and processes, what should be included in the audit committee charter, new rules and regulations, the status of your organization’s ethical culture, and myriad risk and control issues. The IIA has a variety of resources available to help you fulfill this role. One important tool is our free corporate governance newsletter. Every audit committee member should regularly receive Tone at the Top. Contact The IIA headquarters in the public relations department to request multiple copies of the newsletter so you can disseminate it yourself, or send your audit committee members’ e-mail or mailing addresses to us for direct delivery of the newsletter in soft or hard format

IMF - Internacional - Publicaciones

Cyclical Implications of Changing Bank Capital Requirements in a Macroeconomic Framework

Can Debt Relief Boost Growth in Poor Countries?

Press Release- Statement by an IMF Staff Mission to Colombia

Finance & Development

ISACA - Internacional - Noticias

CE Quiz #102

ISACA Training Week Helps IT Professionals Meet Job Demands- Prague, Czech Republic, to Host Next Event

ISO - Internacional - Noticias

ISO 22000 for safe food supply chains

KPMG - Internacional - Artículos

Hedge Funds; a catalyst reshaping global investment

OECD - Internacional - Noticias

Public and private governance in China and the outlook for China’s economy

What is the economic outlook for Europe, the United States and Japan- An interim assessment

OIC - Italia - Noticias

01/09/2005  In data odierna lo IASB ha pubblicato l'interpretazione IFRIC 6 Liabilities arising from Participating in a Specific Market - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. L'interpretazione entrerà in vigore a partire dagli esercizi con inizio dal 1° dicembre 2005 o da d... >> Dettaglio

29/08/2005  In data 18 agosto lo IASB ha pubblicato l'IFRS 7 Financial Instruments: Disclosures e le conseguenti modifiche allo IAS 1 Capital Disclosures. Si allega il comunicato stampa. >> Dettaglio

29/08/2005  In data 18 agosto lo IASB ha pubblicato alcuni emendamenti allo IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement e all'IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts in merito ai "financial guarantee contracts". Si allega il comunicato stampa. >> Dettaglio

ONU - Internacional - Noticias

Hay crecimiento económico, pero también riesgos, dice la UNCTAD

América Latina necesita más inversión en infraestructura, señala Banco Mundial

ONU destaca importancia de medio ambiente en combate a la pobreza

Timor Leste seguirá necesitando ayuda internacional, dice la ONU

PCAOB - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

Board Issues Statement Regarding Oversight of KPMG

PWC - Internacional - Publicaciones

8th Annual CEO Survey

Fresh Perspectives

Global Entertainment & Media Outlook- 2005-2009

RUTGERS - Estados Unidos de América - Documentos

Capital Confirmation

Continuous Assurance Services for Financial Analysts

Continuity Equations- Analytical Modeling and Monitoring of Business Processes in Continuous Auditing

Digging Down Deep- Delving into DLA and Dueling Data Definitions

Enabling Continuous Monitoring Using Data Analysis Software

XBRL Taxonomy development in Europe

Exploring Sarbanes-Oxley and Internal Auditors- 10 Case Studies

SEC - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

2005-122 Aug. 29, 2005 Statement of Donald Nicolaisen, SEC Chief Accountant, Regarding KPMG LLP Agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice

SmartPros - Estados Unidos de América - Noticias

CCH: Federal Tax Relief for Katrina Home, Business Owners

AICPA Resources for Katrina Disaster Recovery

Molson Coors Panel Probes Merger Complaint

IRS Sets Up Hot Line for Hurricane Victims

MasterCard to Pursue Initial Public Offer

AICPA, Labor Dept. Partner on Small Biz Seminars

Study: Employee-Driven Job Market

Kmart, Rubbermaid Workers Settle Charges

ADP, CCH Announce Accountant Focus Newsletter

Waste Management Settles Lawsuit

IRS Grants Tax Relief for Hurricane Katrina Victims

SEC Looks to Fine Morgan Stanley Some $10M

Report: Tax Confusion Can Cost Students

How KPMG Was Given a Lesson in Humility

Greenspan Confident About His Successor

Automating Compliance Is Top Priority in SOX Year Two 

CFOs and Their Cell Phones

AICPA Wins Award for Financial Literacy Campaign

ICAEW Calls for 'Significant Pause' in Int'l Standards

Intuit Announces QuickBooks 2006

Top Firms Pick Smaller Accounting Firms

KPMG to Pay $456M; Former Execs Charged

Greenspan: Investments Won't Soar Forever

Superintendencia Bancaria - Colombia - Legislación

Proyecto de Circular Externa mediante la cual se modifica el Capítulo II de la Circular Externa 100 de 1995 y se incorpora al mismo el Anexo IV, con el propósito de establecer la información básica requerida para emitir el pronunciamiento sobre la no objeción de las bases de datos del SARC y la presentación de los modelos internos de cartera comercial. Plazo para comentarios: 06 de septiembre de 2005 hasta las 5:30 p.m. Anexos.  

Comunicado de Prensa sobre el comportamiento de los Almacenes Generales de Depósito entre enero - junio de 2005. Anexo.

Comunicado de Prensa Interés Bancario Corriente vigente entre el 1° y el 30 de septiembre de 2005.